Best 600w HPS Bulb For Flowering That Are Worth Every Cent

Looking for the best bulb for your flower garden? Check out our review of the best 600w HPS bulbs to help you choose the bulb that fits your needs.

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Our Top pick for the Best 600w HPS bulb for flowering is the ever remarkable Eye Hortilux 600-Watt Super HPS Grow Bulb!

Eye Hortilux 600w HPS Grow Bulb

Eye Hortilux 600w has always been known to be the get-go of every indoor grower. With its reputation for producing high-quality yields with their durable bulbs, it did not come as a surprise to introduce this lighting product as the Best 600w HPS bulb for flowering.

The Hortilux 600w HPS bulb has set the standard and paved the way for all other flowering bulbs to follow. Hortilux 600w HPS bulbs have been on the lead for years because of their noticeably bigger, wider, fuller, and healthier flowers, which are constant in various growth cycles, making it cost-effective and time-saving. Check out our top 5 picks for the Best 600w HPS bulbs for flowering in the table below.

Our chosen 5 The Five Best 600w HPS bulbs that you need for your growing indoor garden

Top 5 Best 600w HPS Bulb Comparison Table

Key Features of Eye Hortilux 600w HPS Bulb

What sets Eye Hortilux bulbs apart from other brands is their commitment to their customers by helping them achieve their goals of producing quality flowers while maintaining and continually developing their products.

Eye Hortilux 600w along with Hortilux 200w, 400w, and 1000w has long been used by experts and novice growers alike. Hortilux’ continued excellence is proof of the market’s positive response to their products. In order to meet the high expectations of the public, Eye Hortilux bulbs continually improve and develop new features for their lamps and lights.

Customers will always be loyal to products with guaranteed high quality and excellence

Customers will always be loyal to products with guaranteed high quality and excellence

  • Best Features

Eye Hortilux 600w HPS Bulb’s features include:

  • An exclusive Eye Hortilux Spectrum,
  • An e-ballast compatibility,
  • A one-year warranty,
  • Guaranteed quality standard,
  • Patented and environment-friendly design, and
  • 100% lead-free lights.

Hortilux 600w has also passed tests criteria as non-hazardous waste and standards from Federal EPA. Hortilux is a product guaranteed made in the USA.

Why We Love the Eye Hortilux 600w?

Another reason why Eye Hortilux HPS grow bulb is the best 600-Watt HPS Bulb is because this bulb contains less mercury than other grow lights. Compared to standard bulbs with high-pressure lights, Hortilux puts off more than 25 percent energy in colors like violet, blue, and colors with shades of green.

A variety of spectrum colors is important to produce high-quality yields

A variety of spectrum colors is important to produce high-quality yields

It features a wide variety of spectrum colors that help promote healthy and vigorous plant growth. However, this light bulb can be a bit too bright; it is advised for users not to stare directly at the bulb for long periods of time to protect your eyes. The uses of protective gears such as grow room glasses can be helpful in keeping your eyes protected while using these extremely powerful bulbs.

Using Hortilux 600w also comes with benefits such as the positive effect it has on flowers. It is noticed that upon using Hortilux 600w bulb, flowers became bigger, fuller, and more attractive. Hortilux also has the feature to continuously produce the same high-quality output over numerous cycles. This means that it would both be cost-effective and time-saving to use Hortilux.

Wasted time is wasted money and opportunity

Wasted time is wasted money and opportunity

Hortilux 600w along with other Hortilux bulbs are designed to provide 17% more spectral energy than the others that produces spectral balance for increased plant response and accelerated growth. Hence, you can speed up the growth of your flowers using this bulb. Impressive right?

Top Rated 600w HPS Bulb for Flowering Reviews

Eye Hortilux 600w HPS Grow Bulb

Eye Hortilux 600w HPS Grow Bulb. Via:

EYE Hortilux is our top choice for the best 600w hps bulb for a reason. EYE Hortilux a leading HPS bulb provider with an eye for quality and excellence. The brand itself features impressive lines of HPS bulbs in 400w, 600w, and 1000w. Though EYE Hortilux 600w is a bit expensive than most brands of its kind, its users are satisfied with the product’s performance.


  • It is energy-efficient which has 25% more energy than other HPS lamps.
  • It provides the optimum spectral energy levels to plants, thanks to its combination of Super HPS and the Metal Ace conversion lamp.
  • It passes the EPA and TCLP test criteria and is considered to be a non-hazardous waste.
  • It works as a 600w hps bulb and ballast.
  • It has a very wide color spectrum as compared to standard sodium bulbs.
  • It is energy efficient.
  • It contains less mercury.
  • The color spectrum of the bulb is ideal for growing flowers and cannabis.
  • It can sustain up to 24,000 hours of total use.
  • It works with most grow setups.


  • It is expensive.
  • The light bulb’s surface can easily be scratched.
  • It is fragile and delicate and requires proper handling.
  • It generates a lot of heat.
  • The bulb is so bright it can be hard to work around.

Apollo Horticulture 600w Grow Light Bulb Lamp

Apollo Horticulture 600w Grow Light Bulb Lamp. Via:

Apollo Horticulture is a well-known brand not just because of the best 1000w hps bulb for flowering but as well as its great value 600w HPS bulb product. Because of the impressive features this HPS bulb for flowering such as proper ventilation and growth stimulating factor, it’s no wonder why Apollo Horticulture 600w landed on our list of best HPS for flowering.


