Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler Review: A Closer Look At Its Pros And Cons

Find out the latest review about the Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler and know why owning one is an advantage for you and your developing garden.

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The Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler​​​

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A type of traveling sprinkler watering an entire lawn

A type of traveling sprinkler watering an entire lawn

Nowadays, a lot of people put a lot effort and time in their gardens. After all, this is one effective way of relieving stress. Taking care of a garden is one of the most rewarding moments a person could experience, especially when it’s thriving. However, doing so will require some of your time and energy. If you have a large garden, tending to your plants and flowers can be a taxing day-to-day activity. Thus, it’s important that you equip yourself with the most advanced and efficient tools for gardening.

It’s important to choose the most efficient mode for watering your lawn

It’s important to choose the most efficient mode for watering your lawn

While traditional gardening is preferred by die-hard garden enthusiasts, there is nothing wrong with spending some money on a traveling lawn sprinkler, automatic light fixtures, garden pond filter, or on any upgraded gardening feature. Certainly, incorporating one or two of these tools will make your work easier and faster without compromising the outcome. If you want to purchase an equipment now, you can try getting a lawn tractor sprinkler. This is currently one of the most purchased gardening items as of today. Specifically, I suggest that you choose the Nelson raintrain traveling sprinkler. If you are interested in this particular tractor sprinkler, this guide will provide you with all the necessary details that you need to know.

Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler: The Latest Review

Lately, reviews from YouTube, forums, and other online sites have been circulating around the internet about how awesome it is to own a Nelson raintrain traveling sprinkler. People who have bought this traveling sprinkler have posted their own video that talks about this model and how traveling sprinklers work, in general, and mostly their opinions are quite positive. Here’s a short description of the Nelson raintrain traveling sprinkler and its pros and cons:

The Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler

The Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler. Via:

  • Its body is made of a die-cast material, and the hose fittings from brass; hence, it’s not prone to rust.
  • The sprinkler arms can be modified to accommodate your water angle or arc preference, which allows you to cover a 15-50 foot throw.
  • This tractor watering sprinkler has a coverage area of 13,500 square feet.


If you want a handy sprinkler, the Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler will be a great addition to your garden. Here are its pros:

  • This tractor watering sprinkler can conveniently navigate on its own without you doing anything.
  • It covers 200 feet of area and will stop once it finishes its track.
  • The tractor parts are specifically designed to evenly distribute enough water on your lawn.
  • It doesn’t require constant attention other than occasional checking and the initial setup.
  • The Nelson raintrain traveling sprinkler instructions are easy to understand.
  • It is highly durable and comes with accessible replacement parts.
  • You can easily buy one from online shops or from your local gardening stores and hardware.


Although it’s an efficient gardening tool that you can rely on, it has its own flaws as well. Luckily, these imperfections can easily be avoided or are fixable. Here are its cons:

  • Curvy placement of the hose can possibly derail your tractor.
  • It needs a strong water pressure to function effectively.
  • Your lawn must be free from pine cones or huge sticks because it can stop the tractor on its tracks, which will eventually create a hole if you don’t remove the obstacles immediately.
  • It’s a little expensive.
Sprinklers can equally water a huge lawn without wasting your resources

Sprinklers can equally water a huge lawn without wasting your resources

Should You Buy a Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler?

Judging from the pros and cons above, getting the Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler would be a great addition to your garden. If you have the budget, there is no reason for you not to buy this sprinkler. It is extremely durable, so it’s a good investment in the long run. Plus, it only needs minimal attention since it can work on its own. Also, it comes with a simple manual that doesn’t require too much studying. However, if you want to finish watering your lawn immediately, this is not for you. Depending on how large your lawn is, watering an entire yard with this tractor will take hours to complete.

Company Background

Nelson is a company brand that creates innovative tools to make garden care convenient. Also, this brand makes environment-friendly items so that their clients can stop wasting resources. Thus, they make some of the most efficient products out on the market today.

Unlike this rusty watering can, traveling sprinklers aren’t prone to corrosion

Unlike this rusty watering can, traveling sprinklers aren’t prone to corrosion

What Type Of Sprinklers Do They Offer?

Nelson has two kinds of sprinklers that you can choose from. Here’s a little information about each item:

1. Rain Train Cast Iron

  • Covers an area up to 13,500 ft2
  • Can travel up to 200 ft
  • Has a cast-iron body
  • Has a chip-resistant property with a powder paint coating
  • Has an adjustable spray arm that can cover a 15-50 ft. area
  • Has a low, neutral, and high-speed option
  • Can automatically shut down
  • Comes with a manual

2. Rain Train Rezimar

The Rezimar sprinkler has the same properties and features with the Rain Train Cast Iron. The only difference between the two is how their bodies are made. Although both as a cast-iron frame, the Rezimar is different in the sense that its body is filled with concrete. Both are equally efficient though.

Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler Warranty

As long as you have the product, you can get a warranty for any defective parts on the tractor or if its workmanship is not satisfying, but damages from incidents are not covered. However, warranty coverage and legal rights might differ from state to state, so consider calling the Nelson warranty service for more details.

With the Nelson Raintrain, you wouldn’t have to undergo manual watering anymore

With the Nelson Raintrain, you wouldn’t have to undergo manual watering anymore

Final Take

Owning a Nelson raintrain is really convenient. I recommend that you get any of their traveling sprinklers since both are correspondingly effective. If you want to water your lawn in a relaxing manner, this is the best item to purchase. It equally covers a huge area so that you wouldn’t have to worry about wasting your water consumption. Overall, the Nelson Raintrain Traveling Sprinkler is a great sprinkler, especially when you have limited time on your hands. You can check this article if you want to read more about Oscillating sprinkler.

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