Best Commercial Wheelbarrow To Buy (Aerocart Amazon) 2018 Reviews

Read this comprehensive buyer’s guide, and see what’s good in the market and what to look for when buying the best commercial wheelbarrow for your garden.

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A wheelbarrow can be used to carry garden soil

A commercial wheelbarrow can be used to carry garden soil

Finding the best commercial wheelbarrow for your garden are often overlooked by most first-time gardeners. “What would I need a wheelbarrow for?” is a usually asked question; however, this simple gardening tool can be quite useful if you know how to maximize its benefits. A wheelbarrow can be used in various gardening tasks, especially those works that require heavy lifting. This includes carrying basic gardening tools like grafting tools and pole saw, as well as heavy equipment like chipper shredder and log splitter.

Wheelbarrows are hand maneuvered gardening equipment that can help move multiple items at once. It is usually pushed or pulled from the rear area and held by two handles that stick out from the body.

Transport your garden fertilizer in one go using a wheelbarrow

Transport your garden fertilizer in one go using a wheelbarrow

Top 5 Best Commercial Wheelbarrows For The Money

Worx Aerocart Yard Cart

Worx Aerocart Yard Cart. Via: Amazon.com

It has a design that is patented to adjust its center of gravity; thus, it is easily managed and well balanced. This particular brand of wheelbarrow is a mid-range gardening equipment with a 300-lb capacity. It boasts large flat wheels that require no inflating, giving you a hassle-free work. Lastly, it has an extending arm that can double as flower pot holders for up to 80 lbs.


  • It’s made of durable materials.
  • The tires don’t need to be inflated, so you don’t have to think about accidentally deflating its wheel.
  • It has a large moving capacity, making the cleanups easier and shorter.


  • It’s a bit more pricey than its other counterparts.

Marathon Residential Wheelbarrow

Marathon Residential Wheelbarrow. Via: Amazon.com

It features a rust proof poly tray, boasting a 300-lb capacity. It is equipped with a pair of air-filled wheels, promising you a well-balanced and easy to maneuver wheelbarrow. It doesn’t arrive fully arranged, but it takes less than five minutes for you to put it together using a screwdriver with a flat head and a crescent wrench. It also boasts cushion-covered grip handles which give it a comfortable grip. The cushion-covered handles can also make the pushing and moving of wheelbarrow an easier task. It’s lighter, making it easier to put back into the shed after using it.


  • It has a large moving capacity, making the cleanup of tools easier.
  • Its cushion-covered grip helps your hand from slipping when pushing the wheelbarrow.
  • It’s easy to put together and dismantle, making it easier to store as it doesn’t take up much space.
  • It is a high-range equipment that boasts more than just its capacity. With an overall weight of 25 lbs, it's a lot lighter than its competition.


  • It’s too high priced for equipment with limited functions.
  • The air-filled wheels make it harder to move about when the ground in your garden is wet.

Rubbermaid Commercial Wheelbarrow

Rubbermaid Commercial Wheelbarrow. Via: Amazon.com

This Rubbermaid Commercial Wheelbarrow is made from high-quality material-- high-density polyethylene, making it easier to tip over and dump what’s inside. It is equipped with a 20-inch 5-spoke flat-free wheel that is surely made for better maneuverability. It is a high-range equipment that has a 300-lb capacity.


  • It is made from a durable material that is also nature-friendly. So, environmental issues are out of the question.
  • Its large wheels make it easier for transporting through rough grounds.


  • It is expensive. While it is economical, it is still worth more than its counterparts.

True Temper Wheelbarrow

True Temper Wheelbarrow. Via: Amazon.com

It is a wheelbarrow that boasts to be corrosive and rust-proof. It is made from a material called polyethylene. It has a handle made from hardwood. It has dual tires, which makes it easier for you to maneuver it easily around your garden. It is a mid-range equipment that weighs about 53.9 lbs.


  • The rust-proof material will protect your wheelbarrow from rain, making it less susceptible to moisture.
  • It’s in the middle when it comes to the price range, making it a bit more budget-friendly.


  • The hardwood handle is not at all durable. Moreover, woods are susceptible to pest damage, as well as moisture issues.

Jackson Wheelbarrow

Jackson Wheelbarrow. Via: Amazon.com

It’s a low-range gardening equipment with a whopping capacity of 6 cubic foot. With a heavy-duty seamless tray made out of steel, it pretty much does its job well. It is a durable and rust-proof wheelbarrow that has front braces. Its 16-inch wheels make for a more modest maneuverability, making it the best wheelbarrow for all types of garden terrain. With a weight of 48.6 lbs, it is not a very light equipment to haul after all that cleaning.


  • It’s the cheapest equipment that is recommended in the market, but at the same time, its durability isn’t compromised in any way. Being made from durable stainless steel, it features a rust-proof and corrosion proof body, giving you your money’s worth.
  • It got an excellent capacity. This will surely cut the times you go to and fro when transporting gardening tools.
  • Its wheels are big enough for it to be easily maneuvered around your garden.


  • You need to be extra cautious when storing this wheelbarrow as the wooden handle is vulnerable to pest damage and moisture problems.
A wheelbarrow can also be used during harvest season to transport crops and vegetables

A wheelbarrow can also be used during harvest season to transport crops and vegetables

How Can You Make Your Wheelbarrow Last Longer?

