Best New Hydroponic System Reviews in 2018 (Must-Read Review)

A hydroponic system is a simple yet effective solution to gardening in the city. Check out our list of the best new hydroponic systems to grow plants!

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Pathonor’s Hydroponics Kit

Among the best new hydroponic systems we have reviewed, we found the Hydroponics Kit by PATHONOR to be simply unbeatable. Its clean and elegant design will surely catch your eyes when you are browsing hydroponic systems for sale. You will be able to grow or clone plants, all with minimal watering. Rest assured that your plants will be able to survive both indoor and outdoor settings. Those who prefer to keep it inside will not have to worry about the light source, thanks to the constant artificial exposure provided by the brand’s own technology.

We have handpicked the best new hydroponic systems for you. Read on to check out the top rated hydroponic systems available on the market.

Quick Comparison Table: 4 Best New Hydroponic Systems

Key Features of the Best New Hydroponic System

At this point, you might be wondering what makes one of these best new hydroponic systems objectively better than the others. It is important to discuss what the key features are before we proceed with the individual reviews of the products. Read the following items to see the significant features that will make your setup a cut above the rest:

  • Number of pods

Ideally, a hydroponic system will be able to accommodate a large number of plants at the same time to increase produce. Unfortunately, the norm remains at only 5 or 6 pods. If there is a bigger number of plots, processes like transplanting and transferring will be much easier to accomplish.

A bigger number of plots for plants will guarantee a larger yield in the same amount of time

A bigger number of plots for plants will guarantee a larger yield in the same amount of time

  • Rate of growth

Plants that are grown in hydroponics grow faster than soil-grown plants. However, it is still possible to increase the speed of growth by manipulating several factors.

Constant exposure to light will be one way to do this, as well as providing sufficient moisture to the roots. The former can be done with the use of artificial lighting while the latter can be accomplished with the help of an air pump. Doing this can increase the growth rate by up to 5 times.

Subjecting plants to LED can positively affect the size and yield of the crop

Subjecting plants to LED can positively affect the size and yield of the crop

  • Versatility

You will get more bang for your buck if you go with a versatile product. When it comes to horticulture, this would mean that you can use the product both indoors and outdoors. If possible, you might even want to get one that you can also use in other types of gardening. It is always best to be properly equipped for possible changes in the future. You will thank yourself for the foresight later.

  • Portability

This quality is most important when you are growing the plant outdoors. It should be easy to bring the setup inside to shield it from external factors. Likewise, you should not have a hard time carrying it back outside once the bad weather passes. Indoor users will also appreciate this because it will be hassle-free to maintain and keep.

A portable setup will ensure that your plants are well-maintained and safe

A portable setup will ensure that your plants are well-maintained and safe

  • Materials used

The perfect hydroponic setup will make use of materials that are not harmful to the environment. However, it must also provide the plants with protection from algae growth and other external factors.

  • Pleasant aesthetic

Plants have always served as ornamental items, aside from their desired usage after producing. Hydroponic plants are no different. An attractive setup will be useful for those who plan to keep the system indoors, but even when it is placed outdoors, its appearance will prove to be beneficial.

Top 4 Best New Hydroponic Systems Reviews (2018)

Mr. Stacky’s 5 Layer Stackable Garden Planter

Mr. Stacky’s 5 Layer Stackable Garden Planter. Via:

This is a planter ideal for growing plants in a limited space due to its stackable nature. This product was manufactured in the United States of America with the use of high-quality polypropylene. It stands at an impressive height of 28 inches when fully assembled. This planter is ideal when setting up small home hydroponic systems.


  • It is perfect if you have a small amount of horizontal space available.
  • It comes with a bottom drip saucer to ensure minimal spillage.
  • It is easy to store when not in use.
  • It is customizable if you do not want to utilize all 5 tiers.
  • It is versatile as you can use it for both hydroponics or regular soil gardening.
  • It is conducive to being transformed into top feed hydroponic systems.
  • It has multiple options for sizes.


  • It is not ideal for those with limited vertical space.
  • It can only accommodate hand watering hydroponics using coco peat unless you manually convert it into other hydroponic systems.

Pathonor’s Hydroponics Kit

Pathonor’s Hydroponics Kit. Via:

This high-quality grower is among the best new hydroponics system of the year for a plethora of reasons. This product has been thoughtfully created using environmentally-friendly materials, and it will ensure that you will have a successful hydroponic planting season. It is highly recommended for small indoor hydroponic systems, but configuring it for an outdoor setting should not be a problem.


  • It is easy to use, even for beginners.
  • Its Grow Lights technology allows for faster growth.
  • It is perfect for indoor usage, ensuring that your plants will be safe from external factors.
  • It has 11 available pods for you to grow your plants in.
  • It comes with air pumps that provide moisture in the hopes of further speeds up the growing process.
  • It was made using sturdy, eco-friendly materials.
  • It is versatile as you can provide either complete indoor hydroponic systems or a hassle-free outdoor setup.
  • Its design has been specifically optimized to resist algae growth by blocking out light in the basis.
  • It provides accurate solution level via the inserted buoy for easy maintenance.


