What Is The Best Snake Repellent On The Market – Best For Yards 2018 Reviews

Snakes are dangerous especially when they pop into our yards unexpectedly. Protect your yard and your family by knowing the best snake repellent for yards.

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Snakes have long existed on our planet for about 90 or 100 million years ago. They depict a great symbol in our literature and culture. One of the most famous symbolic representations of a snake was from the biblical story of Adam and Eve as the deceiver. Also, snakes are used widely in Greek mythology as one of its well-known villains, Medusa. Snakes are not just depicted as something sinister or evil; they are cunning and wise as represented in the Chinese story of the Great Race or how zodiacs came to be.

All kinds of snakes, both venomous and non-venomous, can lurk in your yard unexpectedly

All kinds of snakes, both venomous and non-venomous, can lurk in your yard unexpectedly

Snakes aren’t just a part of the world’s rich literature, but they are considered a delicacy as well. It is highly common in Asia to consume snake either raw or cooked. Some cultures even drink snake’s blood due to its powerful abilities to make a man stronger. But apart from being a delicacy, snakes are a great pet too. Although it can pose a number of dangers to pet owners, exotic pet lovers still find love and amusement to take care of snakes and even go far as sleeping with them.​

However, despite the beauty and strength that snakes have to bring cultures and enthusiasts together, snakes can sometimes invade farms, homes, and ranches unexpectedly. These unexpected visits can result to crop damage or loss of livestock. Luckily, for those who see snakes as pests and a threat to their source of food or living, there are ways to keep snakes away. One of the best methods to drive away snakes is using snake repellents or snake deterrents. To help you choose what is best to use, here are some of the best snake repellent reviews:

Coral snakes are one of the most common snakes you can see

Coral snakes are one of the most common snakes you can see

Best Snake Repellent For Yards on The Market

Not all snake repellents are made alike. There are certain combinations of chemical concentrations that can effectively help drive any type of snake away. To know what are the best snake repellents on the market follow this list:

Havahart-- Dr. T’s Snake Repellent Granules

Havahart-- Dr. T’s Snake Repellent Granules. Via: Amazon.com

Dr. T’s guarantees to drive away all kinds of snakes but are surely 91% effective to drive away rattlesnakes and garter snakes. It contains a concentration of 7% naphthalene and 28% sulfur. Dr. T’s is EPA registered. For garter snakes, apply 4-5 inches wide, and for rattlesnakes, apply 7-8 inches wide. As one of the best snake repellents on the market, it is guaranteed to keep your family safe.


  • By simply following the instructions provided by the product, snakes will go away in no time.
  • It is recommended by most exterminators.
  • It is affordable and highly works.
  • The product comes in three sizes: a 1.75-pound bottle, 4-pound resealable bag, or a 25-pound bucket.


  • The product may provide a strong smell which can be irritating for some.
  • Some granules get easily washed away with rain.
  • The product gets easily contaminated when pets pee on it.

Blinbling-- Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

Blinbling-- Ultrasonic Animal Repellent. Via: Amazon.com

This product uses infrared detection to sense if any snake is within the vicinity of your area. Blinbling Ultrasonic repellent drives away snakes and other pesky animals by emitting 25KHz ultrasound. This method does not hurt any animal in the process.


  • The product is low-cost.
  • The product is low maintenance.
  • Product works in driving away unwanted animals in your property.
  • With a portable design, it can be placed anywhere easily like a stake through the ground.


  • It is not that durable as compared to other brands.et Point 1

Guger-- Ultrasonic Repellent for Outdoor

Guger-- Ultrasonic Repellent for Outdoor. Via: Amazon.com

The Guger Ultrasonic Repellent uses vibration and sound to drive away unwanted animals in your home and yard. It is equipped with solar panels to help conserve energy and for a more efficient function. Simply install this outside, and it's ready to go.


  • The solar power helps cut out battery expenses.
  • It effectively drives small animals away.
  • It can be used to repel other animals aside from snakes. It can be used to repel rats, mice, and other pests.
  • It can be used within 24 hours, giving your plants round-the-clock protection.


  • Some users complain that it produces annoying sound.

Exterminators Choice-- Snake Spray Repellent

Exterminators Choice-- Snake Spray Repellent. Via:Amazon.com

This product uses natural ingredients that snakes would not want to be around with. Domestic pets are not bothered or irritated by the natural plant oils used in the product. The snake spray is promising when deterring away water snakes, especially for water moccasins.


  • It uses natural plant oils, which are considered environmentally safe.
  • It is affordable and safe around pet animals.
  • This product can be sprayed anywhere.
  • It is effective in both venomous and non-venomous snakes, killing more snake species than most other brands.


  • Is not so effective in driving away snakes causing some to slip through the sprayed area.

KVD-- Sonic Spike Snake Repellant

KVD-- Sonic Spike Snake Repellant. Via: Amazon.com

The product promises to carry out vibrations and sound for about 650 square meters. It bursts out sonic waves every 30 seconds. KVD Sonic Spike is solar powered, which means you do not need extra batteries in order to operate the product. It is specially made as gopher repellent but can be used to repel snakes as well. Simply place the spike anywhere in your yard where unwanted animals usually go.


  • It is powered by solar, which means it is economical.
  • Small animals are easily deterred away from the sonic waves.
  • It is waterproof, meaning you can use in all weather conditions.
  • It is safe and chemical free, making it safe to use around your pets and family.


  • Some users complain that it doesn’t work properly and some pests were still able to get pass through the repeller.