Let’s be honest, it may seem like a very straightforward piece of equipment, but taking care of your wheelbarrow will make all the difference-- if you want to get your money’s worth. Who doesn’t want to make their equipment last longer? Here are a few neat tips and tricks to help you make your wheelbarrow stay on its tip top condition:

A wheelbarrow used as a stand for flower pots and a few watering kettles

A wheelbarrow used as a stand for flower pots and a few watering kettles

1. Clean The Wheel

Make sure to sanitize and wash the wheels of your wheelbarrow. Grime and dust can settle in between while you’re pushing it. The dust particles and tiny rocks can clog up the wheel, stopping it from turning and making it hard for you to push it around.

2. Clean The Tray

Even if the tray of the wheelbarrow boasts to be rust-proof, you should not overlook its regular cleaning and maintenance. The more you use the wheelbarrow, the more stains stick on it. Plus, having leftover soil and debris from the last gardening task can cause more mess once you store it in your tool shed. Moreover, make sure to soap the cart to make sure that no grime is left behind.

3. Clean The Grips

Nothing makes pushing the cart harder than unclean and slippery grips. Not only will it make the movability of your cart harder, but it may cause your hands to slip while you’re pushing it as well. This will then cause an untoward accident to you if you are not careful. Thus, make sure to soap properly when cleaning the grips as it’s the part of the wheelbarrow that you will touch often. If the grips have rubber, make sure to remove them first before you start scrubbing; otherwise, it will lose its grip and will be rendered useless. You can clean the rubber part by using a bit of water, then slowly get rid of the dirt that has stuck to it.

When trimming your garden shrubs, you can use a wheelbarrow to clean up the leftover leaves

When trimming your garden shrubs, you can use a wheelbarrow to clean up the leftover leaves

4. Oil All The Moving Parts

Oil all the parts that are attached to the wheel and everything that moves. This will make the parts move about more fluidly. All the moving parts are pre-oiled when you buy them, but because of the constant friction and the cleaning process, the mechanical parts of the wheelbarrow might need oil maintenance on top of the conventional cleaning routine.

5. Store It In A Proper Place

Storage is one of the most important things when it comes to owning bulky equipment such as a wheelbarrow. Kids might end up hurting themselves if they get under the wheel. Make sure you keep it away from wet areas of your garden to protect the screws and bolts from corrosion and rust.

A gardener is busy shoveling soil into his trusty wheelbarrow

A gardener is busy shoveling soil into his trusty wheelbarrow

Choosing The Best Commercial Wheelbarrow (Worx Aerocart Commercial)

There are a lot of wheelbarrows in the market; each of which boasts a lot of advantages. Most of the time you’ll find yourself unable to decide which brand to pick, and what model to buy. Here are the things you should check before making the decision:

1. Price

If you’re going to go out and buy equipment, then think about how much it costs and what it can do. Sure, you can afford a high-range cart, but is it cost-efficient?

2. Durability

Will it last you longer than its competitors? Look at its materials, if it’s high-quality, then it will mostly last longer.

3. Efficiency

See how much it can handle. Is it easy to use and store? Are the wheels compatible with the kind of soil you have in your garden? Look at all the specifics, some that work for others may not work for you.

4. Warranty

Most of the equipment on the market have a one-year warranty, but don’t be too sure. Always ask what covers the warranty and if ever you can extend it. Warranty is the security net for the buyer, so make sure you know all about it before buying your choice of wheelbarrow.

Need to transport potted plants around your garden? Use a wheelbarrow!

Need to transport potted plants around your garden? Use a wheelbarrow!

Tips For Faster Cleanups Of Your Garden Wheelbarrow

When it comes to cleaning up, efficiency is everything. You don’t want to spend the rest of your free-time hauling large debris to the dump. Your garden wheelbarrow can only take in so much. Why not cut the leaves into smaller bits by having with you a leaf shredder? That way, you can make it an organic compost for your plants. Making everything useful is the new way to cut costs and be practical nowadays. Why waste those remaining leaves and wood pieces when you can recycle and put them into use?

Most importantly, always be open when it comes to garden opportunities and be updated about where you can learn the best tips. Don’t confine yourself to just one style or strategies. Remember, the only limit is your imagination.

If you are imaginative enough, you even use a plastic wheelbarrow as a trolley while you work in the garden

If you are imaginative enough, you even use a plastic wheelbarrow as a trolley while you work in the garden


That’s it-- basically, everything you need to know when buying the best wheelbarrow for your garden. In the end, it is still up to you which one you see is fit for your gardening needs. What matter is how it can help you make your tasks easy and hassle-free.

Every product has its own strengths and weaknesses. It merely depends on your personal preferences as to which one can give you more leverage in the long run. Among the best commercial wheelbarrow brands on the list, I personally chose the Marathon Residential Wheelbarrow. It has a neat design and very impressive features such as the cushion-covered handle. For someone like me whose palms sweat easily, the cushion-covered handle is an advantage. Moreover, Marathon Residential Wheelbarrow is very lightweight; thus, I don’t have a problem using it around the garden.

Thank you for reading this article, and hopefully, you get something relevant from it. Don’t forget to share it with your friends to help them choose the best commercial wheelbarrow for their garden as well. Have a wonderful day!

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