How Do Roses Reproduce? Learn The 4 Proven And Tested Ways To Speedily Propagate Your Roses!

Do you want your rose garden to grow? Do you want to have more roses in your garden? Do you want to ensure that your roses still produce new flowers after the old ones wither?

Woman holding a blooming red rose

Woman holding a blooming red rose

If your answer to all these questions is a YES, then it is imperative that you know how roses reproduce. There are various ways in which roses reproduce so that more can sprout out. In this article, we’ll cover the basic details, as well as some methods that farmers and growers use to further encourage reproduction.

How Do Roses Reproduce?

One very important thing to note when answering how do roses reproduce would be their flowers. The rose flowers contain both male and female parts used for reproduction. The male part contains pollen which is brought to the female part of the plant, known as the receptacle. The receptacle accepts the pollen and brings it to the ovule for the plant ovulation. Take note, though, that pollen might not be brought to the receptacle by bees as the rose is one of the flowers that don’t attract bees.

Roses growing in the flower farm

Roses growing on the flower farm

The pollen combines with the ovule and enters the egg cell to be fertilized. The fertilized cell then turns into a rose hip which can be found at the flower’s base. Bird’s droppings are often the primary source of nutrition for these little growing plants which is also important for germination. Given the right amount of nutrition, moisture, and sunlight, the seedling will be able to bloom into a full-fledged rose.

Gardeners Method Of Inducing Rose Reproduction

Aside from the natural way of growing roses, there are also methods that gardeners use for inducing the reproduction process. Some of these are:

1. Cutting

One of the most common ways for propagating roses would be through cutting the plant itself. You will first cut the main plant and the root stock. From there, you can place it on the ground, and a new plant will grow. Since the new plant is basically a carbon cutout from the original plant, it will be a clone of the parent plant.

A man cutting a rose from its stem

A man cutting a rose from its stem

2. Rooting

Another way would be through rooting. This process involves sending out the roots that are from the main plant. This process is done under the soil and results in growing new roses. This method works best with more compact soil. It pays to learn how to compact soil for this method. You must know that this approach requires a bit of soil digging as you will be planting the roots of the rose plants to grow a new one. With this, you might have to get a little bit dirty with all the soil digging.

A rose planted in a compact soil

A rose planted in a compact soil

3. Grafting

The third type of propagation would be bud grafting and can only be done on the really strong and blooming roses. The grafts, also known as the stems from the parent plant, are cut out from the main plant. They are then fused together with the stem that comes from another plant. The fusion will grow into an entirely new plant. Do take note though that a plant that comes from bud grafting can be a bit fragile, so you’ll have to be more cautious when handling them.

The rose is propagated through grafting

The rose is propagated through grafting

4. Seeding

The fourth type that answers the question “how do roses reproduce?” is through seeding. Seeding is also done to make a new variation of roses. To do this method, the flower’s seeds that come from the rose hips are removed when they are already ripe.

A bouquet of fresh red roses

A bouquet of fresh red roses

From there, you can germinate the rose seeds by yourself with some vermiculite. Place the seeds in a bag and store it in the fridge for around three months. After that, you may place the seeds in a pot with some soil in it and wait for them to grow. This may take around one week for them to sprout out.

A rose plant put inside a pot for ornamental purposes

A rose plant put inside a pot for ornamental purposes

This is how a rose can naturally be able to reproduce new roses. With some extra homework on horticulture, you can also use some methods of propagating your roses artificially. The four methods given above are some of the best and most effective ways to do so.


By knowing how do roses reproduce, you can grow your rose garden successfully and grow different kinds of roses. The methods given above are tried and trusted methods that many gardeners and growers have been using for many years. Now that you know how do roses reproduce, it’s now time that you go out and try to grow your own rose garden.

Have you tried any of these four methods on how do roses reproduce? Let me know which method works best for you. Thanks for dropping by!

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