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Top 100 Best Gardening Blogs To Follow This 2018 – Garden Ambition Presents

Nowadays, more and more people blog about their gardening techniques and experiences. However, thousands of blog contents from numerous different gardening blogs are often repetitive and seem like spun articles of each other.

The contents of great gardening blogs always introduce fresh ideas, give practical advice and provide gardening inspirations, and continually engage readers with their comprehensive illustrations of the latest gardening trends.​

Gardening blogs should keep readers inspired and should motivate people to consider gardening as a fun and productive hobby. They should provide readers with information about gardening without getting too boringly technical.​

The following is a list of 100 of the best gardening blogs that successfully keep their readers inspired with their highly informative videos, articles, and other contents:​


Gardening Know How

Gardening Know How began as a simple gardening questions directory for home gardeners. The articles in their blog give significant information and practical tips about home gardening, from basic lawn care to sustainable edible gardening. Another interesting fact about Gardening Know How is that a portion of the income generated by their blog gets donated to communities to help them start sustainable community gardens. Apart from that, they make contributions to African women who continue to struggle against the difficulties in growing various plants in their region.


Fine Gardening

This website lives true to its name. They release contents about ornamental gardening on a regular basis. Fine Gardening provides detailed information about setting up a magnificent garden, growing flowers, and greenery. Additionally, they educate home gardeners about gardening solutions, garden layout and designs, and garden maintenance. Their blog contents also highlight gardening inspirations to motivate home gardeners to maintain their gardens and aspire to explore other areas of gardening. Fine Gardening is brought to us by The Taunton Press, the creator of the magazine Fine Woodworking.

Get Busy Gardening


Get Busy Gardening

If you are new to home gardening, this blog is for you. Get Busy Gardening releases blog contents about simple DIY (Do It Yourself) gardening projects that can get you started on your home gardening journey. Their practical, eco-friendly, and affordable gardening style encourage home gardeners to be resourceful and creative. Their question posts and DIY articles are so easy to follow that they drive readers to appreciate recycling and upcycling.


Garden Rant

Garden Rant is the place where one can develop a deeper appreciation for gardening. Their hilarious contents are informative as they are entertaining. They deliver the latest gardening know-hows, as well as reviews of the hottest gardening tools and products. They also post how-to videos and write about plant care and identification. Their creative, light-hearted approach to blogging certainly makes gardening more appealing to every person from all walks of life.


Garden Therapy

Garden Therapy is a blog that promotes the therapeutic effects of gardening as a hobby. This blog is run by a woman named Stephanie who used gardening as a method of therapy as she recovers from paralysis. This website not only features gardening tips, but it also incorporated recipes that you can follow when cooking the produce from your edible garden. Not only that, the website has many articles that teach you about simple craft projects that can improve the look of your garden.


Organic Lifestyle Magazine

One thing that makes this blog outstanding is the contents' focus on the health and environmental benefits of organic farming and garden. A lot of their contents talk about health issues brought about by synthetic chemicals used in fruit and vegetable farming and livestock. It has a lot of articles about health and wellness that are truly inspiring, especially for those who want to start taking better care of their body and total well-being.

Sustainable Gardening Australia


Sustainable Gardening Australia

SGA stands for Sustainable Gardening Australia. This blog provides substantial information about how sustainable gardening restores equilibrium in the environment. Their contents emphasize responsible gardening methods, not exclusively for Australians, but for everyone to practice. SGA aims to spread awareness and cultivate a better understanding of the significance of local food production as an answer to food shortage.


Cold Climate Gardening

As the website name suggests, this blog page is all about successful gardening in places with short seasons and harsh cold climates. Cold climate is truly challenging as you have to beat an uncontrollable variable which is the climate. Fortunately for home gardeners in cold regions, this blog talks about many practical techniques on how to protect your plants and your whole garden from the biting cold and dryness caused by blizzards.


The English Garden

For a constant supply of garden inspirations, visit this gardening website. They feature the most beautiful gardens in the United Kingdom and Ireland. This website also provides comprehensive articles that help home gardeners understand plants more. With this, home gardeners know which plants grow best in every season and every type of soil.


Garden Ambition

This website is run by Lucy M. Clark. Her blog documents her successful experience in gardening. Garden Ambition is the perfect website for beginners and for those who hesitate in trying gardening for fear of failure. You can find a wide selection of helpful articles that talk about a variety of topics about garden maintenance, growing specific plants, and increasing produce. It also provides comprehensive reviews of different garden tools and equipment.


