Palmetto bugs are the obsession of many people when cleaning the house. Not only dirty and spooky, but palmetto bugs are also very resilient insects. When beaten or sprayed, cockroaches are only lethargic, a few hours later they can revive.

In addition, we cannot use the broom or foot, because the palmetto bug bacteria will spread throughout the house. Palmetto bug extermination seems to be a difficult job, but actually, you can easily do it with these useful tips below. Let’s take a look!

Learn About The Palmetto Bugs

Palmetto bug, in some place, was called cockroach. They are the largest, which can be as long as 3.8cm or more. They are russet, light brown and yellow on the upper abdomen.

Both males and females have wings. The wings of the males are a bit longer than the belly, while the females are equal to the belly.

They are usually seen in damp and dark areas such as basements, gaps in the ground, as well as in or around drains in bathrooms, drawers, water pipes, and sewers.

In the cold North, palmetto bugs usually appear near hot water pipes. While in the South, they are more commonly found in the aisles, gardens (under potato or tomato pots…), tree hollows and palm trees.

How To Get Rid Of Palmetto Bugs Naturally

1. Clean The House & Outside

Palmetto bugs preferred wet areas, poor hygiene, so the way to prevent them effectively is that you should keep the house neat and clean. Clean the rooms, especially the toilets and the kitchen. If Palmetto bugs go to the house without a suitable shelter, they will not be interested and leave immediately.

Besides, keep food in tight containers, do not store expired food use. Do not leave the fruit on the table. Cleaning the trash area regularly, and use a lidded bin.

Smiling professional cleaners team cleaning in the house with rags and mop. Selective focus

2. Kill Palmetto Bugs With Boric Acid Powder

Put cookies in small saucepan + fresh milk + butter + 2 teaspoons of boric acid, and then mix all together. Use this sweet pastry in the walls or partitions, or you can put a little mixture in the corner of your rooms. About 48 hours later, you will be surprised to see many Palmetto bugs eat the mix, their belly swells and they will die slowly.

This palmetto bug killing method is easy to do, not complicated, and the problem of Palmetto bugs in your home is solved.

3. Get Rid Of Palmetto Bugs With Baking Soda Powder

Because the body of Palmetto bugs don’t have a gas escape system as human,so, when baking soda goes into the gastrointestinal system of cockroaches, acid and base will create more gas, causing their belly swells and die

baking soda

When the bugs die in their shelter, others will eat the dead cockroaches and be swell too.

4. Kill Palmetto Bugs With Food In The House

The kitchen is the place that many cockroaches visit. However, even in the kitchen, there are quite a lot of foods that can control them, such as sugar, onions or even cucumbers.

How to kill palmetto bugs is quite simple with sugar. You can mix a high neck bottle of sugar water and then place in the corner. The smell of sugar will attract the bugs, make them crawl into the food but cannot escape because of suffocation.

With cucumbers and onions, it is even simpler, because these bugs hate the smell of both foods. With cucumber, you just have to put the cucumber at the favorite places of palmetto bugs; it will automatically stay away from those areas.

As with onion, cut it into small pieces and put in a dish. Then place that disk in the favorite places of palmetto bugs and you will not have to worry about them anymore.

5. Bay Leaf

Use bay leaves to make effective home remedies for palmetto bugs; it’s very simple. When you clean the house, just add a few leaves of bay in the water and wipe the floor as usual. All bugs will run away when they smell this.

bay leaves

6. Mint + Salt Solution

In addition, you can create your own solution to get rid of palmetto bugs with natural materials such as peppermint and salt. Specifically, you can add peppermint oil to salt water or white vinegar to form an anti- palmetto bugs solution. Just spray this solution in where

7. Use Lemon, Orange Peel

After eating lemon, oranges, you should keep the peel, dry it and put in the room, cabinets, stove. Or heat the peel, which helps deodorize the mold in space, spread the aroma lightly and effectively get the bugs out.

8. Perilla Leaves

perilla leaves

A solution that is both gentle and effective, you can refer to the mixture of sugar and Perilla leaves. Just grind the leaves and mix them with sugar in a ratio of 1:1, and place the mixture in places where palmetto bugs are. After 3 days to 2 weeks, palmetto bugs will disappear from your house.

9. Clove Oil

One of the oils you can use to get the palmetto bugs out is clove oil. With this essential oil, just simply drop a few drops onto the area that you see their appearance. They are afraid of this smell, so they will stay away from it.

10. Tape And Purple Onion Pest Trap


This simple trap is made by placing a thin slice of onion on a long piece of tape. Place the trap in the bugs’ areas. The pests will smell their favorite purple onion and find it; at the same time, they’ll be trapped on the tape. Remember to use strong tape to get the best result.


You have just read about how to get rid of palmetto bugs, and I hope you can quickly get all the pests out of your living place. If you have any question, feel free to ask me by leaving a comment in the box below. Thank you so much for reading and see you soon!

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