Best Compost Tumbler Reviews in 2018 – What is The Best One?

Compost tumblers come in three basic types. Find out the difference among these three and learn the 5 best compost tumbler you should get.

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Compost is a nutrient-rich soil that undergoes the natural process of decomposing organic materials. In fact, a lot of this product is widely available online. However, traditional and organic gardeners tend to sway away from store-bought compost and choose to prepare one on their own. DIY composting is not unusual either; a lot of traditional gardeners tend to make compost out from shredded leaves and kitchen scraps. But not all of those who have tried doing DIY composting like the whole waiting process, saying it is tedious and laborious. Hence, this gave birth to the new gardening equipment - the best compost tumbler.

A traditional compost bin without lid

A traditional compost bin without lid

A best compost tumbler is a container where you will put all the organic materials you want to decompose. It is a fully sealed container, which you can rotate to mix the materials properly. The rotating feature of the tumbler makes the composting process less tedious since you no longer have to turn the compost using a pitchfork. The invention of the compost tumbler makes the entire composting process easier and faster as compared to the old process.

You can use shredded leaves for your compost

You can use shredded leaves for your compost

Compost Tumbler vs. Bin

A lot of people find it difficult to distinguish a compost tumbler from the compost bin. Some would even use the two terms interchangeably. However, the primary difference is actually pretty simple. Compost bins are designed to stand on the ground. They usually have open bottoms as well. The compost tumbler, on the other hand, is fully sealed and are mostly mixed through spinning. Some gardeners choose compost bins because they are a cheaper alternative, but for those individuals who are really serious about their DIY composting project, compost tumblers are a better option.

Top 5 Best Compost Tumbler Reviews

We will discuss more of the benefits of getting a good compost tumbler for your garden, but for now, here are some of the top 5 best compost tumbler reviews you need to check out:

Yimby- Compost Tumbler in Black (37 Gallon)

Yimby- Compost Tumbler in Black (37 Gallon).Via:

First on our list of best compost tumbler for your garden is the 37-gallon black compost tumbler by Yimby. Yimby is a reliable brand which is a trademark of New York Corporation YIMBY, Inc. This plain black compost tumbler is loved by many and has been rated as best compost tumbler on several reviews sites. It is a dual-bin type of compost tumbler as it features two composters, which is specifically designed to mix and turn the compost without using your hand.


  • It has two-chambered composters placed side by side. You can place the ready-to-use compost on one side while you keep adding organic materials on the other side. This two-composters design allows you to have an uninterrupted supply of fresh compost for your garden.
  • It features a durable construction. Moreover, its steel frame is galvanized, making it corrosion-resistant.
  • It also has an excellent aeration feature with adjustable air vents to regulate the oxygen needed for the compost.
  • You can prepare a nutrient-packed compost in as early as two weeks.
  • This product is also environment-friendly as the material used for the drum is recyclable.
  • It is very easy to put together that even beginner gardeners find convenient.


  • It costs a little bit expensive.
  • One customer reveals that he receive the item but wit manufacturing defects. Hence, always check the product upon purchase or delivery to ensure you’ve got the defect-free item.

Envirocycle- Compost Tumbler with Compost Tea Maker

Envirocycle- Compost Tumbler with Compost Tea Maker. Via:

If you are looking for the best compost tumbler that can give you both solid and liquid compost, then this compost tumbler from Envirocycle is perfect for you. It is made from sturdy and durable material n black color. Moreover, the sleek and neat design can be used even inside the apartments. In fact, it is the best compost tumbler for individuals who live in the city or other urban areas.


  • It has a beautiful design, perfect for those living in apartments or houses with small space. Placing it either in your balcony or patio would never be out of place as it has a very innovative design.
  • The material used is BPA-free and rust-safe, making it durable.
  • You no longer have to figure out how to assemble the tumbler as it comes fully assembled.
  • It features a compost tea maker at the base of the product, giving you both solid and liquid compost for your garden.
  • It works well in decomposing materials and is very light; thus, you can move it easily wherever you want.


  • It is very expensive. It is priced as twice as other brands of compost tumbler.
  • It only caters up to 35 gallons of compost.

Lifetime- Compost Tumbler (60058) in Black

Lifetime- Compost Tumbler (60058) in Black. Via:

This compost tumbler from Lifetime features a matte black color. One of its best features is the amount of gallon it can accommodate. With about 80-gallon capacity, it surely is one of the best compost tumbler in town with regards to size.


  • It is made from High-Density Polyethylene, which is a commonly recycled material and is resistant to corrosion.
  • Its spinning axle is made from powder-coated steel which is a protective and decorative finish.
  • It has a total 80-gallon capacity, which is actually double the size of the other compost tumblers brands.
  • You can turn and rotate the tumbler easily.
  • It has a double water panel to absorb and retain the natural heat generated inside the tumbler, making the composting process speed up faster.
  • It is the best compost tumbler for kitchen scraps.


  • A few customers don’t like the plastic screw anchor.
  • It is sometimes confusing to determine which side is the lid wherein you put your compost material. While this may not be a problem for long-time users of compost tumbler, this could pose a problem, especially for those first-time users.

Spin Bin- Black Barrel Style Compost Tumbler

Spin Bin- Black Barrel Style Compost Tumbler. Via:

This easy-to-use compost tumbler is made from the USA and boast a 60-gallon capacity. It has a very simple design but one with great quality material. What’s more is that the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty, which means you can ask for a refund or replacement when you see any defect in the product.


