Best Grow Tent Reviews For 2017

With soil-less technology and best grow tent, you can have your own garden in your garage, basement, or any space in the convenience of your home.

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A grow tent is a smart solution to growing your own indoor garden. It is a light proof tent that is black on the outside and lined with reflective material on the inside. The reflective material is utilized to efficiently light the inside of the tent.

Grow tents are usually paired with a hydroponics system. They allow you to fully customize the environment that your plants will grow in; this includes location, temperature, humidity, and light intensity.

The tents are very convenient to use because they are portable, washable, durable, lightweight, waterproof, lightproof, and come in a wide array of shapes and sizes.


The Best Grow Tents Available On The Market

1. iPower GLTENTXL1 Hydroponic Grow Tent

iPower GLTENTXL1 Hydroponic Grow Tent

This hydroponic grow tent manufactured by iPower is considered by many as the best grow tent in the market.

It has a metal push-lock corners and has a Mylar floor tray that is removable. This tent is ideal for growing exotic herbs and seasonal fruits at the comfort of your own home.


  • Highly Reflective. Mylar lining and floor tray increase the intensity of your grow lights and helps retain heat.
  • High Quality. The thick tent material is reinforced by metal poles which ensure stability and security. It has heavy-duty zippers and double stitching which are durable and good for long-lasting use.
  • Durable. This grow tent provides heavy duty performance with 5mm three ply construction and a 95% reflective Mylar interior.
  • Water-Resistant. It is water-resistant with a removable Mylar tray which enables you to easily clean the tent.
  • Excellent Customer Service. The grow tent comes with one year warranty.
  • Easy Installation. You need not worry about not being able to assemble the tent as it is easy and convenient.


  • Heavy. The grow tent weighs 39 pounds with a shipping weight of 40.3 pounds.
  • Price: The grow tent is priced at an average a little bit expensive.
  • Problem with Rope Ratchets. A few customers have problem with its rope ratchets.
  • Bent Metal. In some instances, the manner of delivery can seriously affect the condition of the product. Some items that are delivered have reportedly contain bent metal pieces.

2. Apollo Grow Tent 48”x48”x80”


The Apollo Horticulture Grow Tent comes with reflective tear proof Mylar lining, heavy duty zippers, and double stitching to ensure light protection.

The package contains:

  • 1 Apollo Grow Tent measuring 48”x48”x80.”
  • 1 Instructional Brochure
  • 2 Filter Straps
  • 1 Removable Mylar Floor Tray


  • Highly Reflective. Mylar lining and floor tray increase the intensity of your grow lights and helps retain heat.
  • Easy to Assemble. It comes with an easy to understand instructional pamphlet.
  • Excellent Customer Service. The grow tent comes with a 90-day warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.


  • Leaks. Some customers reported that their grow tent was prone to leaks.
  • Bad Design. Flaws in the design result in light leaking out.

3. Apollo Horticulture 48”x24”x60” Grow Tent


This Apollo Horticulture is a smaller version of another bestselling Apollo grow tent listed earlier. It has one of the best material and has consistent performance; hence, it’s not a surprise why many considered one of the best grow tents available.

Plus, it is fully equipped with the complete package, giving you more than you could ask from a hydroponic grow tent.


  • Very Good Design. It has, more or less, the same exterior design with other Apollo grow tent, but what makes it incredible is that it’s design is specifically built for heavy duty garden.
  • High Quality & Durable. This grow tent is worth your money. It uses 1680D and is currently the thickest fabric in the grow tent market. It also has very sturdy all steel hardware and a 100% ;ight-proofing, perfect for indoor gardens.
  • Proven Efficiency. It has a reflective film which is made from Mylar, making it tear-proof. Because of the impressive reflective feature, it has the ability to return up to 97% bulb light to your plants.
  • Affordability. The quality is first-rate with average price.


  • Zipper Problem. Unfortunately, some of the products delivered to customers have defect in the zipper area.
  • Light Leak. Due to the zipper problem, the natural light from the sun can get inside the tent.

4. Apollo Horticulture 60”x60”x80” Hydroponic Grow Tent


It is one of the best grow tents available and has been engineered with utmost precision to allow maximum light and heat control. This large Apollo grow tent is ideal for people who plan to plant more herbs and vegetables inside the house.


  • Easy and Quick to Assemble. This Apollo grow tent is very easy to assemble.
  • Heavy Duty Tubes. It features sturdy, heavy duty tubes for maximum durability. It also has metal frame poles that secure your tents.
  • Customer Recommended. A lot of its customers are very satisfied and contented with its performance, saying the quality and efficiency is worth the high price.
  • Excellent Customer Service. Just like any other Apollo grow tent, it has 90-day warranty and 30-day money back guarantee. But with a grow tent this reliable, you would be more than happy to keep it.


  • Heavy. With a massive space inside, it garnered a total of 38.1 both item and shipping weight.

5. Apollo Horticulture 36”x36”x72” Grow Tent


If you are looking for the best grow tent which lots of vertical space, then this Apollo 36”x36”x72” grow tent is the perfect choice.

It comes with a Mylar Floor tray which is removable and two filter straps. This grow tent is ideal for growing herbs and other edibles that may grow about 72 inches.


