Best Gas Leaf Shredder Reviews 2018 (Best Features To Look For)

Why settle for the second-best shredder when you can get the best gas leaf shredder that suits your needs? Find out which one to buy by checking out our review!

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Our top choice for the Best Gas Leaf Shredder is this shredder from Brush Master!

Our top choice for the Best Gas Leaf Shredder from our list is the BRUSH MASTER CH4M17 Gas Leaf Shredder. With its high-powered engine, high-quality chromium steel blade, 2-way self feeder, and high reduction rate, this model is definitely a one that you’d want to buy if you’re looking for the Best Gas Leaf Shredder on the market.

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​​BRUSH MASTER CH4M17 Gas Leaf Shredder​​​

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Key Features of the Best Gas Leaf Shredder by Brush Master

The gas leaf shredder by Brush Master is the best pick because of its amazing features. Find out its key features below and know why we highly recommend this product.

  • 15 Horsepower Engine

This is one of the most prominent features of this machine. As compared to many other brands on the market, this one sports a very powerful engine that has 15 horsepower. This feature makes the BRUSH Master one of the strongest shredders that you can find and definitely the best gas leaf shredder when it comes to power.

The higher the horsepower, the better the engine

The higher the horsepower, the better the engine.

  • 2-Way Self Feed

It has a 2-way self feeder with an oversized top funnel so that it can take the bigger, thicker leaves and twigs from the ground. This oversized funnel can take even 4x3 inches of branches to turn it into useful ¼ inch mulch.

  • High Reduction Rate

It has a relatively high reduction rate of 12:1. This means that for every 1 bag of mulch that was produced by the machine, it was able to save 12 bags of yard waste. Although it’s not as high as other brands, it is already quite good. This is especially good if you are pro-environment and want to reduce the volume of garden waste.

A higher reduction rate means fewer garden bags to fill up

A higher reduction rate means fewer garden bags to fill up.

  • High-Quality Chromium Blade

One of the features that makes it the best gas leaf shredder on the list is its top quality hardened chromium blade. Since the blade is very durable and of top-grade material, the machine only needs one of it to shred yard waste into mulch efficiently. This also means that the blade has a long shelf life. However, you do have to be a bit careful when handling it because it’s very sharp.

  • Centrifugal Clutch

Unlike a lot of other lightweight gas leaf shredders, this one comes with a centrifugal clutch. The centrifugal clutch allows the engine to increase its RPMs due to the centrifugal force generated. Aside from giving the engine more acceleration, it will also help eliminate shock loading. This allows the engine to accelerate smoothly and quietly. With this, the engine is also protected from overloading and clunking down.

The centrifugal clutch gives more acceleration to the motor to provide it with more power

The centrifugal clutch gives more acceleration to the motor to provide it with more power.

4 Best Gas Leaf Shredders (Must-Read!)

Check out the complete list below, as well as read each product’s pros and cons.

Tazz K32 Chipper Shredder

Tazz K32 Chipper Shredder. Via:

The Tazz K32 model is one of the best gas leaf shredders on the market, according to most gas chipper shredder reviews. It has a very powerful Viper engine that is 212cc and is one of the strongest of its kind. It also has the capacity to take branches that are 3 diameters thick. It also comes with an easy to use debris bag.


  • It has a very powerful 212cc Viper engine.
  • It has a gas chipper shredder vacuum has a clean air gate.
  • It has a wide diameter mouth able to take up to 3 inches.
  • It has 11-inch wheels for portability.
  • It has an easy to use Dock and Lock bag connector.


  • It’s quite noisy when you turn it on.

Patriot CSV-3100B 10 Gas Wood Leaf Shredder

Patriot CSV-3100B 10 Gas Wood Leaf Shredder. Via:

The Patriot CSV-3100B Chipper and Shredder is an all-around gas powered leaf blower shredder that makes use of the Briggs and Stratton Vanguard Commercial Power engine. This is a very strong 10 horsepower engine that is both smooth and quiet. It also has a wide diameter mouth able to take in up to 3 inches of branches or twigs.


  • It has a 10 horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine.
  • It has a unique design made by Patriot.
  • It can take branches up to 3 inches in diameter.
  • It has a swinging y-hammer system made by Patriot.
  • It has a side discharge, allowing it to work for long periods of time.


  • The machine can’t take thick branches.

Earthquake 9060300 Chipper Shredder

Earthquake 9060300 Chipper Shredder. Via:

The Earthquake Chipper Shredder is one of the best gas leaf shredders on the list because of its unique and patented dual triangular hammer. Because of this design, the machine ensures high power when mulching. The triangular design can help increase the force of the chipper to make the machine move faster. It also makes use of the Briggs and Stratton engine, which is known for its power.


  • It has a very powerful Briggs and Stratton Engine.
  • It can mulch all kinds of yard waste that are up to 3 inches in diameter.
  • It makes use of heavy-duty hammers.
  • It has a 20:1 reduction rate.
  • It also comes with a bag.


  • It is very pricey as compared to other brands.

BRUSH MASTER CH4M17 Gas Leaf Shredder

BRUSH MASTER CH4M17 Gas Leaf Shredder. Via:

The Brush Master Gas Leaf Shredder has a 15 horsepower heavy-duty engine. It features a 2-way feed with very big funnels that allow big leaves and twigs to fit inside. In fact, it’s able to take chips and wood up to 3x4 diameters. Lastly, it has a high reduction rate of 12:1 making it very eco-friendly.


