Nude Gardening 2017: What You Need To Know About World Naked Gardening Day

Nude gardening brings you closer to nature while being confident of your body type. Read on and know more about World Naked Gardening Day!

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Every first Saturday of May is a celebration of World Naked Gardening Day or WNGD. This event is participated by both gardeners and non-gardeners alike. While World Naked Gardening Day is an event known to most Western countries, not all people are well-accustomed to what its advocacy or goals are. Therefore, in this article, we’ve decided to list the things that you might not know and things you need to know about this unique nude gardening event.


World Naked Gardening day is celebrated every first Saturday of May.

World Naked Gardening day is celebrated every first Saturday of May.

Who Organized This Event?

This bizarre event is organized by Mark Storey and Jacob Gabriel in 2005. Storey is a prominent person in Nude & Natural Magazine, while Gabriel is a known permaculturalist. Together, they formed the World Naked Gardening Day as a project under Body Freedom Collaborative (BFC). Storey’s idea of nude gardening caught the interest of Corky Stanton from Clothes Free International. Stanton, who was also the web hosting provider of another nudity event-- the World Naked Bike Ride, supported the effort and helped in the promotion of the project.

This Event First Took Place On September 10, 2005

World Naked Gardening Day was first held on September 10, 2005. However, in 2007, the event was moved on the first Saturday of May as it is celebrated until today. Some active participants of the event even suggested that it should be moved again as May is still a little bit cold to get naked in the garden. On the other note, gardeners contest that spring is the ideal season to nurture plants; hence, May is the perfect month to do celebrate the nude gardening day.

World Naked Gardening Day encourages people to be one with nature.

World Naked Gardening Day encourages people to be one with nature.

The Event Aims To Develop The Sense Of Community

According to the official website of World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD), the project aims to develop a sense of community among individuals of a different background. Participating in such event, which is more than just a household, gardening club, or a neighborhood gardening group, makes people live their life with enjoyment and exult spirit to becoming a community with one aspiration. Furthermore, WNGD also encourages participants to strengthen their ties with nature and do something helpful to Mother Earth.

WNGD want to promote and develop a sense of community.

WNGD want to promote and develop a sense of community.

What Do You Do To Participate In This Event?

The organizer of the event made simple and easy steps on how you can actually participate in the World Naked Gardening Day even at the comfort of your own property.

  • First, you find some opportunity to do some gardening in which you can get naked comfortably. The best places to do would be in your home garden, backyard, or a small farm if you own one.
  • Second, you can also decide whether to do it alone if you are not comfortable being naked in the presence of other people other than your family or with family and friends, or any other group that is interested in the project’s purpose.
  • Lastly, share your experience about the event. World Naked Gardening Day is not owned by a single organization or group. The organizers merely introduce the idea and provide a website where gardeners and non-gardeners can share their experiences and stories about their own nude gardening experience.

The Event’s Goal Is Not To Promote Nudity But Rather To Be One With Nature

According to the WNGD organization, the event is not about exposing your body, particularly your genitals in public. It is more on accepting your body, as natural as it is and be one with nature. Regardless of what other organizations or people think the purpose of the event, participants of World Naked Gardening Day claim they never intend to cause harm or distress to others.

Act of lewdness is one controversy about WNGD.

Act of lewdness is one controversy about WNGD.

Controversies Surrounding The World Naked Gardening Day

WNGD is not at all exempted from controversies, especially from those people who viewed getting naked in your garden or farm is an act of lewdness. Some individuals say that being naked in your garden is getting yourself vulnerable to insects bite and other infections. Some even contest the project’s advocacy, saying nudity doesn’t help to nurture the plants and vegetables at all. Thus, we want to discuss this issue and provide you with some facts about it. So, is it legal to get naked in your garden?

Each country or state has their own laws regarding nudity in public. In the United Kingdom, for instance, if the act of nudity is done with the absence of sexual context and has no intention to cause harm and distress to the general public, then no legal actions can be done unless it causes harassment. Moreover, while exposing your body with an intent for someone to see can be triable. But for a naturist who only goes about his business naked will not be guilty of this offense. In a nutshell, as long as you did not plan or intend to harass someone (and no actions of yours could say otherwise), then you will most likely can get away of mowing or mixing potting soil to your outdoor garden naked.​

Nude gardening can be done inside your home.

Nude gardening can be done inside your home.

At present, some participants of World Naked Gardening Day usually do nude gardening at their own property like in their home garden or even inside their home doing indoor gardening like hydroponics. This is, more or less, an action to, at least, minimized the possibility of offending others or the general public. Also, it would also be a great idea to inform your community about your participation in such project. This would give them a warning and inform them that you did not intend to be malicious and sexually offensive by any means.

Nude gardening encourages people to be confident with their own body while doing something good for nature.

Nude gardening encourages people to be confident with their own body while doing something good for nature.


Nudity is indeed a taboo thing to others as this is, more or less, being associated with sexual acts and lewdness. However, proper dissemination of the event’s goal and purpose could perhaps help in spreading awareness about the project and give people a memo as to why the event involves nudity. The project itself has powerful goals-- (1) to be one with nature and help the environment through gardening and (2) to be confident in your own skin and accept the type of body that you have.

Well, what do you think about nude gardening? Do you see yourself participating in such event? Let me know in the comment section below. Thanks for reading!

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