7 World’s Best Smelling Flowers And 8 Valuable Tips To Create A Beautiful Yard

There are many fragrant flowers for wedding bouquets brides can choose from. Provided here are some of them, along with incredible tips on how to make your garden wedding perfect.

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A garden wedding is always a popular option for creating an intimate and special day. For most couples, this is an excellent way of cutting down on high costs like venue hire. Backyard weddings are also great for those who want to create a memorable, unique day in a venue that holds special meaning to them, their family and other guests. Create a memorable garden wedding with these best-smelling flowers for wedding bouquets and tips to improve your yard.


7 Best-Smelling Wedding Flowers For Bouquets

Cultivate flowers and new plants with the event design and color in mind. Flowers are among the vital elements of a garden wedding since they add elegance, fragrance, and color. When choosing among flower variants and color combinations, opt for long-flowering and quick-growing plants that produce masses of flowers. Choose 3-5 key varieties that will match your wedding color scheme and plant it in large groups.

For the wedding bouquets, you can choose from flower variants that are specifically bred for their long stems. Although dwarf cultivars look cute, their short stems will not give brides and bridesmaids much to grip. Here are some examples of fragrant blooms for wedding bouquets.​

1. Roses

Although they are very tricky to grow, roses offer the most beautiful distinctive scent to gardens and bouquets.

Roses top the list of best smelling flowers

Roses top the list of best smelling flowers

2. Lilacs

These are associated with a soft-sweet smell, most especially during spring. Lilacs’ pretty purple flowers are adorable as well.

Lilacs in full spring bloom

Lilacs in full spring bloom

3. Lilies

Lilies are considered the mother of all scented flowers. However, these blooms must be avoided when the bride or groom has allergies. Also, use them sparingly in floral arrangements because they have a divisive smell.

Use lilies with caution

Use lilies with caution

4. Jasmine

This is an exotic flower that is often used in aromatherapy and perfumes. The scent it produces also has an aphrodisiac effect.

Greet wedding well-wishers with the sweet scent of jasmine

Greet wedding well-wishers with the sweet scent of jasmine

5. Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are known for their best-smelling flowers. They come in different colors and are readily available from spring to summer.

Sweet peas are perfect for spring and summer weddings

Sweet peas are perfect for spring and summer weddings

6. Lavender

Lavender is best known for its wonderful scent with a soothing effect.

Soothe your mind with the smell of fresh lavender

Soothe your mind with the smell of fresh lavender

7. Lily-Of-The-Valley

Peonies are bell-shaped blooms that carry an unmistakable scent. They can be very expensive, but just a few is enough to add fragrance to your bouquet.

Amaze guests with the distinctive beauty and scent of these flowers

Amaze guests with the distinctive beauty and scent of these flowers

Transform Your Backyard Into A Perfect Wedding Venue With These 8 Tips

1. Secure The Necessary Permits

Prior to doing anything else, you must first contact your local council to find out the different rules and regulations that you must adhere to.

Ask also about the rules concerning torch or candle lighting, trash removal, and pre-wedding photography. You will most likely need to plan around the regulations and obtain all the necessary permits before your special day.​

2. Choose A Theme

Beautiful flower centerpiece

Beautiful flower centerpiece

Your theme will greatly influence your décor elements, whether you want an elegant backyard wedding, a vintage and nostalgic design, or a green and natural look. Your theme will also give your wedding a unique, special touch. Of course, you have to choose a theme that you love and feel comfortable with in order to make other choices like centerpieces, linen, drinks, catering, stationery, and picking flowers much easier.

3. Prepare The Garden

Set aside ample time to prep the garden for your wedding

Set aside ample time to prep the garden for your wedding

A wedding is an excellent excuse to get your garden in tip-top shape. With a bit of landscaping, a huge difference to the beauty of your special day can be made. You have to make a list of all the jobs you must take care of. Begin painting, trimming, and weeding in advance. You can also add new garden beds and pathways to further enhance the layout of the space.

You still need to perform several tasks even if your garden offers a natural beauty. For instance, make sure that the grass is properly trimmed, the flowers have bloomed, and the ground has been raked.​

You may also need to supplement the flowers with a couple of potted bulbs from online flower shops. Other crucial decorations you want to consider may include an arch, torches, and lanterns.​

4. Create Romantic Lighting

Lights play a huge role in setting the venue’s mood in the evening. Make sure to light up the garden perfectly. You can place some lanterns and candles on the tables and in the garden’s dark corners, and string some beautiful strands of soft light around your home and through trees.

5. Arrange Facilities

Facilities like accessible bathrooms and parking for your guests are important considerations as well. Make sure that the bathrooms and portable toilets are stylishly designed with fresh flowers, enough toilet paper, hand towels, and candles.

​If the parking space in your property is limited, consider making arrangements with a local school to utilize their parking during your wedding day.

6. Prepare For The Weather​

Nobody can control the weather, but you can avoid having to deal with rain-soaked seating and guests by having a backup plan. For instance, marquees and sturdy umbrellas can provide some protection from wind and rain.

If you have a patio area, add more durable and stronger cover to it. You may also install a retractable roof system over your patio to effectively create shelter from sunshine and rain – you just have to retract it if you do not need it.

7. Keep Pests From Harming Your Guests

You need to launch a pre-emptive strike against bugs and other pests to prevent damage before it happens. You do not want any pests to prey on your guests. Get expert help if you must to make sure that your guests are not eaten alive by mosquitoes and other pests.

8. Consider Logistics

Make effective use of available space

Make effective use of available space

Do not overcrowd your garden – as much as possible, invite as many people as the space can accommodate. Account also for photographers, musicians, catering staff, and any other vendors. Most importantly, plan to provide an easy outdoor-indoor flow with access to all garden areas so that guests can easily mix and mingle.

If you have decided to have a garden wedding, congratulations! Outdoor weddings are beautiful and romantic. Remember, however, that some work is required to get your backyard in shape for the big day. But by following the abovementioned tips, your yard or garden can become the perfect, picturesque venue you have in mind, and you will surely shine on your wedding day.​

Making your garden wedding unique and perfect may seem a hard task, but is not impossible. Some of my friends have already used some of these tips, which made their big day special and memorable. Perhaps, even your family and friends have implemented some of them. If you have other tips in mind, don’t hesitate to share them in the comment section. And if you like, you can even share this article.​

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