  • It is a heavy-duty chipper shredder.
  • Its engine has 15 horsepower.
  • It has 16 hammers and 1 hardened chromium steel blade.
  • It has a 2-way self feeder.
  • It can take 3-inch branches or twigs.
  • It is very durable and has a long shelf life.
  • It has a centrifugal clutch designed to protect the engine.
  • Its reduction rate is 12:1.


  • It heats up pretty easily.

Planning to Buy the Best Gas Leaf Shredder? Read the Buying Tips Here!

Buying your first gas powered leaf shredder can be a bit difficult because there are so many brands and so many features that you have to consider. Therefore, it might be hard for you to choose the gas powered leaf shredder mulcher that you really need. For this, you’ll be needing a set of criteria to help you make your decision. Before you go out and purchase your machine, you need to do your homework. To help you out, we took the liberty to research and compile the must-know tips when a buying a leaf shredder.

1. Engine Power

The first thing that you must take into consideration is the engine power of the machine, which is measured in horsepower. This is very important because it shows you how powerful your machine is and how much grass it can mulch in minutes. In general, the higher the horsepower of the gas chipper shredder, the more powerful the machine. Aside from horsepower, some gas powered chippers shredders mulchers are measured in cubic centimeters, but this unit of measurement is more for the lighter models.

2. Fuel Efficiency

Since you’re relying on gas instead of electricity in the electric leaf shredders, then the gas that you’ll buy will be a variable cost when you’re using the machine. So, if you want to save up on money, then you’ll need to buy a machine that doesn’t eat up too much gas. The next time you go to the store and purchase a gas powered wood chipper, check it’s fuel efficiency to see how much gas it consumes per timeframe.

3. Machine Size

The machine size also helps determine whether the shredder is a heavy-duty one or not. Generally, the bigger the machine, the bigger the engine, hence the more power it has (although this may not always be the case). The size that you’ll choose really depends on the type of garden you have. If you have a lot of leaves, twigs, or branches in your garden, then you’ll need a heavy-duty machine. If you have a small garden, then you can just get a small gas powered wood chipper or an electric leaf shredder.

The bigger the machine is, the better the capacity is

The bigger the machine is, the better the capacity is.

4. Mouth Diameter

The mouth diameter is also very important aspect when purchasing a machine. The mouth diameter of the gas chipper shredder determines how much leaves or twigs the machine can take in at a time. If you’re looking for a machine that can take in thick branches or twigs, then you’ll need a gas powered chipper shredder that has a wide mouth diameter.

A machine with a small mouth diameter won’t be able to contain thick twigs

A machine with a small mouth diameter won’t be able to contain thick twigs.

5. Blade Quality

Most gas-powered shredders have blades inside them which are used to shred the leaves until their turn into a mulch. So, when you look for gas powered wood chippers, you must look at the blades. You’ll need high-quality blades in order for your machine to work well. If the blade isn’t high quality, then you’ll have to replace it after just a few months of using. Also, you might want to look at the number of blades inside the chipper. Generally, the more the blades inside, the more efficient the machine is. However, there are exceptions to the rule, especially if the blade used is a top grade type. Machines that have top grade blades won’t need to have so many for them to work well.

6. Reduction Rate

The reduction rate refers to the volume of yard waste that is saved when you use the machine. For example, if we say that a gas powered shredder has a reduction rate of 15:1, it means that per every bag of mulch that was created by the shredder, 15 bags of yard waste was reduced. If you want to be environment-friendly, then get one with a high reduction rate.

7. Freebies

While this may not be such an important criteria to think about, it certainly gives you your money’s worth if you get some freebies along with your purchase. Fortunately, there are a lot of leaf shredders that include a lot of extras such as a tow bar for portability, an extra chipper blade, or a bag to store all your mulch. By taking a look at the freebies that come with your purchase, you won’t have to buy a lot of extra accessories in the future. Checking the freebies is something that you might want to consider when choosing your machine.

8. Brand Reputation

If you want to ensure the quality of your machine, then you have to make sure you buy a reputable brand. While you may want to buy a cheaper but not so well-known brand to save money, you might experience some problems in the future. The not so popular brands don’t have the same reputation as the good brands; hence, you’re not going to be assured of its safety and quality. If you want to buy the best gas leaf shredder, then look for the best brands with the best reviews.

The better the brand, the greater the chances of getting a high-quality leaf shredder

The better the brand, the greater the chances of getting a high-quality leaf shredder.

9. Price

The last thing that you have to take into consideration when buying a gas wood chipper is the price. As mentioned earlier, cheap price doesn’t always mean good. If it’s too cheap, you may want to think twice as to why it’s too cheap in the first place. The best way to go about is to create a budget based on a benchmark the market price of an average gas powered chipper. You can use the average price of several brands that you choose as your benchmark price when deciding your budget.


When it comes to looking for the best gas leaf shredder for your garden, you shouldn’t settle for the second-best. Immediately take the one that suits your needs the best. It’s definitely understandable if you have a hard time picking the right one because there are just so many available models and brands out there. Hopefully, our top 4 choices can help you narrow your choices so that you won’t have to go through so many brands. We also hope that our short buying guide can give you an idea of what to look for in the best gas leaf shredder. This’ll also help you avoid buying any leaf shredder that the salesperson will throw at you.

With a really good machine, you’ll have a lot of mulch to feed to your garden

With a really good machine, you’ll have a lot of mulch to feed to your garden.

If you enjoyed reading our complete review on the best gas leaf shredder, then you might enjoy our other garden tools reviews as well. Check out our comprehensive reviews on the best chipper shredders and the best leaf mulcher vacuums. Also, don’t forget to share! Happy Gardening!

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