  • Easy, tool-free assembly. The product is easy to assemble and is suitable for beginners. Thanks to its instructional pamphlet included inside, you can easily assemble the pieces.
  • Price. One of the cheapest options in the market. As compared to other brands with the same size, this is the most affordable one. You can already own this amazing grow tent for a cheap price.
  • Lightweight. The grow tent weighs only 23.35 pounds. It is much lighter as compared to the other Apollo grow tents which usually weigh 30 pounds and above.


  • Zipper Issues. Just like the 48”x24”x60” Grow Tent, some customers also reported that they receive a faulty zipper even before they use the product.
  • Not Lightproof. The material used doesn’t control light as much as the previously mentioned grow tents in the list. There is also the issue of light leaks; however, several customers express they haven’t had such problem.


Hydroponics is the term used to describe soil-less indoor gardening. Unlike in conventional gardening, the plant is usually grown in a container of water in a controlled indoor environment.

The Advantages of hydroponic gardening include:

  • Sterile environment- no pests, diseases, and weeds that are typically common from soil
  • Less space, more plants- because of the controlled environment, you can grow more plants in tighter spaces
  • Optimal conditions- controlled environment gives you the freedom to grow your plants under optimal conditions

A large hydroponic garden with fans and adequate lighting.

Gardening In Grow Tents

When choosing and setting up the best grow tent for you needs, you should take the following factors into consideration:

1. Choose A Good Location

Location is the key. You will need to choose a place that will be dedicated to nothing but your grow tent and your gardening accessories for several months. The area should have access to adequate power and running water.

Also, you need to make sure that the location is somewhere that is near and convenient enough to visit regularly.

Also, you should make sure that the space allocated has some allowance for your equipment.


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2. Check The Quality

When choosing the best grow tent for your hydroponics, check the quality of the tent. Make sure that it is well-designed, from a reputable brand, and highly recommended.

Pay attention to the zipper and avoid cheap tents. Take note of the thickness of the exterior material.

Usually, the thicker it is, the more light-tight it will be. The difference between a cheap tent and a good tent could spell the difference with your plant's health.

3. Read The Instructions

When assembling your grow tent, be sure to follow the instructions. Some people might want to try and wing it, but this isn't recommended at all.

If your tent is not set up properly, your plants could die. Be sure that all of the settings are followed to ensure that your plants will be growing in an optimal environment.


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4. Invest In Good Lighting

Get a lighting fixture that matches the size of your tent and its cooling abilities. An under-lit grow tent will underperform while an over-lit grow tent can easily kill all of your plants inside. The basic rule of thumb is the larger the lamp, the more cooling is required.

5. Make Use Of Meters

Buy a thermometer and a humidity meter. You will regularly need to check both the temperature and the level of humidity if you want your hydroponic plants to thrive.

The thermometer will be able to measure the heat produced by your light and tell you if your cooling is enough.

The humidity levels must also be maintained; if it's too high, mold will grow, but if it's too low, the plants could die of dehydration or spider mite infestation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Grow Tents:

  • 1. Do I need a grow tent?

You will need a grow tent if you plan to engage in indoor gardening, most particularly with soil-less hydroponic gardening. If you do not plan to have an indoor garden, you will not need a grow tent.

  • 2. Can I only use it for hydroponic gardening?

No. Although most people buy a grow tent specifically because they will grow plants hydroponically, you can always opt to grow plants the traditional way with soil indoors. However, they were made to function optimally with a hydroponic set.

  • 3. Are indoor plants grown in a grow tent superior to outdoor plants?

It depends if you live in a location that is conducive to growing your own plants and crops, then outdoor plant growing would be ideal.


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However, if you don’t have the space for it, and the weather where you’re located isn’t ideal for growing crops, indoor plants grown in a grow tent would be superior.

  • 4. Why would I need an indoor garden?

When space is limited, or the weather conditions or the climate outdoors is not conducive to plant development, you would need an indoor garden.

  • 5. What are the benefits of having an indoor garden and a grow tent?

The benefits of an indoor garden and a grow tent include a controlled environment with optimal conditions, sterile setting, and you can have more plants in a smaller space.

  • 6. Do I have to spend a lot of money on a grow tent?

It depends on your needs, but generally, you get what you pay for. If you are serious about indoor gardening, it would be a good idea to invest in a high-quality grow tent.


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  • 7. Can I still have an indoor garden without a grow tent?

You could try growing an indoor garden without a grow tent, but the plants would not grow as well because the grow tent would give them an optimal environment.

  • 8. Which grow tent is right for me?

Assess your needs. The best grow tent for you will depend on your individual needs.Choose one that suits the space and the budget you have.

Pick one that has good reviews and is easy to set up. Make sure to follow all of the instructions, read tutorials and ask for help from experts.


Grow tents are essential if you want to have your own indoor hydroponic garden. Not all grow tents were created equal. Buy the best grow tent for your needs. Be sure to invest in one that is sturdy, durable, top rated, user-friendly, with good customer service.

Measure your space well and plan accordingly. Grow tents and hydroponic gardening may require a lot of work initially, but if done properly, you will be able to grow beautiful and healthy plants anywhere in your home!

Have you tried hydroponics before? Which grow tent did you use? We love to know your story, so feel free to comment and share!

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