Not sure what is the best leaf blower with vacuum to buy? Check out our recommended product below!

Among the best leaf blower with vacuum, we highly recommend the Toro 51619 Corded Ultra Blower/Vac.

Toro 51619 Blower & Vacuum has an adjustable airspeed control, which is great for the ultimate control of the machine during yard cleanup. With a compact design and ergonomically engineered body, it packs a stunning airspeed of 250 mph.

Moreover, the Toro company has even invested in testing various other products in a controlled setting, and its Ultra Blower/Vac has outperformed the rest. With all the features this machine has, what you get for its price is beyond expectations.

Fall is the season where you have to clean your yards more often, making blowers a handy tool

Fall is the season where you have to clean your yards more often, making blowers a handy tool.

Quick Comparison: 5 Best Leaf Blowers With Vacuum

If you want to compare our recommendation with the rest of the best leaf blower with vacuum on the list, here’s a quick table guide for you:








Toro Corded Ultra Blower/Vac

​​Toro Corded Ultra Blower/Vac​​​

Editor’s Choice


Black+Decker Electric Blower/Vac

​​Black+Decker Electric Blower/Vac​​​


Greenworks Cordless Blower Vacuum

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Worx All-in-One Electric Blower

​​Worx All-in-One Electric Blower​​​


Best Partner Electric Vacuum

​​Best Partner Electric Vacuum​​​

Top 5 Best Leaf Blowers With Vacuum Reviews

To elaborate more on the quick comparison table, we have provided you with an in-depth review of all the best leaf blower with vacuum on the market today. All the top 5 products have been tested by homeowners and gardeners. To help you skip all the confusing choices with all the wide array of blowers available for sale, this review will help you guide which product has the best value for your money.

#1 Toro Corded Ultra Blower/Vac

Toro Corded Ultra Blower/Vac

Toro Corded Ultra Blower/Vac. Via:

On the top of our list for the best leaf blower with vacuum is naturally our recommended product. Aside from the key features we have discussed beforehand, this product can be your greatest buy. From its previous versions, this particular product has been upgraded to a new and bigger metal impeller to help you mulch better and faster. Since this is an electric and corded machine, it comes with a handy wire lock to get the cord kept nicely while cleaning up your yard and while keeping it away.

The Toro Corded Ultra Blower/Vac comes with a handy fabric tote for safe keeping. You can simply out the product in it and store it safely in your garage. It also features a Quick-Release latch to swiftly switch from a blower right into a vacuum. It has an air volume of 410 CFM, 12 amps of motor, and a 2-year warranty.


  • The handles on the machine are ergonomically designed to provide you with comfortable hand positions while cleaning.
  • The airspeed of the blower can help clean you up large yards for just less than 5 minutes.
  • Assembly is not necessarily needed since the product comes ready to use.
  • The machine rarely clogs up except with medium sized acorns laying around.
  • The 3-in-1 feature of the product makes it highly affordable.
  • It is long-lasting, and the metal impeller does not rust easily.


  • The bag or the collector may drag along while cleaning.
  • Despite the cord lock, a few reconnecting of the cord is still needed.

#2 Black+Decker Electric Blower/Vac

Black+Decker Electric Blower/Vac

Black+Decker Electric Blower/Vac. Via:

Another product you can purchase is the Black+Decker Electric Leaf Blower/Vac. Like the Toro variant, it also comes with 3 modes, namely the blower, vacuum, and mulching. These features help you have a garden leaf blower and garden leaf vacuum without buying one product for each purpose. Being electric, it does not need any type of gas and/or battery. It is corded, which means that if you have large yards, you will definitely need longer cord extensions.

The product has 2-speed variable options, a maximum speed of 250 mph, a maximum air volume of 400 CFM, and a motor with 12 amps. For its mulching capabilities, it can reduce your 16 bags of debris to one bag of mulch. This can extremely help you save time and space if you are cleaning a fairly large yard. It weighs approximately 9 pounds and has a height of 15.6 inches.


