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A lot of people make use of LED grow lights to help make their garden thrive better. We will be taking a look at one of the most known LED growth light providers, the Kind LED. Kind LED grow lights have been very popular among customers because of the positive results that they have on plants and vegetables.

The Kind LED grow light model we will discuss in this review is the Kind LED grow light K3 L600. In this Kind Led review, we’ll tackle the company behind the product, the product features, the pros and cons, and finally, the final verdict to answer the question “Is Kind led any good or not?”

An indoor garden with artificial lighting to support plants’ growth

An indoor garden with artificial lighting to support plants’ growth

An Overview Of The Company

For many years, a lot of research and studies have been made on LED light’s effect on plants with a huge number of results favoring artificial LED lights for the growth of plants. In fact, even NASA has delved into making use of artificial LED lights for growing vegetables with tremendous success. With the demand for LED grow lights growing, Kind LED Grow Lights emerged with its base in Santa Rosa, California.

The Kind LED brand was created by seasoned plant growers who made use of HID’s for growing quality plants. They decided that LED lights were great for plants and that other plant growers can really benefit from such products. Thus, they founded the company under the mission to provide fellow growers with the best and most efficient LED grow lights for their plants and vegetables.

Blue lights encourage vegetable growth

Blue lights encourage vegetable growth

Kind LED grow lights make use of 3W and 5W 12 band LED diodes as these provide the best and most symmetrical lighting spectrum. They have also incorporated both infrared and ultraviolet LED lights in a few of their Kind LEDs to enhance performance.

Kind LED Grow Lights come in two main series namely the Kind LED k5 series and the Kind LED k3 series. The k5 series is made of the Kind LED 1000 model and the Kind LED 750 model while the k3 series consist of the 300, 450, and 600 models.

The Features Of The Kind LED Grow Light K3 L600

As mentioned earlier, the specific model that we will review is the K3 L600 model. Just like all the other models, this model comes with a proprietary 12 band “Perfect Spectrum” and is powered by a 3 Watt Diode. In total, it has 150 diodes and has a max wattage of 320 watts. These features allow for a higher rate of efficiency and also stronger lighting.


Kind Led Grow Light K3 L600 is now available on

Also, this model comes with a Kind LED light bar, which includes a combination of both ultraviolet light and infrared light. Kind LED offers two types of light bars that you can use. These are the vegetative and the flower bar lights. The difference between the vegetative light bar and the flower light bar is the function that they provide. The vegetative light has more blue lights, which makes it good for growing vegetables. The flower light bar, on the other hand, has more red lights, which is ideal for growing regular plants and flowers. This makes the vegetative light bar slightly more powerful to use.

Lettuce that is grown hydroponically needs enough water, light, and oxygen to support proper growth

Lettuce that is grown hydroponically needs enough water, light, and oxygen to support proper growth

Pros And Cons Of Kind LED Grow Light K3 L600

In order to get a more objective view of the product, it’s always best to measure the pros and cons to see if the product is worth the purchase or not. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of getting the product:


  • It has a highly optimized driving current that boosts the efficiency of the diodes. This results in a better output with brighter and more powerful lights.
  • It comes with a secondary optical lens. This lets the machine to intensify the PAR and allows for a stronger canopy penetration by a total of 200%.
  • It has very smooth running fans so that you won’t hear any disturbing noise from the machine.
  • Its design is of superior manufacturing, making it not only look nice and sophisticated but also durable.
  • It is compact enough to fit in most grow tents, hydroponics systems, and typical greenhouses.
  • It is customizable to fit your plants’ needs.


  • It is a bit expensive. This Kind LED Grow Light model happens to be one of the most pricy growth LED lights on the market due to its features. However, this doesn’t discourage serious hydroponics growers to purchase the product. For them, the Kind LED Grow Light K3 L600’s quality and the success rate is worth its price.

The Final Verdict

This Kind LED Grow Light model definitely has all the features that you would want from a good grow LED light. With some knowledge in LED lighting, you’ll know that the features and functions provided by this product are of high quality. Even though most people are not familiar with the technical aspects of the features, the whole point is that the product can deliver and many customers are able to attest to that. In fact, I would even say that this LED light is a good high tier product.

Greenhouses usually have well-installed LED lights, allowing plants to have enough light for growth

Greenhouses usually have well-installed LED lights, allowing plants to have enough light for growth

If there was one thing that could throw me off my purchase, it might be the price. As I’ve mentioned earlier, it is considered one of the most pricy LED lighting options, but with good reason. The high price is to be expected since the light really uses high-quality materials and has a lot of features that most other brands don’t have.

If I were to compare the Kind LED vs Apollo LED Lights, for example, I would say that the disparity in features is quite far even though Apollo is considered to be one of Kind LED’s main competitors. The perfect spectrum alone and the combination of UV and infrared lights already give Kind LED an advantage over most products of its kind in the market.

With this, I would say that yes it is very expensive, but the features really can back up the price. The product deserves a good rating and is definitely recommended for growers who want to have a nice garden or for those who want to grow fruits and vegetables.

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