Good Girl Gone Green

If your wish to embrace green living, following this blog is a terrific idea. Articles from this blog provide a great deal of information to help you understand what a green lifestyle really is. This blog educates readers about a number of things from organic gardening down to clean eating and recycling. It also teaches readers some DIY upcycling projects to help them develop more profound understanding about solid waste management.


Grow Veg

GrowVeg is a gardening blog dedicated for those individuals who have an interest in gardening planning and landscaping. It is a website founded on 2007 and run by Growing Interactive, which is a UK-based company. If you are looking for the most interactive and latest apps and technology for your garden planning, then the experts behind this website will certainly be a great help. They offer comprehensive garden planners, guides, as well as journals. Oh, and they are on TV, too! You can watch their interesting videos on GrowVeg.TV.


Amateur Gardening

If you consider yourself an amateur in gardening, then Amateur Gardening is the right place to start getting basic information about gardening. It is a website that releases a weekly gardening magazine. With over 200, 000 readers a week, Amateur Gardening is considered as one of Britain’s well-loved gardening websites. It features inspiring gardening stories, forward-thinking gardening innovations, as well as practical gardening tips. If you have questions and clarifications about gardening, you can reach out to the Amateur Gardening team for an hour of the “gardening queries” during weekdays at lunchtime. The successful team who bring this website to success is spearheaded by Tim Rumball, its editor.

Back To My Garden


Back To My Garden

Back To My Garden is a gardening website that discusses almost anything related to gardening, from experts’ tips, gardening writers, sustainable gardening, flowers, fruits, vegetables, garden pests, and much more. If you are looking for a website that offers fun and interesting blogs that don’t go too technical with terms, then this is the best gardening blog to follow. It is owned by Universal Profit Inc, which has a simple yet inspiring goal-- to help its readers realize and discover their passion for gardening.


Back Yard Boss

Are you the type of person who loves to learn new outdoor ideas, gardening projects and tools, as well as outdoor activities? If yes, then you are in the right place. The website is made up of writers and editors who are considered experts in grilling, gardening, designing, and landscaping. The website is commended for its comprehensive comparison and product review articles which help people narrow down their search for the best garden tools and equipment. BackYard Boss also share content about barbecue recipes and Do-It-Yourself projects to help you enhance your outdoor space.


Big Blog Of Gardening

Big Blog of Gardening is your go-to website if you want to read topics about vegetable gardens, flower gardens, as well as lawn care. Todd Heft, the founder of the website, is a goal-setter who wishes to encourage its readers to start their gardening journey without being dependent on pesticides, synthetics fertilizers, and other harmful chemicals. Todd Heft also released a book titled, “Home Grown Tomatoes: The step-by-step Guide to Delicious Organic Tomatoes In Your Garden” which you can purchase on Amazon.


About The Garden

This Australian based website releases educational publications that encourage readers to do gardening. It also promotes and gives tips about gardening in places where the climate often changes such as in Northern and Central New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland. It was on 1997 when Con Searle first distributed the first copy of About The Garden magazine. Since then, the website has garnered more and more readers and is known as one of the most reliable websites in Australia. About The Garden specializes in organic products such as using cow manures as fertilizers.

HomeGrow In The Valley


HomeGrow In The Valley

Homegrown In The Valley is a website that offers its readers exciting topics about healthy living through eating fresh and delicious ingredients that we can usually grow in our own garden. Aubrey, the founder of the website, is a proud mother of three who started a small garden a few years ago. Gardening was her means of changing her lifestyle, especially in the health department. Her interest then extended to creating delicious food recipes using fresh and organic garden produce. Generally, Homegrown In The Valley is the ideal website to visit if you are craving for healthy recipes, as well as DIY crafts.

Balcony Garden Web


Balcon Garden Web

“Revamp Small Garden” is the website’s slogan which gives readers a clear assumption of what the website has to offer. Balcony Garden Web is a gardening website that provides readers innovative ideas about balcony gardening and urban gardening. If you have quite a limited space in your house but still want to learn a few tricks or two about gardening, then Balcony Garden Web is the perfect gardening blog to follow. Some of the popular topics that it tackles are gardening ideas, gardening guides, flowers and blooms, and DIY garden topics.

Gardening Products Review


Gardening Products Review is your one-stop-site for all gardening tools and equipment reviews. The creative and brilliant team behind this successful website believes that a gardening journey will not be successful if you don’t use the best and appropriate tools. With that in mind, covers everything you need to know about the gardening tools for your garden. It features in-depth content about the garden hand tools, power tools, garden product guide, and product reviews.


