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Mimosa Tree: The Fascinating Shade Provider

Summer is almost here. For us gardeners, this is great news. July is a month during which we can enjoy the multitude of colors, flavors and smells of our gardens. One can enjoy this environment and make it even brighter under a 100% natural parasol thanks to the mimosa tree.

This majestic tree flourishes during summer and offers more volume and lovely fragrance to every backyard. Provided you have enough space, I highly recommend you to go for the “silky tree” (the other name of it) as it can be planted everywhere and only needs minimal care.

Mimosa tree 2

How To Kill A Pine Tree Effectively And Fast: 2 Ways That You Should Try

Have you ever felt that your lawn could have been even better if not for that one thing that’s blocking the view? Do you feel sad seeing your dying pine tree knowing that they could potentially damage your garden? Is the number of pine trees in your getting out of hand? If so, you came to the right place!

A forest with wild pine trees

A forest with wild pine trees

We all know that killing a pine tree can get a bit intimidating, but when the situation calls for it, then we are left with no other choice but to do so. “How to kill a pine tree?” is a question that I’m pretty sure a few of you are ashamed to bring up or ask.

How to Trim a Weeping Cherry Tree: 5 Pruning Tips and Mistakes that You Should Know

Spring is undeniably most people’s favorite season. What’s not to love about spring, anyway? The mild, fine weather is just a bonus; it is the luscious green fields and magnificent flowers that make this season unique and beautiful. Among the favorite and well-loved trees during spring is none other than the flowering cherry tree.

A massive cherry tree with pink flowers

A massive cherry tree with pink flowers

The flowering cherry tree is usually used for ornamental purposes as the whole tree can bear flowers, creating a scenic and enchanting view. What makes this specific tree unique is that the flowers bloom for a week before the flowers start to fall. It’s amazing, isn’t it?


Controlling Your Bamboo With 5 Simple Solutions

I absolutely love beautiful bamboo plants! They are the epitome of Zen in your garden. They have a serene green color, and its stalks and leaves sway magnificently in the wind.

People often wonder if bamboo is a grass or a tree. Bamboo is part of the Poaceae plant family, which is a family of grass plants, but did you know that some varieties of bamboo can grow up to 100 feet tall?

Varieties of Bamboo

In fact, giant bamboo is the largest members of the grass family. This is probably why a lot of people often mistake bamboo as a tree.

Bamboo grow well in warm, tropical, and humid climates. Depending on the variety of bamboo planted, it will need either shade, full sun, or partial sun too in order to flourish.

However, sometimes bamboo can end up growing too well and get out of control. When this happens, you will need to stop this grass from spreading.

Below are 5 simple solutions detailing how to stop bamboo from spreading: