The Best 400W HPS Bulb For Flowering Reviews & Guide

best 400w hps bulb reviews

HPS bulbs are great for flowering stage because of the yellow light spectrum. We’ve got 5 picks of the best 400w HPS bulb brands to support your plant’s flowering phase.

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While most people still prefer to grow their plants in an actual garden, growing plants indoors has its own benefits, especially when the weather is bad. If you want to have an indoor garden instead of the usual outdoor one, then you’d know that one of the most important pieces of equipment to have is a good grow light. If you’re pretty new to indoor gardening, our list of the best 400w hps bulb for flowering will be especially helpful.

Check Out Our Top Pick For The Best 400W HPS Bulb For Flowering Stage!

EyeHortilux HX66620 Super Spectrum Bulb

Our favorite is the EyeHortilux HX66620 Super Spectrum Bulb. With its high optimizing spectral energy levels, it has enough power to really help plants bloom. In fact, it has more power than the violet, green, and blue spectrums of the other brands of high-pressure lamps. Not only is EyeHortilux bulb produces strong light but it’s also very safe, as it is free of lead and completely eco-friendly.

The Importance Of A Good 400 Watt HPS Bulb For A Plant’s Flowering Stage

Now that you have an idea as to why we chose the EyeHortillux as our top pick, you may be asking yourself why is an HPS bulb good for plants in the flowering stage?

One thing to take note of is that each phase of a plant reacts differently to different lights. That’s why not all lights and heat levels are good for certain stages of growth in a plant. You have to make sure that the light you pick suits the plant and the stage it is in. The blue lights in the spectrum, in particular, are not very good for the flowering stage or the production of buds and fruits. Cool blue light spectrum is best for vegetative stage.

An HPS (high-pressure sodium) bulb, on the other hand, lacks blue light in its spectrum, so it’s good for the flowering stage. Other than that, it also emits very strong yellow light, which is very conducive for budding. This is why HPS bulbs are the most popular lights that most gardeners use whenever they want their plants to bud. Another thing about HPS bulbs is that they’re really strong. With a strong wattage of 400W, these bulbs emit a lot of heat that stimulates bud growth.

Want to take a quick look at the top 5 brands on our list? Check out the comparison table below!

Comparison Table Of The 5 Best 400W HPS Bulbs For Flowering








EyeHortilux HX66620 Super Spectrum Bulb

​​EyeHortilux HX66620 Super Spectrum Bulb​​​

Editor's Choice



Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS400 Grow Light Bulb


Ultra-Sun 901528 HPS Lamp


SPL Horticulture Stbh 1000 Grow Lamp


Plantmax PX LU-400 HPS Light

Top 5 Brand Review: The Best 400 Watts HPS Bulbs For Flowering

EyeHortilux HX66620 Super Spectrum Bulb

EyeHortilux HX66620 Super Spectrum Bulb. Via:

EyeHortilux HX66620 Super Spectrum Bulb is designed to be really powerful so that plants can bloom and flower beautifully. In fact, it can be used as the main source of light for your plants for optimal growth. It has an efficiency that is almost at par with LED lights. It is even compatible with ballasts and reflectors for higher intensity.


  • It has 25% more power than the blue, green, and violet lights of other HPS brands.
  • It has a high lumen count of 55,000.
  • It has a very high intensity with power 17% stronger than other types of light.
  • It has no lead.
  • It is overall environment-friendly and non-toxic.


  • It has to be changed every year as it burns out quite quickly.

Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS400 Grow Light Bulb

Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS400 Grow Light Bulb. Via:

This horticulture grow light bulb is specially made for hydroponic plant growth with its 2000k Red-Orange spectrum. This is especially useful if you’re growing a lot of hydroponic plants under one grow tent. Because of this, it’s known for its higher power of 110 volts and can last for a total of 24,000 hours before burning out.


  • It has a power of 400 watts.
  • It is compatible with both magnetic and electronic ballasts.
  • It has a 2000k Red to Orange Spectrum for hydroponics.
  • It can last 24,000 hours before busting.


  • They burn out faster when heated.
  • It has a short 90-day warranty.
  • The metal base is not very sturdy.

Ultra-Sun 901528 HPS Lamp

Ultra-Sun 901528 HPS Lamp. Via:

If you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable grow lamp that doesn’t cost too much, this is the one to look for. It has a pretty good power that’s enough for helping plants bud in the flowering and fruiting stages. Unlike most bulbs, this one can last pretty long— sometimes even more than a year depending on the usage.


  • It has a 2000 Kelvin degree, which is great for budding plants.
  • It has a long shelf life of more than a year.
  • It has a very sturdy metal base and also the top.
  • It’s very affordable.


  • When it comes to overall power, there are other brands that can perform better.

SPL Horticulture Stbh 1000 Grow Lamp

SPL Horticulture Stbh 1000 Grow Lamp. Via:

The SPL Horticulture Grow Lamp sports a special feature known as the Photosynthetic Active Radiation for an optimized light intensity that is ideal for indoor gardening. This feature allows you to grow a really wide range of plants including marijuana and cannabis. It’s also ideal for plants that produce flowers and fruits. It’s also known for its high lumen per watt performance, making it pretty strong for the flowering and fruiting stages of the plants.