The Garden Plot

The Garden Plot is a garden website run by the Garden Media Group, which specializes in releasing high-quality blogs and PR campaigns about garden, home, horticulture, landscape, and outdoor living. The Garden Plot is inspired by a mission to give its readers relevant and interesting information about gardening. They are also interested in accepting collaborations with other gardening enthusiasts. Thus, they encourage readers and followers to share their gardening books and blogs to the site.

Robinson Love Plants


Robinson Love Plants

Robinson Love Plants is a personal website owned by a garden enthusiast Amelia Robinson. Amelia is a certified lover of plants. She has been taking care of her own gardens since she was five years old and up until the present. Today, she educates people about the garden, plants, flowers, and related topics.

The website offers a variety of articles on different topics under different categories and offers more than just basic articles. It also answers the most difficult questions and explains answers in the simplest, most understandable way possible. The website presents various guide categories, including plant, pest, and tool guides.​


Growing A Greener World

Growing A Greener World is the official website of the award-winning TV show featuring green living, organic gardening, and farm-to-fork food. Just like in its TV series, this website focuses on inspiring people to make a difference in our planet through gardening. features a variety collection of articles in different categories. Aside from gardening tips, the website also shares useful DIY articles about things that can be done at home. This gardening website covers just about everything. From edible gardening, hobby farming, urban homesteading, to healthy, organic cooking, preserving, and canning of harvested plants and crops - the site pretty much got it all.​


Joy Us Garden

Joy Us Garden is another personal website about gardens. The owner of Joy Us Garden, who introduces herself as Nell, created this website to share her passion for the outdoors.

The website presents beautiful photographs of gardens, flowers, and plants. Like the previous website mentioned, this website also has a TV show. It posts weekly blogs, shares gardening tips, publish books, and designs gardening accessories. In addition, Joy Us Garden offers air plants and gardening tools from a local greenhouse.​



Like most of the websites on this list, is also a personal website. What makes it different from the rest? Well, this website is the fruit of the owner’s years -long experience in gardening. Thus, you can guarantee that you will get the most reliable, effective information.

IGardenPlanting’s gardening guide topics go around indoor plants, herb garden, lawn care, landscaping, garden tools, fruits, and general topics. The website also presents different kinds of gardening tools where gardeners can choose from a variety of selection.


Growing With Plants

Growing With Plants is a personal website with two different orientations: the more professional and the less professional profiles. The website serves as a seasonal journal of the owner’s experience in gardening. It also presents practical, inspirational gardening projects. The words are expressed in a precise, detailed manner so that everyone is able to grasp the concepts easily.

Having received various reviews and awards, the website is proved to be a reliable website. Matt Mattus, the website owner, offers services such as testing plants, curating products, and designing special gardening projects.


Shary Cherry

Shary Cherry aims to present useful gardening tips to the readers. As the home page’s header says, all things grow with love. Shary, the owner of the website, shares her passion and love for gardening.

The website’s blogs may belong to gardening and landscaping. In the gardening tab, you will see a collection of gardening-related articles. The landscaping tab, on the other hand, presents how-to guides and tips on how to take care the beauty of the landscape.​


Grow Gardener

Grow Gardener presents complete information for gardeners. From their blogs, they share information about plants, flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Furthermore, it presents how-to gardening articles to guide gardeners in every gardening chore. Most importantly, the site presents the different kinds of gardening tools and equipment which are needed for each task in various gardening projects.


Live Love Fruit

Live Love Fruit was created to spread information about the benefits that fruits and vegetables give to people. In the most basic purpose, the website promotes high raw, plant-based lifestyle. Carly Fraser, the founder of the website, was inspired by her own story of losing weight. As she succeeded in her weight loss program, Carly wants to share her knowledge about losing weight to fulfill her lifelong passion to being able to help others. Her blogs mostly talk about healthy recipes, weight loss promoting exercises, and other health-related facts such as the benefits of fruits and veggies consumption, and how they can lessen your risks of most fatal diseases.


Primrose Blog

Primrose Blog is the official blog spot of This website was created as a blog spot where the latest gardening how-to guides, tips, infographics, facts, and stories are regularly shared. Each of the blogs is unique in style as they are contributed by different writers from the Primrose team to present a diversified content for all the readers.

