Useful Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Lawn Mower Working for Long Years

From annual to the gas-powered to the self-propelled ones, buying the right lawn mower for your lawn has everything to do with the lawn size and your budget. Though people usually look for the performance, durability, and convenience while buying the mowers, still, the size of the lawn and their budget have a bigger impact on their final choice of the lawn mower. You need the right push lawn mower to make your garden look beautiful and pleasing. It is really important to keep your lawn mower working. You need to follow a few maintenance tips that can prevent the early death of your machine.

Read the Manual

Once you have bought the best push lawn mower according to your budget, the first thing you need to do is read its manual. If you wish to make it run for long and be a happy customer, the manual can be your good friend. It helps you to know about the mower in a better way and learn it functioning as well.

Check the Spark Plug

You need a good spark plug to make your lawn mower run properly. A loose or a dirty spark plug will make the lawn mower run choppily. It will waste a lot of fuel to start and will chew your grass rather than cutting it smoothly. If your spark plug is burnt, the mower will not start.

In every spring, you can pull off your push lawn mower spark plug wire and remove the spark plug. Check out the signs of corrosion or dirt. You can even spray the brake cleaner on the plugin and let it dry for few minutes. If you find the corrosion, you can replace it with a new plug.

Change the Oil

Your push lawn mower needs oil change just like the cars. The spring season is the perfect time to change the oil. You can keep the mower’s engine protected by changing the oil after 50 hours of use or at least once a year.

Make sure you are using the right type of oil for the mower. While changing the oil, don’t forget to disconnect the spark plug wire so it cannot start accidentally. Drain the mower’s oil in a container and replace it with new oil.

Replace the Air Filter.

If the air filter of your push lawn mower is clogged or dirty, it will put an additional strain on the engine which will affect its efficiency. Make your mower breathe easy by changing its air filter in every spring season.

Disconnect the spark plug wire first. Now, remove the filter cover, clean the foam pre-filter, and then replace the paper air filter. Finally, replace the filter cover and reconnect the spark plug wire.

Sharpen the Blade

The blades of your mower endure a great deal of strain, all thanks to the large branches, rocks, and other hidden objects. A dull or blunt blade will tear the grass rather than providing it a smooth cut. You may sharpen its blades with a metal file or vice, but it is not recommended to the novice people. You always have an option to go to the mower repair shop to sharpen the blades for a small fee.

Clean the Deck

The underside or the deck of your push lawn mower might get clogged with debris and grass. This might interfere with its capability to deliver optimal performance and will also lead to corrosion. The dirty mower deck might be a vector to spread the plant disease in your garden. It is recommended to clean the mower’s deck in every spring.You can clean the deck by spraying the garden hose on the underside of your mower. Use soapy water and brush for removing the debris or any other dirt.

Get a Professional Tuneup

Getting a professional tuneup of your push lawn mower is a great way to ensure its good performance in the mowing season. The mower repair shop will drain its old gas, replace the spark plug and air filter, and will also perform few basic diagnostic tests for maximizing its performance.

The Bottom Line

It is really important to maintain your lawn mower nicely so that it can see at least few springs with you. Maintaining the mower ensures that it doesn’t die an early death. An ideal mower can run optimally for 10-12 mowing seasons if maintained every year. So, if you wish to get the best performance from your mower, follow the above-mentioned maintenance tips and enhance its life.

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Useful Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Lawn Mower Working for Long Years
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