  • It makes use of a Photosynthetic Active Radiation for optimized light strength.
  • It has a lifetime of 24,000 hours.
  • It has a total color temperature of 2000 Kelvin.
  • It can be used with any 400-watt electronic ballasts.
  • It consumes only a small amount of energy but gives full power.


  • It burns out pretty easily.
  • When heated up too much, the glass cracks or scratches.

Plantmax PX LU-400 HPS Light

Plantmax PX LU-400 HPS Light. Via:

While most of the HPS lamps concentrate on high power and high heat, the Plantmax has a high lumen count of 50,000 but has a lower temperature to avoid burning out. It has an average life of 24,000 hours but may last even longer than that. It also has a universal burn position and optimal glass size of ET18 with wide dimensions.


  • It uses lower temperature with high wattage.
  • It has a long life of 24,000 hours or more.
  • It has an initial lumen count of 50,000.
  • It has a universal burn position.
  • It has a correlated color temperature of 2,000.


  • Other brands have more power.

Key Features Of Our Top Pick - Eyehortilux HX66620 Super Spectrum Bulb

  • Optimized Spectral Energy

The optimized spectral energy allows this bulb to distribute light (across different spectrums) that is stronger than the other regular HPS lamps. This allows it to provide high heat and light for a healthy budding of the flowers. The optimized spectral energy of the HPS light allows it to have a total power that is 17% stronger than most other HPS bulbs. Also, EyeHortilux’s Optimized Spectral Energy feature promises better yields and energy savings.

  • Environmentally Friendly Materials

Because it’s made from environmentally friendly materials, it can be recycled and disposed of pretty easily. Unlike most of the HPS lights found on the market, EyeHortilux lamps do not contain any lead and have very low levels of mercury, making it a non-hazardous waste according to the EPA and the TCLP standard.

  • High Lumen Count

Lumens are used to measure the amount of visible light shown by a lightbulb. For an indoor gardening, the stronger the light, the more effective it is for the plants. The EyeHortilux Super HPS Bulb has one of the highest lumen counts on the list with a total count of 55,000, making it very strong and efficient for the budding phase.

  • High Color Temperature

Most of the HPS lights on the market (or on this list for that matter) all have a color temperature of 2000 K or Kelvin. The EyeHortilux HX66620 Super Spectrum Bulb takes it up a notch and offers 2100 K for its color temperature, which adds to its spectral energy and overall heat. This is why this brand of HPS light is known for emitting the most heat energy to plants.

400-watt HPS light bulbs are especially good for growing plants such as cannabis or marijuana

The Pros And Cons Of HPS Grow Lights

Of course, HPS lights aren’t perfect, which is why we always mix and match HPS bulbs with other types depending on the situation. However, if you really want to go deep into indoor gardening, it’s important to know the advantages and disadvantages of using HPS lights so that you’ll know when to use it and when not to use it. You’ll also understand how effective they are for certain situations.

  • Advantages:

  • HPS lamps are easier to look for and shop for because almost all grow light manufacturers offer this type of grow light.
  • HPS lamps are extremely powerful as compared to many other indoor gardening lamps and can produce an immense amount of heat.
  • HPS lamps often produce high yields and high budding rates, especially among the bigger plants in the garden.
  • HPS lamps are significantly cheaper than LED lights but are equally as effective.
  • HPS lamps are specially made for flowering because of the strong yellow spectrum light they produce.
  • Disadvantages:

  • Most HPS lamps use up a lot of energy which may shoot up your monthly electric bill. Hence, it is important to choose the HPS bulb that is energy-saving.
  • HPS lamps tend to burn out quickly, so you may have to replace them every year.
  • Because of the immense heat HPS lamps generate, you’ll need to increase ventilation in your indoor garden.
  • The immense heat it produces is not good for the initial growing phase of a plant although it’s great for the flowering stage.

As you can see, the crowning factor of an HPS lamp lies in its power and heat intensity. This is why HPS lamps are a favorite to use for plants in the flowering stage, especially marijuana/cannabis.

However, we can also see that the intensity is not good for the younger stages of the plant’s life. So, HPS lamps do serve their purpose, which is to stimulate bud growth. By using HPS lamps and other types of lamps when appropriate, you’ll definitely be able to grow a healthy and robust indoor garden.

The length of the bulb will determine the coverage of light on the plants

The length of the bulb will determine the coverage of light on the plants


If you want to become an indoor gardener, then you have to know your equipment by heart. HPS lamps are extremely important to the growth of your indoor plants because they need the right amount of heat and light, especially in certain stages of their growth.

If you’re looking for the best 400w HPS bulb for your garden, then we recommend you choose the EyeHortillux bulb as it has the most advanced features that can fully support the flowering stage of your plants.

With that said, we hope our review has helped you pick out the best 400w hps bulb for your very own indoor garden. You’ll surely grow your garden well as long as you have the right technique and the best equipment that you can get your hands on. So, make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for when you buy an HPS bulb.

If you want to get a stronger bulb, you can check out our 600 watt hps bulb reviews as your reference.

Thanks for reading our article and happy growing!

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