Organic 4 Greenlivings


Organi 4 Greenlivings

This website aims to give education about safe and healthy products and recipes to use. The website helps you make only the right choices in the aspects of food and water, cosmetics, clothing, pharmaceuticals, and more. It focuses on preventing the negative effects of chemicals and pollution to a person’s health. Organic 4 Greenlivings, basically, promotes healthy living for a life full of meaning.


Color Gardening

ColorGardening is a website that shares information about gardening in forms of blogs, reviews, articles, and how-to guides. The site welcomes you with a selection of articles in different categories. The home page of the website, in particular, presents featured articles, as well as recently post articles. The site has three archives: Vegetables, Herbs, and Gardening. Each archive presents a categorized, more organized list of articles. The content in this website is presented in a simple yet comprehensible manner.

Gardening Easily

Gardening Easily

Hi, this is Matt Green, Editor of the A Product reviewer, blogger, and gardening enthusiast. Welcome!!

I started this website to help begginer gardeners to chose the best garden tools, gardening tips and ideas from everything growing your own plants, fruits & veggies. I loves this work so much without a professional view.

As a gardening enthusiast, I love to spend my time at gardening and planting going to my favorite garden. I (and all of my contributors) write garden product reviews, gardening tips based on their own experience. I try to be as objective as possible. I make it clear that I will write only an honest, unbiased review as well as valuable informative tips to help those gardeners practically.

My mission is to educate and assist home and beginer gardeners with daily posts of inspiration, tips, tricks and photos so that they can grow better tasting foods, veggies, herbs, plants right at home. Save some money in the process and grow what they know well.

You can follow my site for getting much information about gardening tips and product guides. If you need any suggestions or help from me you can contact me. I will be glad to help you.In the end, this website is for you. Happy gardening!


Garden Betty

Garden Betty is the combination of two, somehow, related topics: edible gardening and outdoor adventuring. Edible gardening, by how it is called, talks about taking care of edible plants - usually fruits and vegetables - in the garden, harvesting them, and cooking them for meals. Outdoor adventuring, on the other hand, is included in this site because of Linda, the Garden Betty and the owner of the site. She loves surfing, swimming, and skating.

Really, the combination of the two very different topics are such a random match. Well, everything is still about to be really random as the site talks about more random topics including recipes, home, backyard chickens, work, parenthood, and many others made by random thoughts.​


Love Back Yard

LoveBackYard is a website especially created for all backyard enthusiasts. The site aims to make everyone’s backyard as beautiful as their front yard. This website is among the most attractive ones on this list. The home page welcomes you with slide shows that come with relevant sayings. It’s very fun to watch. But not only on the appearance, the website has more to offer when it comes to the quality of the content. The website delivers clear, concise, fun, and highly-informative articles that do not only discuss the ways and methods on how to grow plants but also give tips and techniques on how to protect them during harsh weathers.


Veggie Gardening Tips

Veggie Gardening Tips features organic gardening practices. While other websites encourage the use of chemicals, this website sticks to natural gardening and organic growing of plants, avoiding the use of all kinds of chemicals. The how-to guides and other methods of planting articles in this website does not use chemicals and only includes organic materials, if necessary. The website also talks about ornamental plants, plants that are planted in gardens, and landscape projects for decorative purposes. In Veggie Gardening Tips, expect that you will be able to learn about plants and gardening big time.


Urban Gardens

Urban Gardens talks about the whole process of gardening -- from planting a seed, cultivating a garden, to harvesting, cooking, and serving. Sometimes, on a different scale from food producing, the site includes styling, designing, and landscaping. The website comes with five different archives: Finding, Creating, Experiencing, Greening, and Consulting. When you click on one selection, the page redirects you to a categorized set of articles that fall on the clicked archive.


Sumo Gardener is a website that is said to offer guidance to taking care of plants. It presents information about gardening. Some articles on this site may also give some pieces of advice regarding the materials to use, the tools to carry, the best seasons to harvest, and the measures to take in different weather conditions. The website also features online shops for gardening, where gardeners and garden enthusiasts can choose between a variety of shopping choices.


You Grow Girl

You Grow Girl, although the name is addressed to a girl, is a place for all plant lovers and garden enthusiasts, readers and writers, cooks and eaters, wonder-ers and wanderers, and curious souls alike. You Grow Girl is a website project that speaks of new different kind of gardening techniques for those who seek to redefine the modern world’s relationship with nature. This project aims to promote exciting, explorative DIY approaches to gardening without restrictions of traditional ideas.