  • It has an aeration feature with 20 slots of ventilations.
  • It also has a dual mixing center for better aeration process.
  • It has a very sturdy powder-coated steel legs that can withhold up to 60 gallons of compost materials.
  • It is very easy to assemble. It also comes with a step-by-step instructions for those who are first-time users of the product.
  • It has a sure-grip lid, protecting your compost from pests and other rodents.


  • Some customers complain about getting an item with damaged lid. While the manufacturer promises to have a sure-grip lid, you can double check if the lid indeed closes securely so that you can ask for a replacement immediately.
  • The screws may rust quickly, so you might want to cover them with a protective coating before using.

Mantis- Easy to Spin Compost Tumbler

Mantis- Easy to Spin Compost Tumbler. Via:

Mantis- Easy to Spin Compost TumblerWith a 37 gallon capacity, this compost tumbler from Mantis has the ideal size for those gardeners with medium sized gardens. It is fully designed with air vents on both sides of the drum. This way, the air can freely enter during the composting process.


  • It has a huge door lid, making it easier for you to fill and remove the compost.
  • It eliminates the usual compost odor.
  • It also features a drainage vents so that you can easily get the compost moisture from the drum.
  • It has a unique design proportioned to make the composting process faster.


  • It is a bit complicated to build.
  • It is a bit expensive but offers fewer features as compared to its competitors.
Avoid using metal compost tumbler as this is susceptible to corrosion

Avoid using metal compost tumbler as this is susceptible to corrosion

Why Buy The Best Compost Tumbler For Your Garden

As mentioned earlier, getting a good compost tumbler can be very beneficial to your garden. This is because the best compost tumbler helps you in the following:

  • It makes the composting process fast. Unlike the traditional composting method in which you need to turn the compost using a pitchfork, all you need to do is to rotate the tumbler to mix the materials inside the container. You no longer have to use your pitchfork, which could take up too much time. Moreover, decomposing organic materials is a lot faster when done is a fully sealed container. This is because the ideal conditions needed for the composting process are met, such as the right temperature and the correct balance of nitrogen and carbon.
  • It keeps your compost pests and rodents-free. Since the container is fully sealed, you can guarantee that no single pests and rodents can enter the container, which affects the quality of your compost.
  • It minimizes the composting odor. Most composts made from the conventional method of composting releases an unpleasant composting smell, which can be very uncomfortable for you and your family. Thus, gardeners with a very sensitive sense of smell are highly recommended to purchase the compost tumbler instead.
  • It offers a wide method of composting. One great advantage of compost tumbler is that it keeps the composting process less messy and dirty. You don’t need a dedicated piece of land in your backyard just to start your very own DIY compost. With the help of the best compost tumbler, you can create a nutrient-packed compost even inside your apartment. This product is perfect for urban homesteaders and city gardeners.
You don’t need gardenfork to mix and turn your compost inside the tumbler

You don’t need gardenfork to mix and turn your compost inside the tumbler

3 Basic Types Of Compost Tumbler

There are 3 basic types of compost tumblers that you can choose from. These are the (1) sealed drum compost tumbler, (2) aerated drum compost tumbler, and (3) dual-bin compost tumbler. Let’s try to go over each of these types one by one.

1. Sealed Drum Compost Tumbler

It is a barrel or drum-like compost tumbler which is usually attached to an axle for easy spinning. It has a feature that allows the compost to flip inside instead of just turning to the other side when spinning the tumbler. This ensures that the compost is turned and mixed properly inside. Some models of this compost tumbler type even have a compost tea feature. It is located in the base section of the tumbler wherein the liquid drain off of the compost are accumulated and used as a liquid fertilizer. Hence, you no longer have to do worm castings and worms fertilizers as you can have your very own liquid fertilizer from your compost tea maker.

Some compost tumblers have air vents for faster decomposition of materials

Some compost tumblers have air vents for faster decomposition of materials

2. Aerated Drum Compost Tumbler

This type of compost tumbler is specifically designed to regulate the air entering your compost materials. A well-regulated air supply in your compost can help speed up the process of decomposing. Therefore, the aerated drum compost tumbler is the best compost tumbler for those who aim to have at least a three-week long composting process. Some models of this type of tumbler have inward-radiating spikes for the center aeration process. The best aerated compost tumbler is the one with the simplest design. Thus, don’t forget to check both the exterior and the interior of the tumbler.

3. Dual-Bin Compost Tumbler

The dual-bin compost tumbler is yet another type of compost tumbler. As the name entails, the tumbler has two bins placed side by side but in one rotating drum. Although some find this type a bit smaller and with the least space inside, this compost tumbler is the best compost tumbler for those who want to achieve a natural heat generated compost. This is because the thick sides of the tumblers, conserve the natural heat that is generated inside, which makes the whole composting process a lot faster than the usual. Some models have two bins in a single door cover while others have two bins in separate door cover.

Plants with organic compost grow healthy and safe to eat

Plants with organic compost grow healthy and safe to eat


Making your own plans for your gardens indeed needs a lot of preparations. If you decide to make your own compost, then having the best compost tumbler is the way to go. It helps you make unlimited supply of compost for your garden. Moreover, it saves you money and time from buying fertilizers and pitching the compost by hand. Out of the 5 on the list, I personally recommended the Yimby compost tumbler. Not only is it one of the cheapest option, but it also very durable and can decompose organic materials in as early as two weeks.

Have you tried using compost tumbler before? Which brand is your favorite? Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share!

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