Best COB Led Grow Light For Successful Indoor Gardening

The chip-on-board or commonly known as COB LED lights are, as the name suggests, numerous LED chips mounted singly on a board to form a unitary module. While fundamentally they are many smaller LED lights, packing them together in a singular module makes them a single source of light.

Where ordinary LED grow lights can work alright, best COB LED grow lights can actually work wonders for your garden!

Why Cob Led Grow Lights For Your Garden?

The usage of COB LED grow lights is quite modern in its nature. Previously, the growers used halide lamps, fluorescent lights or sodium ion lamps to serve the purpose.

However, the trend shifted to LED grow lights as they required less power, increased yields substantially and were friendly to the indoor ecosystem of the garden too.

Take a step further and you’ll have COB LED grow lights as the latest technology in indoor horticulture. This is due to some very obvious reasons.

I. Longer Lifespan

II. Better Light Quality

III. PAR Spectrum Light Emission

IV. Consistent Light Intensity

V. Better Light Distribution

VI. Heat Dissipation Mechanism

How To Use Cob Led Lights To Get The Most?

After you have bought COB LED grow lights, the next technical yet important step is setting them up for maximized yields. Just follow the steps mentioned below and you’ll be in safe zones.

  • Setup The Cpu Cooler To Regulate Cooling

CPU coolers are extremely necessary if you want regulated heat dissipation. Attach CPU Cooler with the heat sink board properly. If you are using an old CPU Cooler, make sure you wipe out all dust from it before usage.

  • Keep Cobs Clean At All Times

COBs ought to be kept clean at all times so that they keep on functioning properly. Carefully apply thermal paste on the back of COB and clean out all the dust.

Repeat the process once in a month for maximum efficiency.

  • Mount The Cooling System

Use a DC adapter and connect it to the corresponding terminals of cooling fans. Make sure the connections aren’t loose and keep them dry. For a trial, turn it on to see if the fans are pushing air well enough.

  • Connect The Ac And Dc Adapter

Cross check all the wirings and connections. Connect the AC and DC adapters and turn the light on for a test trial. See if the CPU fans are getting the required threshold voltage of 12V and the lights are giving off adequate light.

Our Picks For Best Cob Led Grow Lights 2018

There may be a lot many of COB LED grow lights in the market each vowing to be the best but the following are what we believe are actually leaders.

Roleadro 400W COB Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

Roleadro 400W COB Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. Via:

Roleadro COB LED grow light has a long list of features that make it a better choice than other grow lights.


  • Roleadro LED grow light gives off light in full spectrum which ensures that the plants get all the required radiations of light. In the case of other grow they are only limited to visible spectrums. However, plants require light in infrared and UV spectrums too in various phases of growth cycle.
  • Roleadro LED grow light uses significantly less power and reduce the cost while increasing the coverage and light intensity adequately. It means lesser cost and more yields!
  • Reflector cup design of Roleadro LED grow light ensures maximum light dissipation and reduces PAR lost due to irregular reflections. Targeted light leads to better and faster growth and better returns of course.
  • Roleadro LED grow lights are installed with high quality Epiled LEDs that exactly replicate the sunlight to cover up all their nutritional requirements.
  • It is also installed with 2 cooling fans to keep the ecosystem balanced even if the LED lights are working for 18-20hrs a day.


  • The only drawback of Roleadro LED grow lights is that some customers had bad experiences with cooling system fans. The fans got overheated but that was partly because of loose ends in assembling.

Morsen MAX4 1200W COB Led Grow Light

Morsen MAX4 1200W COB Led Grow Light. Via:

Morsen MAX4 COB Led Grow Lights are very commonly used for indoor gardening because they are cheap as well as efficient.


  • Morsen MAX4 COB Led Grow Light is equipped with high efficiency COB chip that gives off high intensity light without cosuming much power. This power saving feature is why it is loved by horticulturists a lot!
  • It gives off uniform colored light of all spectrums that are necessary for ideal growth. Also the customers have reported it to be extremely beneficial in propagation phase of growth.
  • Morsen MAX4 COB Led Grow Light has a built-in heat sink that ensures effective heat dissipation. Also it is designed as such that appropriate heat management increases the expected lifespan of led grow light by working efficiently.
  • The manufacturers also offer 3 years warranty on the LED light itself as well as 30 days return guarantee if the product doesn’t meet your expectations.


