How To Grow The Perfect Garden Tent With 5 Useful Tips

Together with the advancement of technology, gardening has also exceeded its potential. Today, people have discovered various ways to do gardening indoors and still provide the same environment for the plants outside to those plants confined. There are two mostly used ways in planting indoors, first is the use of a grow box, wherein everything is controlled by technology and is made to be permanent; second is the use of a grow tent, grow tents function similar to a grow box, however, it is made up of fabric, thus, making it easily taken apart.

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How To Grow The Perfect Garden

If you are on a tight budget, having a grow tent is much more advisable and is ensured to be very effective for your indoor gardening, for it allows you to grow your plants all year long regardless of the season because you can control its growing environment. You can easily locate it anywhere in the house due to it being easily accessible. The set-up is quite complex; however, the following procedures are simplified and consist of basic ways to prepare stabilize that room for a successful grow.

Prepare A Room Within A Room

In preparing the room for you to grow tent, you must take into consideration the area’s stability in hosting the tent. Thus, you have to secure the room in order to avoid damages. With the determined area for your grow tent, roll up a carpet on the coverage area of the tent and secure a heavy duty waterproof covering. Ensure that there are no electrical cords on the floor or anywhere that could cause mayhem if contacted with bare skin or with water from the tent. Secure the wires to the walls. In order to prevent condensation, seal windows with water barriers. It will also help in stopping light from leaking. Insulate the sound within the room, gym mats are effective in insulating sound, covering it up on the floor and on the ceiling will centralize the sound within.

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Grow tent tips

In terms of water, a submersible well pump would be advisable; connecting the pump to a watering wand used for gardening would give you a huge reservoir connected to the wand. Not only would it save you from exerting too much effort in going back and forth for water, it would also provide adequate reach with the wand and also the shower function would be ideal for watering.

Set Up The Lighting

The number of yields you desire depends on the lights you would install. With more light, comes more production. There are growers who overdo the lighting, the lights that are installed emit a high temperature of heat, and thus, overdoing could lead to different chains of damages and a huge bite in power consumption. In order to prevent that from happening, Induction, LED and grow lights have been developed to produce more light for less power.

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Ventilate The Room

For a grow tent to be successful and efficient, together with lighting, ventilation also has to be taken seriously. A grow room fan could easily do its job, however, there are limitations, you have to proportion it with the number of lighting you have installed. A lot have missed out on this information but Centrifugal fans are the best choice mid-sized grows for you can place more than one inline on the same ducting. Thus, the condition would drastically improve while not doubling the cubic feet per minute per movement solution.

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Air-Condition The Room

A sound investment is an air conditioner for you will be able to maintain a stable temperature and a quiet environment for the plants. With an air-conditioned room, your plants would be able to yield better products often and would grow faster due to it being sealed. Without air conditioning, it may not be possible to keep a grow room using HID lighting cool enough to operate successfully during summer months.

Furthermore, one of the air conditioners main purposes is to remove moisture from the air due to the crop’s water uptake a certain amount of moisture is mixed the room’s air. Also, always note that in a confined room with plants growing, carbon dioxide should be present, thus, adding carbon dioxide within the room is advisable. Nevertheless, the ventilation would vacuum the excess carbon dioxide after.

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Wire-Up The Entire Room

A grow tent might be a simplified grow box; however, it still consists of a lot of electrical control and wiring. As you have noticed, the grow tent is consisting of technology such as the ventilation and air conditioning. In order to provide a better environment for the plants, here are the recommended appliances to be installed in the room for a successful yield, Cooling thermostat, Lighting control relay and timer, High temperature shut down (“Chernobyl switch”), Reliable max/min temp and relative humidity monitor Humidity controller, Night/day temperature control, Carbon dioxide monitor & control and also, you could just directly avail a Grow room automation package (similar to home automation and monitoring).

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