14-Inch Hatchet X7 by Fiskars

​​14-Inch Hatchet X7 by Fiskars​​​

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27-Inch A2400 Composite Multi-Purpose Axe by Husqvarna

​​27-Inch A2400 Composite Multi-Purpose Axe by Husqvarna​​​


12-Inch E14A Camping Hatchet by Estwing

​​12-Inch E14A Camping Hatchet by Estwing​​​


23.5-Inch X15 Chopping Axe by Fiskars

​​23.5-Inch X15 Chopping Axe by Fiskars​​​


Trail Boss with Carbon Steel drop Forging by Cold Steel

​​Trail Boss with Carbon Steel drop Forging by Cold Steel​​​

Whether you need a firewood during the cold weather or have to prepare some wood chunks for household or outdoor activity needs, you need to look for a chopping wood or splitting axe. This should not be a very hard thing to do as contemporary wood chopping axes are now flooding the market. They come in many different purposes, colors, styles, materials and more. Some wood cutters and splitters, however, have poor quality or are inappropriate for your cutting needs. We want to give a list of the 5 best axe for chopping wood and all the necessary information about woodchoppers.

Axes with composite handle are preferred by most buyers as there is less chance of breaking the handle while chopping the woods

Axes with composite handle are preferred by most buyers as there is less chance of breaking the handle while chopping woods.

Thus, this article is created with that intent in mind. Read on to learn more!

Top 5 Best Axe for Chopping Wood Reviews

Axes for chopping wood comes in many different sizes, blades, handles, and weights. Although heavier axes were the trend in the past, lighter and slicker axes that still give powerful impact and clean cuts are becoming more and more recognized. Here are five of the best axes for chopping wood.

#1 Fiskars X7 Hatchet 14 Inch

14-Inch Hatchet X7 by Fiskars

14-Inch Hatchet X7 by Fiskars. Via: Amazon.com

If you think the most powerful axe needs to be heavy, this hatchet will prove you wrong. It is a light-weight axe that has a sharp edge, which gives powerful impact and clean cuts. It is perfect for those who don’t want a heavy axe and are still able to perform the job.


  • This 14-inches axe has a sharp, carbon-steel edge that becomes more effective with each powerful impact.
  • It has a low-friction coating for durability and retains sharper edges for a longer period of time, making it one of the best axe for chopping wood.
  • It has the perfect weight distribution technology that provides optimal power as swing speed increases.
  • The strong steel fiber handles and insert-molded heads make it virtually unbreakable and long lasting.
  • This small axe for chopping wood comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • The product requires some arm strength for maximum power. Female choppers may get dissatisfied.

#2 Husqvarna A2400 27″ Composite Multi-Purpose Axe

27-Inch A2400 Composite Multi-Purpose Axe by Husqvarna

27-Inch A2400 Composite Multi-Purpose Axe by Husqvarna. Via: Amazon.com

The multi-purpose wood chopping axe by Husqvarna can cut small to large woods perfect for household or forest work. It has a fiber-reinforced shaft that makes it durable and robust. Customers vouched for its sharp edges, making it one of the most powerful chopping axe on the market.


  • The product comes with fiber-reinforced shafts and has an excellent weight distribution to assist in every swing.
  • The blades and head have an exceptional geometry designed for different applications.
  • It combines an excellent hammer function and shaft protection.


  • Some customers reported the chopping ax to be brittle.

#3 Estwing Sportsman’s Axe – 12″ Camping Hatchet

12-Inch E14A Camping Hatchet by Estwing

12-Inch E14A Camping Hatchet by Estwing. Via: Amazon.com

Estwing has had a long history in developing outdoor tools that are of high-quality and extreme durability. One of these is an axe chopping tool. The axe is forged using the finest American steel and has a hand sharpened cutting edge, making it one of the best axe for chopping wood.


  • The hatchet is forged from high-quality American Steel whose edge are hand sharpened.
  • The grip is made of genuine leather that tightens the grip.
  • It comes with a heavy-duty ballistic nylon sheath that keeps it safe when not in use.
  • The manufacturing company is known to make quality tools for outdoors.


  • Some received products are said to contain dents and cracks.

#4 Fiskars X15 Chopping Axe, 23.5-Inch

 23.5-Inch X15 Chopping Axe by Fiskars

23.5-Inch X15 Chopping Axe by Fiskars. Via: Amazon.com

Yet another best axe for chopping wood is from Fiskars. It is lightweight but is able to deliver powerful chops. Since it’s lightweight, you can increase swing speed for faster work yet still chop woods deeply. The only difference from the first one is its size, which is 23.5 inches.


  • It is a 23.3-inch carbon steel axe that has a shock-absorbing FiberComp handle.
  • Its lightweight feature allows you to chop woods deeper and faster.
  • The axe is ideal for felling trees.
  • The product comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Some customers reported that the product is not as durable as advertised.

#5 Ace Trading Boys Axe 28″

Trail Boss is one of the best axe for chopping wood favored by many gardeners. It is a versatile axe made of carbon steel blade and a brown wood handle. Overall, the axe is light and compact yet extremely tough.


  • It has a sharp carbon steel blade that cuts through woods cleanly.
  • The axe is lightweight and is thus perfect for camping and backpacking wood splitting needs.
  • The product is light and compact yet extremely tough.


  • A few customers received products with breakable and low-quality handles.

Different Types of Axes For Chopping Wood

To cater to the different wood chopping needs, gardeners utilize various wood chopping tools. Some even operate the mechanized chopping axe known as the electric log splitter. For the minor chopping jobs like in households or camping trips, axes are reasonably more favored. Needless to say, it’s good to learn the different types of axes for a more informed purchase.

