Seven Clever Ideas To Achieve Your Dream Modern Garden

Check out these seven clever ideas and tips to help you create your own modern garden.

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A contemporary approach to garden landscaping could easily translate to plain and dull, given the minimalistic feel exuded by modern design elements. This notion, however, is a common misconception, as modern landscaping is not just about pared down elements that are symmetric and monochromatic. More than anything, a green thumb who wants to set up a modern garden should know that modernism is marrying of different design elements to produce something new, something that has never been seen, and something that challenges the traditions in gardening we all grew up doing.


Starting the landscape plan is hard, especially if you do not have any ideas how to execute the modern approach in landscaping. But look no further as we are here to give some clever ideas to spur the creativity in you and help you kickstart your landscaping plans!​

Start With Two Colors

Before anything else, you have to identify two colors that would serve as the main scheme of your garden. The obvious choices are green and white, as these are the easiest to work with and would instantly go well with several elements. For instance, in paving garden paths, you can use pale limestone or gravel. You can also paint brick walls and fences white.

You can also start by consulting the color wheel and choosing a pair of harmonious or complementary colors. Harmonious hues like red and orange make the overall look coherent. On the other hand, complementary colors like blue and yellow really perk things up and add up a little excitement to your garden.​

This also works in choosing which flowers would go well together. You would not want to add too much color in your garden, as it will look like a hodgepodge of everything.​

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Flowers being put into pots

Flowers being put into pots

It’s All About Geometry

Modern gardens must be sleek and neat-looking and a sense of geometry can go a long way to achieve an elegant up-to-date look. Contemporary landscaping embraces geometrical patterns to achieve a similar and cohesive look among all elements of the garden.

You can definitely use bold geometric patterns in setting up the hardscape. For example, instead of using traditional circular planters and vases, why not try throwing in some quadrilateral planter boxes. You can mix and line up square and rectangular plant boxes, creating a motif that makes a satisfying sight.​

If you want to go a step further, you can also go into incorporating these shapes in your shrubs. However, this takes a little more than just the eye for pattern, as you have to skillfully trim your plants according to the shape you want. You can also experiment with different shapes in doing your hedgerows.​

Creating geometrical patterns in hedges

Creating geometrical patterns in hedges

Go For A Natural Planting Style

While it is a must to have your hardscape follow a certain pattern, your softscape should be free flowing, natural, and unrestrained. What you should do is to have your plants relate to the natural world, avoiding rigid planting patterns. Loose planting is the way to go if you want to add a touch of excitement and warmth to your garden.

In designing your modern garden, some irregularities in other elements should be welcomed in order to soften the rather crisp and polished aesthetic. Additionally, a little disarrangement infuses a personality to your garden. Do not be obsessive when it comes to following some lines, be spontaneous and allow your creativity to guide you.​

Bunch of flowering shrubs

Bunch of flowering shrubs

What's The Secret In Adding Furniture And Accents?

If there is one thing you should remember in lay outing furniture and ornaments, it is contrast. Let's say you have a sturdily constructed horizontal fence surrounding your garden. By itself, the landscape feels cagey and prison-like. In this case, you should be able to add something that breaks the overly straight lines. Splurge on some sculptures and tall plants to spark a contrast with the fences.

Horizontal bamboo fences

Horizontal bamboo fences

This also applies to adding pieces like benches, tables, fountains, and other woodworks. You should consider their color and shape and see if they naturally complement with your already orderly base.

You Better Step Up Your Lighting Work

Perhaps, one of the last few things you should think of in setting up your garden is the lighting. A contemporary landscape adapts as day turns into night. A tasteful lighting technique is your best friend.

First, you need to determine the focal points that should be lit up. Light sculpts the overall night look of your garden, so you have to be wise in putting up light fixtures around your garden. You can try illuminating the brickwork of your hardscape to emphasize its texture. Sporadic lighting can also do wonders as it can scream drama and finesse.​

In choosing lights, the warmer ones are always the better. Avoid cool-toned lighting as it gives an off-putting and gloomy glow.

A small garden light illuminates flower bed

A small garden light illuminates flower bed

Hang ’Em Plants Up!

One element that you can see in most contemporary gardens is hanging plants. Pulling this off is not a walk in the park, especially if you want to make it as natural as possible. For beginners, you can place hanging planters against a brick wall to break patterns.

Woman waters hanging plants on the wall

Woman waters hanging plants on the wall

Never Keep The Garden Thirsty

A small water work in your garden would give it a soothing and relaxing ambience. Fountains with water cascading on glass panels are a staple go-to for water works. But you can also experiment with different designs and structures.

A garden with a water feature

A garden with a water feature

In the end, tending your garden is a perpetual work in progress, as MyProperty puts it. As our gardens constantly evolve with the changes in the seasons, one thing stays the same, and that is the inviting and welcoming vibe they proudly radiate our dream houses with.

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There you have it, green thumbs! There are so many ways on how to create your own contemporary garden and these are but some of the ideas to help you plan your own creative landscape. Share this article with your friends to help them build their garden ideas too!

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Seven Clever Ideas To Achieve Your Dream Modern Garden
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