Best Lawn Tractor For Hills 2018: Product Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Know the pros and cons of the 5 best lawn tractors of 2018 and choose your own best lawn tractor for an efficient, clean, and picture-perfect hilly lawn.

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Having a hilly type of yard looks attractive; it gives your area an awe-inspiring kind of landscape that surely attracts visitors and neighbors. However, mowing hill yards is not a piece of cake for every person who owns this kind of terrain. You need to use a specialized lawn tractor that can bare the difficulties and can maneuver amidst the slopes and bumps.

As a matter of fact, slopes above 15 degrees might be tough for most lawn mowers. The good news for you is that there are already reasonable and high-quality lawn tractors that are equipped with functions and features that are excellent for a hilly terrain. This 5 best lawn tractor for hills product list is provided to help you choose the best tractor for your lawn needs.

Cutting of lawn grass is an important task to maintain cleanliness in the yard

Cutting of lawn grass is an important task to maintain cleanliness in the yard

Buyer’s Guide When Choosing The Best Lawn Tractor For Hills

Too excited to get to know the best lawn tractors for hills? Read the guidelines below first so that you will know the important factors to consider before purchasing the best lawn tractor for hills.

Rear wheel drive tractors have the best traction when they are used on hills as compared to the other types

Rear wheel drive tractors have the best traction when they are used on hills as compared to the other types

1. Wheel Drive System

The first thing that you need to consider before buying a lawn mower or tractor is the wheel drive system. Rear-wheel drive tractors are a preferable type of lawn mowers. They can give a high-quality performance on hills. The rear wheel drive tractors offer better balance as compared to the front-wheel drive tractors.

2. Ease

Mowing a hill, especially the steep ones, requires physical strength. Thus, prioritizing ease or comfort is necessary. The areas that you need to check to achieve great comfort while mowing includes the position of the control panels and other things that you need to manipulate while mowing.

3. Engine

The efficiency of a lawn tractor can be evaluated through its engine. Generally, a twin cylinder engine works faster than the single cylinder. Aside from that, the former also produces less noise as compared to the latter.

4. Tires

Considering the tires for hills do matter a lot when you think about manipulation. Wider tires, in general, may give you a good grip. Aside from that, it also covers a wider area of land while you do the mowing.

5. User-Friendly

Your lawn tractor ought to make mowing easier for you, not to give you harder time in doing it. Thus, the lawn tractor that you will choose must be easy to manipulate and must provide you with all the functions that you need in mowing.

6. Price

Choosing the most reasonable lawn tractor is a normal point to set. However, you have to make sure that the lawn tractor provides you with the most important features. Basically, the lawn tractors that offer a lot of features are usually the expensive ones. On the other hand, there are also some that provide the most important features only with their affordable price.

Why Should We Choose The Best Lawn Tractor For Hills?

Obviously, getting to know the best lawn tractor for your hilly yard gives you several benefits. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Using the best lawn tractor that is specifically designed for hills will help you save money. This will help you avoid spending too much time and money in having the wrong lawn tractor for your garden landscape. There are a lot of tractors out there, but not all of them are suitable for hills. Also, lawn tractors are usually quite pricey. Of course, you want a tractor that is worth the money you’ll spend, right?
  • Using the wrong ones will just give you frustration and disappointment, not to mention you time would be wasted. Instead of spending your time mowing the lawn, you might be doing more tractor repair tasks if you end up having the wrong type of tractor.
  • For safety purposes, use the right type of tractor for your hilly lawn. Slopes and bumps may seem harmless, but when you are using a powerful engine like a lawn tractor, extra precautions have to be followed. Ordinary tractors are difficult to maneuver on hills; hence, they may cause accidents if the user can’t control the tool while mowing.
  • Moreover, every person always aims for the best product on the market— the kind of product that is efficient, ergonomic, and versatile. So, that gives you the reason to choose the best lawn tractor of this year.

Top 5 Best Lawn Tractor For Hills 2018 For The Money

So, let us now get to know the 5 best lawn tractors for hills of 2018!

Troy-Bilt TB330 Self-Propelled Lawnmower

Troy-Bilt TB330 Self-Propelled Lawnmower. Via:

Featuring a rear wheel self-propelled drive system that ensures a better traction, Troy-Bilt TB330 also has a dual lever and variable speed selection that give you an exact speed control. Not just that, it comes with an easy raise and lower cutting height with a height adjuster of single-lever. Another feature that adds to its versatility is its ability to side discharge, mulch, and even bag. Needless to say, this type of lawn tractor can satisfy you and your yard of any type.


  • It has a TriAction Cutting System with integrated premium deck wash that makes each cut clean and even by just one pass.
  • It comes with a 3-in-1 side discharge, mulch, or rear bag.
  • It has a single-lever that adjusts cutting height of front or rear wheels.
  • It comes with a variable speed drive control with four top speed settings to give you comfort and control by driving at your own pace.
  • It has a 1.9 bushel grass catcher.
  • It features 8” front and 8” rear wheels that give you a great maneuverability, especially on uneven terrain.


