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The Ultimate Secret to Growing Chives: The Gardener’s Guide

Chives are amazing plants to grow because growing them isn’t a tedious task; planting them is a great way to make your kids learn the basics of gardening. Not only do they have beautiful blossoms (onion chives have purple flowers while garlic chives have white flowers); they are also wonderful cooking ingredients (and here are recipes to prove it).

Chives are not only for eating but are also for decoration

Chives are not only for eating but are also for decoration

In fact, the whole plant is edible! The leaves are the most versatile, possessing a strong flavor that can be easily incorporated as a garnish to soups and salads among many other dishes; the bulbs of the plant can be used as mild onion and garlic substitutes; and the flowers could be used to add color to your salads or make chive blossom vinegar.


Top 9 Best Plants To Combine With Tomato Plant

Tomato is a vining plant that is typically known for its edible and succulent fruits. It has several varieties that grow in different colors and sizes across the globe. Tomato is a staple ingredient for different types of dishes and recipes, whether as a garnish or the base of the sauces. It is also added to salads, sandwiches, and even burgers, or it can be eaten and enjoyed as it is.

Ripe tomatoes in the garden with natural light

Ripe tomatoes in the garden with natural light

Mimosa Tree: The Fascinating Shade Provider

Summer is almost here. For us gardeners, this is great news. July is a month during which we can enjoy the multitude of colors, flavors and smells of our gardens. One can enjoy this environment and make it even brighter under a 100% natural parasol thanks to the mimosa tree.

This majestic tree flourishes during summer and offers more volume and lovely fragrance to every backyard. Provided you have enough space, I highly recommend you to go for the “silky tree” (the other name of it) as it can be planted everywhere and only needs minimal care.

Mimosa tree 2

5 Best Hydroponics Systems We Highly Recommend. The Wonders of a Good Hydroponics System

Tired of your usual garden? Want to have a high-yield opportunity but only got small space. Do you want a more environment-friendly garden system? The Hydroponic system is not as complicated as its name suggests. In this article, we will give you the list of the best hydroponics systems in the market.

This is an organic hydroponic vertical garden with leafy plants

This is an organic hydroponic vertical garden with leafy plants

How To Prepare Your Garden For The Summer

Whether you’re a fresh-faced novice or a green-fingered pro, all gardeners will benefit from making a plan for their summer work!

You might have already spent the spring planting, cleaning up and tidying but there are still plenty of little things to be done to ensure that you can make the most of the summer months in the garden.​

Any excuse to get outside, right?​

Read on for our list of the best things to do if you want to prepare your garden for the summer.​

Plan out what, where and when you will plant your veg

Plan out what, where and when you will plant your veg


5 Best Grafting Tools Perfect For Both Pro And Newbie Gardeners

At the mere mention of gardening, one would initially think that what you need are gardening tools used for planting. If you thought the same thing, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Gardening entails more than just simple digging of soil nor watering of plants. It also involves taking care of plants while it is still in the process of growing, especially if you want to grow them more for commercial purposes.

5 Useful Tips To Grow A Perfect Garden Tent

Together with the advancement of technology, gardening has also exceeded its potential. Today, people have discovered various ways to do gardening indoors and still provide the same environment for the plants outside to those plants confined. There are two mostly used ways in planting indoors, first is the use of a grow box, wherein everything is controlled by technology and is made to be permanent; second is the use of a grow tent, grow tents function similar to a grow box, however, it is made up of fabric, thus, making it easily taken apart.

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