  • The pump can be noisy and distracting.
  • The instruction manual does not come in English.
  • There have been cases where the air pump has been installed backward and you have to fix this manually.

Hydrofarm’s WaterFarm Hydroponics System

Hydrofarm’s WaterFarm Hydroponics System. Via:

This product has been made using quality materials for long-term usage. It’s a fuss-free product, and its simplicity is what makes it stand out. What makes it different from the other best new hydroponics system of the year is that the planters come in square shapes that will help the growth of the plants.


  • It is made of a high-impact material that will survive a long time.
  • The setup guide that comes with it is straightforward and easy to follow.
  • It boasts of a large capacity for water at a maximum level of 2 gallons.
  • It is rather low-maintenance as the reservoir can take 2-3 days to drain.
  • It comes with air pumps, a draining tube, and nutrients from Flora Series.
  • The square shape of the planters provides a unique growing experience.
  • It is easy to check the pH and solution levels.
  • It guarantees zero risks of dripping, making it a good choice for indoor setups.


  • There have been reports that the air pump is ineffective.
  • The optimization process will require new parts and equipment.
  • The product is rather expensive for the components that come with it.

Growmanji's Solar Powered Hydroponics Starter

Growmanji's Solar Powered Hydroponics Starter. Via:

Among the best new hydroponics systems, this is the most expensive but not without a good reason. This kit comes with its own solar panel, which will be useful in the long run. It is a low-maintenance product that will save water, space, and electricity. It is also an excellent introduction to DWC hydroponic systems.


  • It is a hassle-free product because it is easy to assemble and use.
  • Its collapsible nature makes it easy to store when not being used.
  • It will help conserve electricity and water.
  • It is conducive for both simple systems and larger, more complicated setups.
  • It comes with a limited-time aerator for the time being.
  • It can deal with low-level maintenance.
  • It does not require daily watering.


  • It needs sunshine to function as originally designed.
  • It is the most expensive product on the list.
  • Some may see the solar panel as unnecessary.

Tips for Choosing and Buying Top Hydroponic Systems

City dwellers are probably familiar, if not already frustrated, with the limited access to fresh dirt or soil. Luckily, there is an effective solution to such gardening woes in the form of hydroponics. So what is hydroponic systems?

In layman’s term, it is essentially the practice of soilless plant growing. Great, you say, but how do hydroponic systems work? It is actually quite a straightforward process— simply put, instead of receiving nutrients from the soil, the plants get them from a water-based solution.

There are plenty of complete hydroponic systems for sale online, but the important thing when shopping is to figure out the best product for your situation. It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. To help you out, we have provided some important considerations to take into account:

  • Type of plants

It is highly important to determine what sort of plants you wish to grow before you proceed to purchase a product. After all, the best hydroponic systems for cannabis will usually not be the best hydronic systems for growing strawberries.

Do your homework and read up on the systems that are most appropriate for your plans so that you can produce the best yield possible. If you cannot decide, it would be best to go with something known for being versatile like tomatoes.

Tomatoes generally grow well in any hydroponic method

Tomatoes generally grow well in any hydroponic method

  • The environment

Next, consider where you wish to implement the system. When canvassing hydroponic systems for sale, the home environment must be considered. If you are not doing hydroponics in the comfort of your home, make sure that you have a clear idea of where you would put it up.

Do you prefer an outdoor setup? If not, there are indoor hydroponic systems for sale that you may use. How much free horizontal space do you have? If it is not a lot, you might want to get something collapsible, self-contained or layered.

Commercial growers also use hydroponic systems due to its faster yield

Commercial growers also use hydroponic systems due to its faster yield

  • Your Experience As a Grower

Another question you need to answer is whether you know how to grow with hydroponic systems. There are setups that are more suited to beginners while there are others that will be more rewarding for experienced users.

There are also products that require knowledge that you can only gain from experience. If you are only starting out, make sure to read various resources and watch instructional videos to learn how to make hydroponic systems work efficiently.

Hydroponic systems sometimes use growing media like rockwool and coco fiber

Hydroponic systems sometimes use growing media like rockwool and coco fiber

  • The system type

In conjunction with the previous items, take the time to think about what system you want and need to implement. Many at-home hydroponic systems are the ebb and flow types because they are easy to adjust, unlike the wick system which is notorious for its resistance to modification despite the cheap price.

Meanwhile, the simpler water culture method is great if you have a large reservoir of water, though it is ideal for very few plants.

Lettuce is one of the crops that work well with water culture systems

Lettuce is one of the crops that work well with water culture systems


We hope that our compilation of the best new hydroponic systems has been a useful guide for you. If you have been considering buying any of those small hydroponic systems for sale, make sure to subject it to the standards provided above.

This form of horticulture does require more work than regular plant-growing, and it can also be more expensive. However, it is undeniably the best option out there for people who live in skyscrapers, apartment units, and even aircraft. Even those with access to soil sometimes prefer this method due to its fast growth rate and better pest control.

Learning hydroponics will open up endless recreational, scientific and commercial opportunities for you so make sure to research properly. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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