  • The metal chopper in the product creates a good job with both dry and wet leaves.
  • Accidentally sucking up small twigs is not a problem and won’t slow down your machine.
  • The nozzle is quite large, which sucks more leaves faster but be careful when using it around children.
  • It cleans up fast no matter what size your yards are.
  • This 3-in-1 product is a cheaper alternative that does its intended purpose well.


  • Due to the larger sized nozzle, it may suck up the soil and other unintended debris, which may create a mess and clog it up.
  • The bag that comes with the product does not hold as much volume as expected.
  • If you like variability, the 2 airspeed options can be handy but might not be enough.

#3 Greenworks Cordless Blower Vacuum

Greenworks Cordless Blower Vacuum

Greenworks Cordless Blower Vacuum. Via:

This product on our list is different from the rest because it is a cordless leaf blower and vacuum. The cordless variation of this product means that it only needs a fully charged battery to run. No more hassle from cords or filling up with gas.

In addition, it has a quick electric start. For a fully charged battery, you can have undisturbed 60 minutes of running time.

The Greenworks Cordless Blower Vacuum has a brushless motor, which makes it last longer, less wear and tear, and a longer running time. It has a maximum speed of 185 mph and a voltage of 40V. The speed options in this product are also adjustable until 10 various choices. The product is only compatible with Greenworks exclusive battery and charging unit.


  • With the fast assembly and cordless feature, this can be a great choice for starters and smaller yards.
  • It has enough power to suck in wet leaves.
  • Among other battery-powered blowers and vacuums, this product has the most powerful motor and highest airspeed.
  • The product is surprisingly light despite having batteries.
  • It has reduced noise and vibration when used.
  • By far, it is the most environment-friendly blower/vacuum on the list.


  • The batteries can drain faster when using both blower and vacuum as compared to selecting one mode only.
  • This product is too expensive that we don’t recommend this to average homeowners.

#4 Worx All-in-One Electric Blower

Worx All-in-One Electric Blower

Worx All-in-One Electric Blower. Via:

Another garden leaf collector on our list is the Worx All-in-One Electric Blower. Like the previous products, it also is a 3-in-1 product, hence the product name. You can use it as a garden leaf blower, garden leaf vacuum, or as a mulching tool. This is the only product on the list with an angled nozzle, which makes reaching hard and tight spots easier. It is also ergonomically designed to promote a one-hand operation.

It weighs approximately 8.4 lbs, making it lightweight. It has a maximum airspeed of 210 mph, the maximum air volume of 350 CFM, and a mulching ratio of 10:1.


  • Compared to other products, this is the most comfortable to use without too much strain.
  • It has an adjustable speed option, which can be used over flower beds.
  • It takes less than a minute to assemble.
  • Its compact design is great for storing it away in your garage.
  • You can simply switch between blower and vacuum in swift seconds even during use.


  • This is expensive.
  • With its specs, it is only good for small to medium yards.

#5 Best Partner Electric Vacuum

Best Partner Electric Vacuum

Best Partner Electric Vacuum. Via:

The last product on our list is the Best Partner Electric Vacuum. It is a corded vacuum, blower, or mulcher. It has a 2-speed option for both vacuum and blower mode. This garden leaf collector has a very simple design, which makes it highly user-friendly and easy to operate and store. Its mulching ability gives you a ration of 16:1.

It approximately weighs 4.5 lbs, which is pretty lightweight for being a 3-in-1 product. It has a voltage of 120V, 12 amp motor, and maximum airspeed of 200 mph.


  • Its weight is perfect for older people or teens to use around the yard.
  • It can handle wet and dry leaves perfectly.
  • You can switch between each mode easily without choking the machine.
  • It packs with power despite its weight and size.
  • This can be a great product for starters.


  • The bag does not attach well.
  • The mulch may blow up the bag.
  • You may have to frequently unclog during use.