  • This High-Pressure Sodium's Light Spectrum is excellent for your flower garden.
  • It features 2000K Red-Orange Spectrum.
  • It has 24,000 Hours Lamp Life and 110V power voltage.
  • This emits a 2000K red-orange spectrum which helps promote better and more sufficient cannabis flowering.
  • This bulb is ideal for hydroponic growing and is compatible with both electronic or digital and magnetic ballasts.
  • It is also compatible with dimmable ballasts.
  • It has a High lumen Output.
  • It offers great durability.


  • You need to wait at least 3-5 mins after startup to fully warm up the bulb.
  • The ballast should be around the same amount of wattage as the bulb used.

iPower 600w Full Spectrum HPS Bulb

iPower 600w Full Spectrum HPS Bulb. Via:

Looking for an HPS bulb with great quality? Then iPower 600w HPS bulb should be on your list. This flowering HPS bulb is tear and rust resistant. This particular HPS bulb is ideal for both flowering and fruiting purposes— thanks to its Photosynthetic Active Radiation.


  • It has High Lumen Output of 60,000 Lumens output
  • It is specially designed for Plant growth
  • It has blue & violet light spectrum in 6,000K, as well as high Photosynthetic Active Radiation.
  • It features extra-low Lumen Depreciation and maintains about 90% of initial lumen output.
  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a Long bulb life of 12,000 hours total.
  • It has a 1-year warranty.

VIVOSUN 600w HPS Bulb with Red and Orange Spectrums

VIVOSUN 600w HPS Bulb with Red and Orange Spectrums. Via:

VIVOSUN 600w HPS bulb is not only packed with great features, it is also one of the most affordable HPS bulbs on the market recently. But don’t be fooled by its low price. Although it’s not the best performing HPS bulb on the list, this HPS bulb lamp can still support your flower garden when installed properly.


  • The 600W VIVOSUN HPS bulb has 90000 Lumens and E39 Base.
  • It has an optimized spectrum (red & orange) and high Photosynthetic Active Radiation to stimulate flower growth and enhance fruiting.
  • After running for 5,000 hours, it retains 90% of the initial lumen output.
  • It has a total lifetime of 24,000 hours.


  • Many users report a high heat output from the powering unit itself.
  • The yield for plants is slow.

Ushio Enhanced Performance 600w HPS Lamp

Ushio Enhanced Performance 600w HPS Lamp. Via:

Last, but definitely not the least, on our list of best HPS bulb for flowering is the enhanced performance 600w HPS lamp from Ushio. Ushio is a market leader whose specialty is in lighting. May it be LED, infrared, or HPS lamp, Ushio is a brand to watch out for.


  • It is a 600-watt super high output HPS that features a maximized output in both Red and blue color spectral range.
  • The Ushio 600w is definitely strong in the red spectrum, which is known to be a full spectrum light.
  • This bulb can be used for your vegetable garden and flower garden.
  • It emits less heat as compared to other HPS bulb brands.


  • A lot of its users are not happy with its high price.
  • This bulb has an issue with poor packaging, which may affect the bulb’s performance.

Things You Should Know About HPS Grow Bulbs

High-Pressure Sodium or HPS was first invented in 1964 as a light technology. Ever since its invention, HPS bulbs were popular, applied in the industrial lighting industry, and were also used as grow lights for plants. Manufacturing facilities were also known for using these types of bulbs.

Inside the tubes of HPS bulbs are the elements, xenon, sodium, and mercury. These elements are often used to improve and enhance the light spectrum. An HPS bulb is kept at very high levels of pressure to increase its efficiency.

How to Use 600w Grow Bulbs And ballast?

The most common way of turning on an HPS bulb is to begin it with a pulse. The elements that are found in the tubes of HPS bulbs— xenon, sodium, and mercury— work together to light up the bulb.

  • The process starts with xenon gas starting the arc by using that pulse, once the arc is on, the lamp will turn into a light shade of color blue. The mercury, which was gradually heated by the arc, will then light up and emit a bluish color to the bulb.
  • Once the bulb gets hot and the sodium begins to vaporize, an arc will be forced to reach over 240 degrees Celsius (450 degrees Fahrenheit), which will result in a combination of sodium and other chemicals to produce a ‘white’ light.
  • Similarly, the Mercury will add its blue light to the natural yellow spectrum.
High-Pressure Sodium technology is widely chosen due to the power of the light that will offer spectrum which could help your garden plants grow very well

High-Pressure Sodium technology is widely chosen due to the power of the light that will offer spectrum which could help your garden plants grow very well

To this day, there are various kinds of flowering bulbs that come in different sizes and promises different yield. To make an informed decision, you have to enlighten yourself on these matters and read through reviews and blogs that could help you with the process.

Nowadays, there are tons of bulbs available so that you will have more opportunities to choose from. There are also 400, 600, and 1000 Watt bulbs that are very popular with all types of indoor gardening.


The key to acquiring better yield results is to look for the right bulb that suits your garden needs. Gather enough information, do your research, and weigh all of your options. HPS bulbs are not cheap; they are highly expensive light technologies that are very important for the growth of your garden.

A poor decision could lead to bad outcomes. Take your time and think before you choose the best 600w HPS light bulb for you and your garden

A poor decision could lead to bad outcomes. Take your time and think before you choose the best 600w HPS light bulb for you and your garden

Before deciding and purchasing your chosen bulb, always consider reading through reviews and studies related to the item for added information. It is never wrong to arm yourself with facts to help you make a sound decision.

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Hopefully, this best 600w hps bulb review has helped you decide which HPS bulb to buy. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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