While the site promotes the modern way of gardening, it still gives respect and importance to the traditional techniques, the methods that originally started it all, and even uses some of these traditional approaches and integrates them creatively and effectively with the contemporary approach of organic gardening. You Grow Girl has done a good job in blending everything-- environmentalism, creativity, affordability, sustainability, and humour-- into one perfect project for all.​


Away To Garden is a horticultural project for all nature lovers. With its abundance in information about gardening, it has grown to be a blessing to the magical world of nature. The website shares a lot of information about different varieties and species of both edible and ornamental plants. While the website has an old style vibe, it still has a lot of fun and humour to offer. You will be entertained in a lot of different ways like pictures, videos, and even doodles. On this website, gardening is not generally viewed as just a hobby. It’s a lifestyle, and that’s what makes it unique and different from all others.

Hobby Farms

Hobby Farms

This website is a site that give importance to growing healthy, organic food in a well-maintained, sustainable farm. It offers a bunch of DIY farming guides and tips for both small-scale and big-time farmers.

Gardeners Journal

Gardeners Journal

Gardeners Journal

Gardeners Journal is a small, employee-owned gardening company that has grown to be amongst the best in the world. In fact, this company is one of the Best in the World list for social, environmental businesses. Managed by avid gardeners, the website presents garden-tested and environment-friendly products, as well as shares practical pieces of gardening advice.

Plant Care Today

Plant Care Today

Plant Care Today provides detailed plant care information for plant and garden lovers at every level. Their in depth articles cover lawn, landscape, gardening, pest and disease along with popular ways to enjoy plants daily.

The founder Gary began his plant growing career in the early 1970's working in an orchid nursery and later established his own commercial growing operation. The goal of Plant Care Today is simple - help people become more successful with plants.

DIY Garden

DIY Garden

​DIY Garden is a popular UK-based gardening blog created by Clive Harris. He covers everything from gardening basics, such as lawn care advice to creative DIY projects like building a garden bar.

In the UK, outdoor space tends to be a lot smaller, especially for those living in cities or highly populated areas. So, one of the main goals of his blog is to help UK homeowners with small gardens be a bit more creative, and turn their garden into a miniature haven! His advice on landscaping, plants and trees, and garden privacy are well worth a read.

Equally, if you’ve got kids, he’s got some great little tips and tricks for gardening with littles ones and undertaking cool DIY projects such as sunken trampolines and garden race tracks.

Overall, DIY Garden is a great resource and a big contributor to the garden blog scene!

Fantastic Gardeners Blog

Fantastic Gardeners Blog

Fantastic Gardeners blog is run by the team behind Fantastic Services - your one stop shop for all professional home services in London and the UK. The blog features hot gardening tips for every month and all-around knowledge about your garden, served in a friendly and easy-to-grasp way. If you are baby stepping into gardening - this is your starters blog.


This website is full of useful information for those who care about their homes and gardens. It's amazing, how much you can do on your own, just by following DIY steps! What is great about this website - if you feel like you need help or some more information, you can always ask a question or join their discussion groups or forum. Admins are always happy to help or to make some additional search for you.

Outdoor Garden Care

Outdoor Garden Care

Outdoor Garden Care

Outdoor Garden Care is a website that aims to help new and established gardeners to get the best out of their gardens and lawns. The gardening skills presented therein are practical, affordable, eco-friendly. All of their outdoor gardening and lawn care articles and blog posts are DIY (Do It Yourself). The articles are easy to read, informative and easy to follow. In essence, the website aims to encourage new and established gardeners to be creative and resourceful when it comes to outdoor gardening.

Urban Gardeners Republic​

Urban Gardeners Republic

Urban Gardeners Republic

Urban Gardeners Republic aim to help people bring urban garden projects to life by guiding them along the way.

They're on a mission to create 1000 gardens in 100 cities in the next 5 years, all over the world. UGR community wants to:

  • Inspire people start their own DYI garden
  • Offer long-term sustainability
  • Provide DIY guidelines, information, and inspiration to users all over the world, no matter the condition
  • Create and build an international community of urban gardeners experts that help locally.​

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The number of interested people who want to give gardening a try has significantly increased. However, not all of them know the best places to start and have proper guidance. Thus, this list of 100 best gardening blogs to follow is specially curated to help all gardening newbies out there. If you have plenty of time to spare, then why not do something active, fun, and worthwhile instead? I hope this list provides you the best information you need and brings your gardening project to a higher level.

Have you visited any of these blogs before? Share your experiences below. Thanks for dropping by!

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