How I wish I had a set of Garden Genie Gloves when I first moved into my house with my husband. We bought an affordable, reasonably-sized ranch in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Fortunately, the previous homeowner valued landscaping and had tasteful flower gardens and shrubs on the property. It wasn’t long, however, before I was itching to put my own spin on our gardens.

Something I love about Pennsylvania is the temperate spring, summer, and fall months that make gardening such an enjoyable hobby. My grandmother and I are close; she’s an avid gardener, so I look up to her as my horticultural hero.

The second spring we lived in our house, she hand-delivered a plethora of perennials: spiderwort, hosta, and lilies.

Soon we stocked our little garden shed with umpteen miscellaneous gardening tools. How I longed for one that would replace all of them! Infinitely more maddening was the fact that no matter how beautiful my gardens were, weeds were always an unwelcome visitor. Add to it that those weeds came with prickly thorns!

The Garden Genie Gloves could have solved all of those frustrations and more. So, if you’re thinking of getting out in your garden this year, you should consider gardening gloves.

Why Gardening Gloves

For avid or novice gardeners, gloves are a must. Let’s face it, when gardening, you are bound to get dirty. Gloves can help protect your hands and fingers from dirt, scratches, and bacteria.

When digging, tilling, pulling, or raking, you want to wear gloves as your best layer of protection.

Gloves can also protect you against harmful UV rays from the sun. Let’s see what makes the Garden Genie Gloves stand out.

A Bit About Garden Genie Gloves

Originally, the Garden Genie Gloves were developed for and sold on the As Seen on TV channel. Now, the gloves can be purchased at Amazon. The site has been selling the invaluable garden tool since 2017. And Amazon offers a 100 percent refund or replacement if you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase.

These gloves are unique in that they are made of durable materials, and they feature claws, which would have quickly put to bed my weeding nightmares! The gloves help you with all of your gardening tasks while also keeping you safe and protected as you garden.

Give the Gloves a Go

If you have your own garden, you appreciate the time and effort that goes into making it healthy and beautiful. None of us wants a cluttered, disorganized shed overflowing with tools, yet I bet many of you have just that.

It’s a unique product aimed at helping your garden grow while keeping your shed contents low.

For those with overflowing or cluttered garden sheds, these gardening gloves are a suitable alternative. Makers of the Garden Genie Gloves wanted to eliminate the need for several hand tools in the garden.

They created this product as a way of completing common garden tasks without needing additional tools. In fact, Garden Genie Gloves can replace shovels, rakes, spades, and many other tools.

Many traditional gloves resemble what you might wear on your hands in cold, winter months, albeit made of more sturdy material. However, these gloves are different. One of the gloves very closely resembles a traditional gardening glove. However, the other glove differs greatly as it features claws on the fingertips.

These claws look like black, pointed caps at the end of each finger. You can use them on the left or right hand, and that’s what replaces your other tools. The claws can essentially do the work previously needed with tools.

The Garden Genie Gloves are rated number 3 out of 10 on a Best Reviews website and 3.7 out of 5.0 stars on Amazon. People tout the gloves for their durability and ability to protect your hands and nails.

The many helpful uses

The uses of the Garden Genie Gloves are virtually limitless. Designed to help you complete gardening tasks without using extra tools, they dig, rake, hoe, spread, and pull. Garden Genie Gloves also help protect your hands and wrists from injuries, sweat, dirt, insects, and sunburn.

What most of us do not know is how harmful the bacteria in our soil can be. In just the space of one period, you could have up to 250,000 bacteria lurking.

Also scary is that infectious bacteria like E. coli and salmonella could also be waiting for you in your soil. One way to help protect yourself and loved ones is by using gardening gloves such as the Garden Genie Gloves.

These gloves prevent blisters and cuts due to its puncture-resistant material. Furthermore, the gloves provide an extra layer of protection against harmful UV rays.

Conveniently sized, the gloves fit most women’s, men’s and children’s hands. For those who need smaller gloves, the manufacturer recommends purchasing the XS size.

Putting the genie in the gloves

The Garden Genie Gloves are made of eco-friendly materials: natural rubber latex, polyester, and ABS plastic.

The gloves

Garden Genie Gloves themselves are nylon. The material is waterproof and stretchy. Manufacturers designed the gloves to fit like a second skin, that helps your original epidermis breathe.

Most of us do our gardening on warm, sunny days and, so sweat is inevitable. Fortunately, the Garden Genie Gloves are lightweight and help avoid excessive sweating, which helps keep you cool and comfortable.

Especially useful is that the material is puncture-resistant, meaning grabbing thorny plants is easy and painless! With traditional gardening gloves, thorns easily poke through the material and into your hand — ouch!

Also, the Garden Genie Gloves come in a variety of colors to best suit your fashion and personal style.

Another standout feature of the gloves is that they are easy to wash. After several hours in the garden, the last thing you want to do is clean up for extended periods of time. With these, you can either wash them by hand, or you can throw them in the washing machine with your other laundry.