Why We Choose Toro 51619 Ultra Blower Vacuum?

The Toro 51619 Corded Ultra Blower/Vac would not be the best leaf blower with vacuum for nothing. We recommend this compact beast because of its price point and amazing key features.

Garden leaf vacuums are essential too if you want to keep them directly in bags

best leaf blower with vacuum is essential too if you want to keep them directly in bags.

  • It has an essential 3-in-1 feature.

Nothing beats a deal with good performing versatile products. The Toro 51619 Ultra has three functions that allow you to blow your leaves off a pile, vacuum leaves directly, or turn your leaves into mulch. With all these features, it allows you to clean up using one compact product.

  • Its speed variables are amazing.

This product has a maximum airspeed of 250 mph, but it has speed adjustment features to help you control it at your own pace. With this, you don’t need to struggle with controlling the machine if the airspeed is too much.

  • The mulched debris is reduced up to 88%.

If you choose to use the mulching option of the product, it reduces the debris up to 88% or reduced to less than a half of an inch. This is a great feature since you don’t have to empty your bag as often and can actually save time.

  • It is a compact beast.

With all the features that Toro 51619 Corded Ultra Blower/Vac has, it is surprisingly very compact and easy to store. It packs a lot of power in a body that is far from bulky. With an approximate length of 9 inches and just a weight of 8.5 pounds, this small compact machine sure has an impressive power.

How to Choose the Best Leaf Blower for Your Lawn

Leaf blowers come in different kinds, and each is fairly different. Although they may serve the same purpose, the right kind of leaf blower can still vary depending on your needs. To help you out, here’s a quick buying guide for the different types of blowers:

Lightweight blowers are safe for children but adult supervision is still needed

Lightweight blowers are safe for children but adult supervision is still needed.

  • Light Duty Electric Blower

This type is best for clearing up driveways or decks. It may not be good for yard cleanups due to its limited power. However, it is the quietest leaf blower.

Some electric leaf blowers can be held one-handed with more power than the light-duty variants

Some electric leaf blowers can be held one-handed with more power than the light-duty variants.

  • Heavy-Duty Electric Blower

Most of the best electric leaf blower and vacuum comes with a mulching option, which makes it great for lawn use. However, since most of it is corded, you need a long extension cord to go around your yard. This is a step-up from the light-duty blowers but cheaper than gas-powered ones.

  • Handheld Gas Blower

This noisier and heavier option is great for large yards that corded options can’t reach anymore. These are more expensive and require knowledge of how to mix gasoline and oils to make it work correctly. Also, most handheld gas blowers don’t have a vacuum or mulcher option.

This is a backpack gas blower. Earmuffs may be needed to help cancel out the extreme noise

This is a backpack gas blower. Earmuffs may be needed to help cancel out the extreme noise.

  • Backpack Gas Blower

These are the heaviest and most expensive blowers but pack the most power. This is only great for yards measuring up to several acres. These have hybrid options for a quieter and more environment-friendly option.

Smaller leaf blowers are only essential for small cleanups in the driveway or sidewalks

Smaller leaf blowers are only essential for small cleanups in the driveway or sidewalks.


Cleaning up your yard and garden can be time-consuming, but with the help of the best leaf blower with vacuum, you will have your working time reduced by half. After a thorough review of all the 5 products on the list, Toro 51619 Corded Ultra Blower/Vac is the best buy for your money. Not only is it powerful enough to reduce your yard cleanup time in half, it is also the most affordable and best value garden blower/vacuum on the list.

If you garden has a lot of leaves lying around, then it’s recommended that you buy a leaf shredder or leaf mulcher vacuum to turn leaves into mulch and use it for your flower bed. Why buy commercial mulch when you can make your own, right? So, go ahead and check out our reviews before buying them!

If this leaf blower with vacuum review is helpful, feel free to share it with your family and friends to help them out too!

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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