  • The only visible con of Morsen MAX4 COB Led Grow Lights as mentioned by customers was the dying light which in some incidents grew dimmer with the passage of time.

King X4 1200W COB LED Grow Light

King X4 1200W COB LED Grow Light. Via:

King X4 1200W COB LED Grow Light is one of the lights that have over the years won trust of customers by giving the best results in lowest costs.


  • King X4 1200W COB LED Grow Light is most recommended for larger gardens and commercial usage as it optimizes the profits by emitting high quality and nutritionally healthy light for the plants. Most horticulturists use it in the flowering season due to its growth abilities.
  • Although, King X4 1200W COB LED Grow Light has a large coverage area and lumen output, it can work perfectly well in power as low as 215W which makes it a better choice.
  • Above all, it is the latest among the COB LED lights in the market with up-to-date technology that make it a lot more efficient and long-lasting.
  • King X4 1200W COB LED Grow Light has the best customer support and maintenance services. You can also contact them via email or customer guidance helpline.


  • Just in the case of King X4 1200W COB LED Grow Lights, we found no cons as it has everything perfectly and neatly assembled and has been enjoying 5 star customer rating since long!

Anjeet 1200W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light

Anjeet 1200W Full Spectrum COB LED Grow Light. Via:

Anjeet COB LED Grow Light is one of the very few LED grow lights that can function well enough on low voltage supply such as UPS or HPS.


  • Anjeet COB LED Grow Light is highly recommended during the vegetative stage of plant growth as it gives off light of high luminosity. Also, experts recommend it for the flowering phase as it provides the plant with exactly the light spectrums it requires. You can call it a five star buffet for the plants!
  • Anjeet COB LED Grow Light is also unique and loved by gardeners because of its cooling system. Its fans are efficient and can continue to expel heat for days without any chances of burning out in between.
  • Anjeet COB LED Grow Light is installed with optical reflectors that increase the PAR value of emitted spectrum.


  • Many customers found Anjeet COB LED Grow Lights to work well on low voltage supply but they found that the light wasn’t as much powerful at low voltage.
  • Cases of malfunctioning while using HPS with Anjeet COB LED Grow Lights are also reported.

HollandStar LED Grow Light

HollandStar LED Grow Light. Via:

HollandStar LED Grow Light is really one of the lights that have high lumen output and still don’t dissipate much heat thanks to their upgraded heat sinks. It is also well known for its dim but highly effective light.


  • HollandStar LED Grow Light is equipped with upgraded aluminum heat sinks and high speed cooling fans that make it 70% cooler than normal HID lights.
  • It is also designed as such that it effectively maintains a healthy balance between PAR and coverage so maximum number of plants get the adequate amount of light.
  • Its light seems dim or customers think they aren’t working but they are actually are what I do like in blooming and flowering phase. They really make the plants grow!
  • HollandStar LED Grow Light have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours which is the highest among any kind of LED grow light. It definitely means that these lights are meant to stay.


  • HollandStar LED Grow Lights are very good in operation but sometimes they do blow the fuse due to high output for long usage. In this case the manufacturers recommend to time the usage of the lights regularly.


Despite the fact that COB LED grow lights are costly, they are certainly more powerful, more efficient and most importantly, they can pay off the money you invest in them in no time! Among all the COB LED grow lights we have reviewed, we will definitely say King X4 1200W COB LED Grow Light is a gem that can work economically in a better way while consuming lesser power but producing higher lumen outputs. It is also highly recommended because even after buying, your connection with the manufacturer is fast and intact. You can always look back for guidance. However, if you want to have something else HollandStar LED Grow Light is also quite good. It has a highly effective cooling system and works best for flowering phases. You can also have a combination of these two lights to suit your needs. For more gardening tips, be sure to head over Bargain Hunter's blog. The site has the latest content on gardening tips and other gadgets that help you manage your garden more effectively.

About the Author: Shan Arain CEO and Founder at Hampton Bay Official and a certified horticulturist from Nanjing Agriculture University, is here to help you out in your gardening ventures. He believes that a gardener is actually nurturing his soul when he is busy in garden and is looking forward to help you do your job in the best possible manner.

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