4 Types of Lawn Roller – Why Do You Need To Buy One?

There are a variety of ways you can make your garden even more attractive and eye-catching. Designing your garden can be done with a variety of clever combinations such as using patio furniture, garden furniture, fountains, a little statue, garden art, canopies, pergolas, gazebos and much more.

Use a lawn roller to make a well-leveled lawn

Use a lawn roller to make a well-leveled lawn

Remember that a well-decorated lawn can provide you relaxation, comfort, and a cool and breezy environment. It can even accentuate the beauty of your home. However, you should know that it is not just having a good outdoor garden décor and few designing techniques that make all these things happen.


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Sometimes, you need to exert more effort like flattening your lawn. After all, a well-maintained and perfectly leveled lawn is much more appealing and attractive. Know why use a lawn roller and its benefits.

What is a Lawn Roller?

A lawn roller is a device which is specially tailored to even out unusual curves on your lawn. This is also utilized when freeze heaves vacate your lawn with bumpy surfaces. There are instances that rodent burrows make shallow holes which are not appealing to look at. It can also be an indispensable tool which you can utilize in landscaping application wherein new soils are needed.

A lawn roller in the garden

A lawn roller in the garden

What are The Different Types of Lawn Roller?

There are several types of lawn roller available which vary from heavy to light ones. Know each one of them and choose what suits your needs.

1. Plastic Lawn Roller

If you are looking for a cheap and ideal option for short-term use, then plastic lawn roller is the perfect alternative for you. Since they are not that durable, they are great for light jobs and smaller yards only. Don’t try to use this for tough jobs, though because it will not do its job well.

2. Poly Lawn Roller

This type of lawn roller is created out of a special kind of plastic and is more durable than the plastic roller. It is typically filled with water or sand which add weight to this model, boosting up its density of compaction particularly when it is being rolled. Its contents could be drained after your work, making it easier for you to move and keep them after use.

Tractor leveling soccer field grass using heavy metal lawn roller

Tractor leveling soccer field grass using heavy metal lawn roller

Furthermore, it can be utilized in bigger areas and is considered to be the best option in preparing your flower beds or lawn. It is resistant to rust too. This simply means that you can use them even in wet places without affecting its performance and material.

3. Steel Lawn Rollers

As what the name suggests, it is made from steel. Hence, you can expect it to be durable and efficient. Steel is another type of heavy metal, allowing this device to exert extreme pressure while obtaining higher degrees of flattening. But the thing is, you need to put effort on the transportation and needed work.

4. Concrete Lawn Rollers

Lastly, concrete lawn rollers are molded out of concrete or stone, making them one of the most functional lawn rollers. They have a greater impact on the soil and are a little bit heavier. They are built-to-last and much better than steel since they do not rust. Thus, you can take advantage of them in the moist environment without worrying about the possible effects on the roller. The only downside of this type of roller is that it is extremely heavy.

Why Use a Lawn Roller?

Why use a lawn roller? Is it a necessary tool in every garden? Well, if you haven't got a lawn roller yet, here are some reasons that will surely convince you to buy one:

Illustration of lawn roller being used on the grass

Illustration of lawn roller being used on the grass

1. It Helps You Prepare Sow Weeds

When you are planning to cultivate your grass from the seed, a good lawn roller will greatly help you get an ideal flat surface . As soon as the ground has been cleaned and cleared of debris such as stones and twigs, you may use a lawn roller to level the whole area.

2. Say "Hi" to Effortless Planting

Run the lawn roller repeatedly right after sowing all the grass seeds. By doing so, it will push them deeper and promote growth among its roots within the soil - a good reason on why use a lawn roller. This process is not good with sod or turf due to the damage the turf grasses can give to the rolls. You should know and understand that sod needs to be fully integrated into the soil prior to rolling it out.

3. It Ensures Even and Accurate Cut of Lawn

Why use a lawn roller? The answer is simple. Utilize lawn roller prior on mowing to make sure that your lawn is cut accurately and smoothly. It can also let you maintain a well-manicured garden. If you want to be practical, you badly need to buy this one. You can also opt for lawn mowers that have roller attachment.

4. You Have Lots of Choices

Depending on your budget and needs, you’ll never run out of options when it comes to lawn roller. You can ask your friends or simply an expert landscaper to know what type of roller fits yo

5. Less Effort, Less Hassle

You don’t need to spend too much time and effort in producing stripes which you generally see in baseball fields. You have now the power to create an illusion of a well-maintained lawn through these rollers.

A man utilizing a lawn mower to keep the grass flat in his yard

A man utilizing a lawn mower to keep the grass flat in his yard

Final Thoughts

While some people choose to flatten their lawn by trying out other tedious methods, you can just spend a few minutes of your day to even out your lawn using any of these incredible lawn rollers.

A lawn roller may not be as important as other gardening tools you have, but for someone who doesn't want to feel stress in doing garden works, a useful tool like a lawn roller proves to be handy.

Thanks for reading, and don't hesitate to reach us! Like, comment, and share your opinion below!

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4 Types of Lawn Roller – Why Do You Need To Buy One?

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