Best Lightweight Weed Eater That Money Can Buy – Full Review 2018

Grasses need to be trimmed regularly to keep your garden healthy. Thus, you’ll need the best lightweight weed eater money can buy. Check out our top choice now!

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Our best pick for the best lightweight weed eater is the Greenworks 18-inch Trimmer/Edger. This brand is arguably the most powerful machine out of all the 5 choices of lightweight gas weed eaters on the list.

With a total power of 10 amps, it beats the other brands in raw power. Aside from power, it is also the easiest to use as it is extremely light and has a lot of attractive features that add to its ease of use such as the cord lock and simple startup mechanism.

Getting rid of weeds is one of the most important things to do to keep your garden fresh

Getting rid of weeds is one of the most important things to do to keep your garden fresh.

To know how the best lightweight weed trimmer on the list fares with the other choices, you may check out the table that we prepared below:

Comparison Table: 5 Best Lightweight Weed Eater Options for the Money

Key Features of Greenworks 18-inch Trimmer/Edger (The Top Choice)

Check out the amazing features of our top pick below:

  • Powerful 10 Amp Motor

Probably the most attractive feature of this brand is its extremely powerful motor. It has a 10 amp motor, which is arguably the most powerful one that you can find on the list. While it is a lightweight machine, it packs a punch. With this kind of power, it is possible for you to quickly whip up all the weeds in your yard quickly. This is one of the features that makes Greenworks the best lightweight gas weed eater out of the five choices.

  • 18-Inch Cutting Path

The cutting path refers to the cutting coverage it has. The bigger the cutting path, the more grass or weeds the machine can take up. The Greenworks machine has the biggest cutting path out of all the products mentioned, making it have the widest coverage. This feature saves you a lot of time and energy in covering all areas of your backyard. This feature alone makes it a favorite in a lot of lightweight weed eater reviews.

The wider the cutting path, the more weeds you can eliminate

The wider the cutting path, the more weeds you can eliminate.

  • Cord Lock Feature

The cord lock feature was created purely for the convenience of the user. The cord lock feature locks the cord in place so that the wires don’t get unplugged or disconnected. This allows you to have continuous use of your best lightweight grass trimmer without having to worry about it getting unplugged.

  • Quick Start Feature

One of the best features that this lightweight gas string trimmer has is its quick electric start feature. This feature allows you to start your machine up quickly without having to wait for it to power up. This way, you can turn on your trimmer and use it immediately. This feature makes it the best lightweight easy-start weed trimmer that everyone loves.

A quick start feature allows you to get the machine started right away for use

A quick start feature allows you to get the machine started right away for use.

  • Easy-Connect Coupler

This feature makes the Greenworks machine a very versatile one that can fit a lot of other attachments other than the trimmer head. You may even attach edger and trimmer heads to the machine and they’ll be very much compatible. The great thing about Greenworks is that it can accommodate attachments from various brands and not just Greenworks attachments.

5 of the Top Best Best Lightweight Weed Eater Brands

If you have a rather small lawn to trim and hate carrying bulky and heavy grass trimmer, then getting the best lightweight weed eater is the way to go. Check out our top picks below and get a closer look at our top recommendation.

Greenworks 18-Inch Trimmer (9.9 lbs)

Greenworks 18-Inch Trimmer (9.9 lbs). Via: Amazon.com

This powerful trimmer is one of the best lightweight string trimmer choices because of its light product weight, efficiency, and ease of use. It has a 10 amp motor that has a bump feed cutting head with a 0.80 line bump feed cutting head. It is very light, easy to handle and adjustable, which is perfect for those who easily get body aches because of garden work.


  • It has a very powerful 10 amp motor with a 0.08 dual line feed.
  • It comes with an easy electric start mechanism for easy machine starting.
  • It comes with a cord lock feature to prevent accidental unplugging.
  • It has a wide 18-inch cutting path for more coverage.
  • It comes with a quick connect coupler, so it can take in any attachment easily.
  • It has a straight but sturdy shaft that is adjustable in height and angle.


  • The strings tend p to unravel and get messed up from time to time.

Toro 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger (6.3 lbs)

Toro 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger (6.3 lbs). Via: Amazon.com

The Toro 51480 is one of the best lightweight weed eater brands aside from the top choice. Although its motor only has a 5 amp power, it is still enough to cut through long grass and weeds. It is a dual purpose machine capable of both trimming and edging. It also has an adjustable reach to make using it easier.


  • It has a 5 amp motor.
  • It has a 14 inch wide cutting path.
  • It has an easy edge to trimmer switch button for easy mode switching
  • It has an extendable shaft for easier adjustment.


  • The feeder is rather weak and doesn’t perform as well as other brands.
  • Once the machine is on, it is a bit hard to control the power.
  • Although it is adjustable, the degree of adjustment isn’t that much.

BLACK+DECKER GH900 Trimmer/Edger (7.04 lbs)

BLACK+DECKER GH900 Trimmer/Edger (7.04 lbs). Via: Amazon.com

This lightweight electric grass trimmer is made for jobs that require either heavy trimming or edging of grass or weeds. This particular one has a powerful motor with 6.5 amps of power. Not only is it pretty powerful, it is also portable and easy to use. It is also easy to change from the trimmer mode to the edger mode.