The claws

The Garden Genie Gloves’ claws are made of ABS plastic. ABS plastic is a common thermoplastic polymer used in injection and molding applications. That means the claws are meant to withstand impacts, provide structural stiffness and strength, and hold up well in hot and cold temperatures.

The durable plastic is great no matter what time of day or year you plan on gardening. The Garden Genie Gloves also hold up well across a variety of regions and terrains. You can use the gloves in the rocky soil of the northeast or the airy desert of the southwest.

Best Times to Use Garden Genie Gloves

You can use the Garden Genie Gloves whenever and wherever you complete common gardening tasks. If you have an indoor herb garden, these gloves are incredibly useful. The claws can help you manicure the soil for your herb pots.

Without them, you risk dirt under your nails. With other traditional gloves, you risk spillage and mess. Fortunately, the Garden Genie Gloves are the solution.

Likewise, the claws are handy outside as well. In the spring, so many of us go about the mundane task of removing dead leaves. The Garden Genie Gloves can help you with that.

By late spring, many of us also plant flowers and vegetables. If you have a larger vegetable garden, the gloves are a great addition. The gloves also work very well in landscaping and flower beds.

You can replace just about any task you would normally complete with a shovel, rake, spade, or trowel with the Genie Garden Gloves. These gloves provide a layer of protection that other garden tools simply cannot.

What’s under that dirt?

The Garden Genie Gloves provide great structured support for digging. Specifically, you can manipulate the soil using the claws on the end of one of the gloves any way you wish. Garden Genie Gloves are great for digging small to medium-sized holes in any type of garden or landscaped area.

Additionally, the digging abilities of the Garden Genie Gloves make planting flowers and shrubs a breeze!

Amazon reviewers commented that the Garden Genie Gloves are great for digging moderate holes in relatively soft soil. You could also use them when planting flowers and shrubs in pots and planters.

The dexterity of the gloves helps you move around delicate flowers with care and ease. If you have beautiful but painful cacti and succulents, the Garden Genie Gloves are ideal.

Preparing the bed

In addition to digging, the Garden Genie Gloves help you rake and till in your garden. When planting in a garden used the season before, you want to till the soil first. Tilling the soil helps break up crusty, dry soil from seasons prior. It can also help prevent weeds and aerate the soil.

When tilling, you want to go no farther than 12 inches deep. If you go deeper, you jeopardize the quality of your good soil. The gloves’ built-in claws are great for this task. You can give your wrists a break by not having to use an additional hand tool.

Similarly, the gloves feature claws that prevent you from tilling too deeply. Also, the Garden Genie Gloves help ease the burden of cleaning up dead leaves or other debris in your yard.

Again, forget the rake. You can simply slip on the gloves and scoop up whatever material you need to clear.

The plastic and polyester materials of the gloves make gathering leaves, weeds, and lawn clippings easy and efficient.

The unwelcome guests

We all know what a bear it is to pull stubborn weeds that clutter our beautiful gardens. The Garden Genie Gloves can help make this loathsome task a bit easier and quicker.

Don’t you hate it when you come across a weed that surprises you with thorns? Well, these gloves can help you win the fight against such weeds by protecting your hands against their thorns. Especially practical about this product is that the gloves are puncture-resistant.

Something else that sets apart these particular gloves is you can still use full ability of both your hands. That means you can actually feel what you are pulling out.

For novice gardeners, it can be hard to tell the difference between a weed and an immature flower. The Garden Genie Gloves provide incredible flexibility and maneuverability so you can pull weeds with more confidence.

Maneuverable protection

Another task that many of us complete year after year is spreading mulch. Once again, the Garden Genie Gloves can help.

Instead of having to dirty your palms, fingers, and nails by spreading mulch by hand, use these gardening gloves.

Likewise, avoid using a rake or pitchfork altogether by using these gloves instead. The gloves are perfect for an easy, even spreading of your mulch.

How to Use the Garden Genie Gloves

Garden Genie Gloves are practical and easy to use. When ready, simply slide a glove onto each hand. Again, the gloves work so that you can place the claws on whichever hand you feel most comfortable. I would suggest putting the claws on your dominant hand to give you the most comfort and control.

Once the gloves are on, you can go about your gardening tasks. According to some Amazon reviewers, the gloves initially take some getting used to. However, once you have the hang of them, they do feel like a second skin.

You’ll be surprised to find that monotonous gardening tasks aren’t so bad after all!

Flowery Finish

In all, the Garden Genie Gloves are a great alternative to cluttered sheds overwrought with gardening tools. Back when I moved into my new home, I wish I had a pair of these gloves. They would have made clearing out dead leaves easier after our first cold winter in the house.

Also, they would have helped me till the soil in my new vegetable garden much easier and faster than I did with a hand rake.

Most invaluably, they would have made the detested task of weeding, simpler and less painful.

If you’re a landscaping enthusiast in any region or with any size garden, the Garden Genie Gloves can help you with all the gardening tasks you need to do.

What garden projects do you have in mind, and how can gardening gloves help? Leave us a comment and tell us!

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