1. Splitting Axe

The simplest axe for splitting wood is conveniently called the splitting axe. It has a tapered head that generally weighs 3-6 pounds designed to split the wood fibers instead of cutting them. Because of its design, it is not suggested for chopping live wood but could split down weathered logs.

This best axe for chopping wood is favored as it last longer and is typically lighter than the splitting maul. Its handle can be wooden or composite, depending on the owner’s preference but the composite axes are generally lighter.

2. Splitting Maul

The splitting maul is different from the splitting axe in that it is much bulkier and heavier (8-10 pounds). Its design allows it to split wood more effectively. The handle of a maul is longer and the blade is duller. However, due to the heaviness of the maul, choppers usually get tired more easily.

The splitting maul (right) can split wood across the grain

The splitting maul (right) can split wood across the grain. Source: northernwoodlands.org

3. Felling Axe

Felling axe is the best axe for chopping trees, removing branches, and chopping larger logs. The blades of a felling axe are extremely sharp, allowing it to cut through wood fibers more easily. The handle is also longer and the head angled like its ready for a powerful swing. Although not meant for splitting firewood, felling axe are also used for such purposes with less effect than splitting or maul axe.

The long handle of the felling axe is designed for a powerful swing

The long handle of the felling axe is designed for a powerful swing.

4. Hatchet Axe

If you are looking for an axe for chopping firewood in a camp, the hatchet axe is best for you. Otherwise known as the camp axe, the hatchet axe is perfect for backpacking for its shorter handle and lighter weight. However, this also makes the axe less powerful. Thus, it is only the best axe for chopping wood that are smaller in size enough to get a fireplace going.

The hatchet axe is less powerful in a tree stump

The hatchet axe is less powerful in a tree stump.

Splitting vs Chopping Axe: What’s the Difference?

Two of the most confused terms that need to be shed light upon are chopping and splitting axe. A chopping axe is different from a splitting axe in a way that the cutting position and the purpose are diverse. Regardless, the two are considered best axe for chopping wood.

First of all, a chopping axe is slimmer and sharper. This design allows it to cut through wood fibers in horizontal position. The best chopping axe is which could cut cross-way through the logs in efficient and clean downward strokes.

On the other hand, a splitting axe is designed to split wood fibers in a vertical position. The grain of the wood is cut with a downward stroke and splits the wood apart. The best splitting axe is one that cuts along the wood in smaller chunks with the minimal number of hits.

Choosing The Best Axe For Chopping Wood

Wood chopping axes now come in more varied materials, style, weight, handles, and grip. But this is not just for the fun of it all. These variations are made to cater to every splitting needs. Whatever your need is, you’ve got to look at some of its desired qualities to assist you in your purchase.

1. Axe Materials

How efficient and clean the cuts will depend on the materials of the axe. For its head, it should preferably be made from carbon steel as it’s more durable and effective. The handle can also be made of metal, wood, or fiberglass. While metal and fiberglass splinter less than wood, they are also harder to replace when broken. One must also be wary of the plastic handles sold on the market which do not serve you well.

2. Axe Weight

Some men using an axe search for those that weigh more. The reason is mainly due to the force that it allows. However, heavier splitting axes like the maul can also reduce your accuracy in wood splitting. Thus, for smaller tasks such as chopping firewood, it is best to use lighter ones and just bump up the weight as you get stronger.

3. Axe Handle Length

Splitting axes with longer handle can definitely provide more splitting force in every swing. However, you may not be able to use it all the time as you can be short of the required force. Remember that your strength is still the force of this axe. Sometimes it becomes too difficult to find a balance between force and accuracy in longer handles. Shorter handles, on the other hand, can be controlled more easily but are less powerful.

4. Replacement Handles

Some contemporary splitting axes already have the head and handle joined together. This means that the head won’t suddenly come off when chopping. However, if the axe dies down, there is no salvaging the entire thing. If the handle isn’t attached to the head, there is more danger of the head splattering all over the place which can be very dangerous.

5. Handle Style and Grip

Ax with curved handles are favored for single-bitted ax for its more natural sway, but those with straight handles can also be easier to flip around for double-bitted ax. Just align the handle depending on your chosen ax.

Handles can also come with varnish. This does make the axe more pleasant but is definitely going to make your handle slippery. Thus, it’s better to choose one without varnish. Although unvarnished handles make you develop blisters, you’ll soon have calluses that will solve it anyway.

6. Axe Care Materials

To make sure your splitting axe last long, some form of maintenance is necessary. The axe head is especially important to clean up or remove any material build up on the surface. You may also need to sharpen it using sharpening utensils, which are sometimes provided by the product’s company.

Oiling the axe may also be needed to prevent it from rusting. Just make sure to keep it off of the handle so that you don’t go out of control. Having sheaths and covers for your axe are also a good thing to protect the axe after usage.

Axes with long handle have more chopping power

Axes with long handle have more chopping power.


Wood-based products have long been utilized for its plethora of uses. The demand has only gone from high to very high that we know require professional chainsaws in wood cutting. Chopping axes have also entered the picture. Contemporary chopping axes have evolved to give you the highest quality and cutting-edge products for various purposes.

Although there are several good axes on the previous list, the best axe for chopping wood is probably the 14-Inch Hatchet X7 by Fiskars. The axe is lightweight but gives such powerful impacts and clean cuts. The lightweight material allows better control of the exerted force and more accurate cut with every hit. With its added low-friction coating and durability, this product in no doubt the best axe for chopping wood.

Surely you got your own favorite chopping or splitting axe by now. Do not fail to share with others this great news. Thank you for reading!

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