  • It has a rather powerful 6.5 amp motor as compared to most other brands.
  • It comes with an AFS automatic feed system that continues the feeding process without stopping.
  • It has a power drive transmission feature so that the machine won’t malfunction so easy.
  • It has a very easy to use design with an adjustable handle.


  • The auto feed system of this brand is not as efficient as others.
  • It is not compatible with three prong plugs.

Husqvarna 128LD String Trimmer (10.8 lbs)

Husqvarna 128LD String Trimmer (10.8 lbs). Via: Amazon.com

Husqvarna is a well-known brand that sells some of the best lightweight gas string trimmer machines you’ll be able to find. This machine has 10.8 lbs. weight, the heaviest on the list. Still, this is the best lightweight gas powered weed eater from Husqvarna that has a 28cc engine with a 0.095 diameter trimmer line and 2 cycle unit. It is quite easy to use and rather powerful for a lightweight gas weed eater.


  • It has a 28cc engine.
  • It has a cutting path of 17 inches for more coverage.
  • It makes use of a 08.0895 diameter trimmer line.
  • It can take in different attachments for different functions.
  • It has a straight but adjustable shaft.
  • Its tank has the capacity of 42.27-ounce of fuel.
  • It has a transmission gear ratio of 1:4.


  • While it is a powerful lightweight gas weed eater, it is not gas-efficient, which makes it eat up a lot of fuel.

BLACK+DECKER ST8600 String Trimmer/Edger (5.34 lbs)

BLACK+DECKER ST8600 String Trimmer/Edger (5.34 lbs). Via: Amazon.com

This is one of the lightest machines you’ll find for garden work. This brand has a 5 amp motor that comes with a power drive transmission, enough to go through even strong and sturdy weeds. Just like the others, it is also a lightweight easy start weed eater. Its power is attributed to a 7700 RPM (rotations per minute) and a wide cutting path of 13 inches.


  • It has a 5 amp motor with Power Drive transmission.
  • It has an auto trimmer feed system.
  • It has an adjustable height.
  • It has an edging mode that is very precise.


  • The handle won’t be able to stay in its adjusted position for too long.
  • The auto feed system gets clogged up fast.

The Best Lightweight Weed Eater - The Ultimate Buying Guide

Choosing the best lightweight grass trimmer depends on what your individual needs are. To help you make the best choice, you may follow our buying guide below and use these factors to aid in your decision.

  • Power

When looking for the lightweight cordless weed eater, lightweight battery powered weed eater, electric weed eater, or gas-powered weed eater, always consider its power. Power determines how strong your machine is and how much weed or grass it can eliminate in a period of time. Power can be measured in various ways. It can be measured in amps of the motor or in RPMs (rotations per minute). Assuming you’ll be using amps as your unit of measurement, the standard power of a machine is 5 amps of the motor. Obviously, if the number of amps is higher, then the motor is stronger which is better for you.

The power of the motor determines how strong your weed eater will be

The power of the motor determines how strong your weed eater will be.

  • Cutting Path

The cutting path or the width of the head of the machine will determine how much coverage the machine will be able to get at a time. The higher the coverage, the more grass or weed it can take at a time. The cutting path is in diameter and is measured in inches. The standard diameter for a machine like this is usually around 15 inches, but if you can find one with a cutting path that has a higher diameter, then that would be better.

  • Ease of Use

Ease-of-use refers to the features of the machine that make it more convenient for the users. These features could anything under the sun as long as they make the job easier for customers. The standard ease-of-use features include an adjustable shaft, a quick start function, and a pivoted shaft.

The adjustable shaft allows you to change the height and fit it to your own height, so you won’t need to stretch so much. You’ll also want a quick start function so that you can start your machine right away without waiting too long. Lastly, you’ll also want a pivoted shaft that can make pivot movements to the right and to the left, so you won’t have to move your body too much when you work.

To make work easier, you need a machine that is adjustable and easy to move around

To make work easier, you need a machine that is adjustable and easy to move around.

  • Price

While cheaper weed eaters may seem more attractive because they cost less, you might want to rethink your decision because you won’t be assured of their quality. The higher priced ones usually have better quality and last longer. However, we also don’t encourage you to buy the ones that are too high priced, especially if you only a small garden to care for. The ones we’ve mentioned above are all reasonably priced, so you may use their prices as benchmarks for what is reasonable.


We hope that our review for the best lightweight weed eater brands has helped you narrow down your choices. Our top recommendation, the Greenworks trimmer, is known for its amazing features that would give you everything that you’re looking for in a light-duty weed trimmer. Of course, our other picks are great choices as well. All you have to do is pick the one that best suits your needs.

You need to make sure weeds are taken out from your garden during springtime

You need to make sure weeds are taken out from your garden during springtime.

If you liked our review and want to know what we think of other garden equipment, you may check out our reviews for the best battery powered weed eater and the best trimmer line. Thanks for reading!

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