Garden getting out of hand? House barely visible through overgrown trees and branches that put your loved one in danger? Need to valiantly cut through an evergreen forest while hunting? Well, the Silky 179-39 takes care of all of your varied purpose, such as trimming, hedging, pruning, hacking and other gardening needs without breaking even a little sweat.

The Silky pole saw is a professional pole saw. These extra long pole saws come with aluminum bodies. The lightweight Silky Hayauchi has extension poles that are oval shaped to provide maximum support in the direction of the blade. It also provides much-needed control over the blade while cutting through higher branches.

All of these features come beautifully together to provide protection against bending of the blade and ease of access. The base part of the pole comes with a pole-end shock absorber and rubberized and comfortable overgrip. This ensures even more control over the machine and proper hold on it.

The blade is a sharpened curve that is 15 inches by 2/5 inches in dimensions. The blade of the Silky 179-39 telescoping landscaping pole saw makes use of a technology, known as Silky 4-RETSUME, which means it flaunts four distinct rows of powerful teeth that come handy during the toughest pruning jobs. The blade also comes with an upper and lower sickle that can be adjusted at two separate angles to provide maximum access and ease of use.

For example, while the lower sickle is best at undercutting of barks and such jobs, the upper one hacks through vines. The lower sickle is known more for its clean cuts that hardly ever damage the tree. The upper sickle provides grip and stability and prevents the blade from slipping off the branch making the silky 179-39 telescoping landscaping pole saw one of the best bets in town when it comes to trimming, hedging and gardening of trees. 

The Silky Hayauchi telescoping pole saw comes with a tough black plastic blade cover. Connecting the tools to the head does not require the use of any tools.

The Silky 179-39 telescoping landscaping pole saw puts safety first with the proper use of not one but two locking systems that are put into the pole to provide maximum support and rigidity in the extended poles.

  • The first of these systems is the locking pins and buttons. These are the primary locking mechanism for the pole.
  • The second of the lot are the friction clamps that are also the secondary locking mechanism. Both of these systems work seamlessly together in the Silky 179-39 telescoping landscaping pole saw to provide maximum control and safety while working with the long-handled saw.

Since the locking system is dual and safety has been ensured, all your effort and that of your Silky Hayauchi 21-ft pole saw is directed towards the actual point where the blade meets the tree. The reach that this Silky 179-39 telescoping landscaping pole saw provides can go up to 20 feet and above. The locking buttons are spring loaded and this makes them allow multiple length adjustments with professional ease. 

The friction clamps can hold the extended Silky Hayauchi 21-ft pole saw firmly in place at any given height. But even with all the safety precautions, one must always be aware of their surroundings while working on such projects. They should wear eye protections at any time and try not to work near electric poles and wires. Hard hats are also a good idea while working

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Features :

  • The extendable pole is made of aluminum making it light and durable 
  • The poles are oval shaped to provide support in the direction of the blade 
  • The operating weight of this powerful beast of a machine is 6.9 lb  
  • The saw-head can be removed without the use of any tools 
  • Product comes with a limited lifetime warranty provided by the manufacturer in case of faults in workmanship and product materials 
  • The blade comes with teeth that are arranged in four rows in the Silky 4-RETSUME technology It has two different parts of the blade. 
  • One is the upper sickle and the other is the lower sickle. Each is suited to a different purpose like the upper one provides stability and hacks through vines while the lower one can make clean cuts without damaging the tree.  
  • Made in Japan.


  • The Silky Hayauchi pole saws have multiple uses and can take care of most of one’s gardening needs including cutting, trimming and pruning to keep lawns, parks and trails in check. 
  • The powerful machine can easily take different deciduous, evergreen, nut and fruit-bearing trees. 
  • It comes with a razor sharp hook that can get rid of hangers sticking to the tree with ease while keeping the blade on full strokes in the cut. 
  • All versions of product comes with a custom scabbard
  • The roaring beast of a machine puts safety first with it positive locking adjustability system that never lets the saw slip. 
  • The length of the included blade is 15 inches by 2/5 inches. 
  • The pole is designed in a way that provides three step extension for maximum overhang reach
  • The blade is made of original proprietary Japanese steel. 
  • The cut capacity that is usually recommended is 7.7 inches.


  • Oval shape of extendable pole gives strength in the direction of the blade 
  • Has a hacking capacity of over 7.5 inches, making it easy to control even deciduous and evergreen trees 
  • Comes with an aluminum pole that makes it very light and durable 
  • It is heavy but not too much, giving the feeling of a well-engineered machine with a balanced body 
  • Puts safety first with its positive locking adjustability system that does not let the saw slip


  • The three-step extension process can be a hassle at first and take some getting used to 
  • The weight makes it hard to keep it up for long 
  • Might get bent if used on too thick branches 
  • Locking pins are relatively smaller than usually expected

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