What Is The Best Snake Repellent For Yards

Snake repellents are a certain kind of animal repellents that are made specifically for snakes that help keep them away from people, places, objects, and plants. Snake repellents can be used for your farms, for yards, for ranches, and just about anywhere that you might need it.

Snakes should be properly handled to reduce chances of injury

Snakes should be properly handled to reduce chances of injury

Types Of Snake Repellent Reviews

There are various types of snake repellents on the market, but it is generally divided into two categories. Mainly there are chemical and natural snake repellents.

It is best to position your snake repellents in areas where snakes enter mostly

It is best to position your snake repellents in areas where snakes enter mostly

Chemical Snake Repellents

  • Naphthalene

These are the most common type of chemical snake repellents that a lot of homeowners buy. This contains high amounts of neurotoxins that can be highly dangerous for children and pets. However, despite the fame it has for the common household, no scientific claims have been proven that naphthalene is effective as a snake repellent.

  • Sulfur

This chemical is usually mixed together with naphthalene and is rarely used in its pure state against snakes. This is highly stinky but can be easily washed away when it rains. However, not all companies that make sulfur and naphthalene based snake repellents work the same. This mixture is often effective as rattlesnake repellents or for garter snake.

Natural Snake Repellents

Natural snake repellents usually need to be mixed together with natural ingredients and sometimes with naphthalene. One of the most common mixes for natural snake repellents are fox urine, smoke, diesel fuel, feline filler, lime, and pepper sprays. However, there is a small yield for natural snake repellents as an effective solution. Furthermore, diesel fuel can be effective as a rattlesnake repellent but is harmful to the environment which can also affect crops if you are in the agriculture scene.

Organic essential oils are also sought after as natural snake repellents. However, wildlife conservationists suggest that organic essential oils are not very effective in driving snakes away.

Cats are one of the few domestic pets that can hunt snakes on your yard

Cats are one of the few domestic pets that can hunt snakes on your yard

Other Methods To Keep Snakes Away

Asides from snake repellents you can find and buy on the market or make yourself, there are other methods you can use to keep nasty snakes away from your yards. Traps, fences, and other traditional methods are some of the most common ways to keep them out. Physical measures are deemed more effective than snake repellents alone, but this requires time, more money, planning, and a lot of effort to build and strategize.

  • Traps

There are ready to use snake traps on the market, but you can also make them yourself. To make one, you can simply acquire a rat-sized glue board as the trap floor and plywood for the walls. To remove any trapped snake, pour vegetable oil over.

  • Snake-proof fences

Like snake traps, there are snake-proof fences are readily available on the market. Should you choose to make your own from scratch, all the basic materials you should not forget are meshed galvanized hardware cloth and metal stakes. You can choose whatever gate you would like to attach to the snake-proof fences. These fences can be attached to any existing fence you have or built separately.

  • Humane Sticky Traps

These sticky traps are similar to sticky rat traps but contain non-toxic glue. You should always check these traps daily to avoid dehydrating the snakes or having them die and smell.

  • Pets

Pets can help drive away snakes for you. Cats, pigs, dogs, and hedgehogs are the most common pets to drive snakes away. Hedgehogs are deemed the most effective; however, most pets only try to taste or hunt snakes when they are hungry. This method can be dangerous for your pets as well.

You can hold a snake behind its head to keep it from biting you

You can hold a snake behind its head to keep it from biting you

How Effective Are Best Snake Repellents

Out of all the snake repellents and methods used in keeping snakes away from your yards, homes, marshes, ranches, and anywhere else, it is best to know which one fits your needs and how effective they are.

  • Ultrasound Repellents

Snakes do not have visible ears, but it doesn’t mean that they are deaf. They have apparatus in their brain that allows them to hear sounds. If the signal of your emitters has high-frequency, then this repellent type could be effective.

  • Chemical Repellents

Both naphthalene and sulfur, a certain concentration of both chemicals, can be effective as snake repellents.

  • Natural Repellents

Essential oils like castor oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, or clove oil, have little to no effect in driving snakes away. The smell provided by these oils does not penetrate the snake enough to make it go back its way.

  • Glue Traps

Using sticky glue boards and the right lure are effective in catching snakes that can help you with your pest problem.

  • Humane Glue Traps

It is a good option to combine with the right lure, but it has to be checked daily which can be time-consuming.

  • Snake-proof Fences

Ecologists and wildlife conservationists recommend this as the best way to keep snakes without harming the animals.

Incidents like this call for professional help and should not be handled carelessly

Incidents like this call for professional help and should not be handled carelessly


Snakes are extremely dangerous. This becomes more dangerous when you are unaware of how to handle and catch snakes properly. With the best snake repellents on the market listed here, you can definitely decide what to use perfectly according to your needs. For copperheads or for black snakes are surely out of your yards in no time once you know what to use.

Despite all the snake repellents and traps in the article, when dealing with bigger and deadlier snakes, it is best to call expert snake handlers or exterminators to help you. This option is best if you don’t want to get yourself in danger or hurt the snakes in return.

Snakes can be less recognized when they hide or camouflage in grasses

Snakes can be less recognized when they hide or camouflage in grasses

Out of the top 5 best snake repellents on the market, I highly recommend the Dr. T’s Snake Repellent Granules. It is not only affordable, but it is very effective despite the disadvantages the product poses. It can be used for your houses, your farms, your yards, or even in various campsites. It can be brought anywhere to ensure your safety outside.

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