  • It lacks one bolt and nut to hold the handle together.
  • This can be a little bit heavy.

Husqvarna 961450021 Hi-Wheel Mower

Husqvarna 961450021 Hi-Wheel Mower. Via:

This is one of the ergonomic products of Husqvarna Lawn Mowers. It has an easy-starting engine and powder coated cutting decks that ensure a quality result. This lawn tractor is supported by a great 190cc Honda GCV190 four-cycle engine. Its 22-inch powder-coated cutting deck can be expected to last for years.


  • It has a powerful and easy starting.
  • Its 4x4 drive rear Hi-wheel, which is designed only for Husqvarna products. It offers a great performance in all types of grass or terrain.
  • Its fuel efficiency is supported by an overhead valve or OHV.
  • It can work well even on wet grass.
  • It has a large dust blocking bag to reduce dust from bagging.
  • It can side discharge, mulch, or bag the grass.


  • The small gaps between the mower and the bagging system make the cut grass go directly on top of the mower.
  • This can be tough to pull backwards from specific spots.

Honda HRX217K5VKA Lawn Mower

Honda HRX217K5VKA Lawn Mower. Via:

This is another high-quality product from Honda. This lawn tractor can easily be adjusted and versatile enough to let you bag, shred, mulch, or discharge the leaves. It can also help you mulch and discharge at the same time without the need to attach any other tools.


  • It has an easy-starting and efficient engine that can serve you greatly for years.
  • The speed is easy to adjust by rotating the speed adjust dial.
  • Its Versamow’s system can help you discharge, mulch, bag, or shred leaves.
  • You may much or bag at the same time through its Clip Director knob, which allows you to choose how much grass is mulched or bagged without the need of other tools.
  • It uses a twin blade MicroCut System that features four cutting surfaces that give a perfectly fine cut.
  • Its 21-inch deck is made of NeXite, which is known as a high impact resistant material-- no dent, rust, or corrosion.


  • The engine is slightly larger as compared to the other lawn tractor.
  • The engine may surge even at the beginning.

Snapper 12AVB2A2707 Gas-Powered Mower

Snapper 12AVB2A2707 Gas-Powered Mower. Via:

Snapper 21” is a self-propelled, gas-powered engine that can also side discharge, mulch, and bag. It also got its dual-lever height adjustment with 6 cutting positions. This premium product works well on a hilly, flat, or uneven landscape terrain with its front-wheel drive system and 11” rear wheels. Its easy-starting engine is supported by the advanced 163cc Briggs & Stratton OHV 725EXi Series Engine. This features ReadyStart, no choke, and no prime system. What’s more, you never have to change oil; you just need to check and add regularly.


  • It works best in yards of different sizes and types especially steep hills.
  • It lets you maneuver easily and quickly.
  • It gives you three options in your cut finish: mulch, bag, or side discharge.
  • Its variable speed front wheel drive gives you the option to mow in your own pace.
  • Its adjustable and ergonomic handle gives you comfort.
  • It has a deck wash-out port. This helps keep the mower clean through its garden hose.
  • It also has a mulch plug that helps put nutrients back into the soil.


  • The side discharge may get clogged up easily.
  • It is not provided with a drain plug.
  • The bag can only be filled about ½ full.

Snapper P2185020E Self-Propelled Lawn Mower with Electric Start Option

Snapper P2185020E Self-Propelled Lawn Mower with Electric Start Option. Via:

This Snapper push lawn mower has an electric-start. It comes with HI VAC mower deck that has a vacuum like suction that efficiently cuts and bags your grass. It also features its rear wheel drive system with high 10” rear wheels for great traction on hills and thick grass. Additionally, the trusted Briggs and Stratton series OHV engine offers you high-quality features.


  • It utilizes Brigg and Stratton 850 professional series engine with read to start system without priming or choking.
  • Its rear-wheel drive improves walk-behind traction when mowing.
  • Its smooth-turn differential ensures an easy maneuverability. This ensures that your grass will not be damaged during the mowing activity.
  • It has a HI VAC deck that efficiently cuts and sucks up grass clippings or debris for a clean perfect finish.
  • Its versatility includes its 3-in-1 capability: side discharge, bag, and mulch.
  • Its easy to use adjustments handles helpsyou change the height of cuts easily.


  • The bag is quite thin.
  • Assembling the battery may be difficult.

Final Verdict

Apparently, these 5 lawn tractors are worthy to be included on the top 5 best lawn tractors for hills list of this year. Considering each of the tractors’ pros, cons, and versatility, it’s hard to choose the one that overpowers the others since all of them are capable enough to satisfy the users. However, because it’s impossible to have all of them, the most preferable one for me is the Troy-Bilt TB330. Compared to the other tractors, Troy-Bilt TB330 got the highest rating. What’s more, it cannot be denied that the product’s advantages outweighs its disadvantages which are also considerable. So, considering efficiency and versatility, I choose Troy-Bilt TB330 as the best lawn tractor for hill this year.

What about your own choice? If you find it hard to choose, then share this article with a friend and get ideas from them to finally choose the best lawn tractor for hill for your lawn! Thanks for reading!

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