Best Scroll Saw For The Money: Reviews Of The 5 Best Units!

We all love intricate pattern engraved in metal or intricately-designed woodwork, don’t we? Craft your masterpiece with the best scroll saw for the money!

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Want to know the best scroll saw for the money? It’s the DEWALT DW788 Scroll Saw! This 20-inch scroll saw has powerful and durable built. It is also smooth to operate. The blades are also so easy to modify. Indeed, a perfect pick for hobbyist and wood artisans out there!

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​​1.3 Amp DEWALT DW788 (20-Inch) Scroll Saw​​​

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Do you need to be an extraordinary artist to perform woodworking? Or do you just need a secret equipment and tool to create fancy patterns?

As a matter of fact, there’s a tool which can do these things creatively without exerting too much effort. A scroll saw can definitely do the trick! If you are looking for the best scroll saw which best fits your budget, fret not. Here’s the best scroll saw for your money review to lessen your burden in choosing the right one.

But before that, let’s know first some of the key features of the best scroll saw.

Scroll saws are pedal-operated saw utilized to cut complicated curves

Scroll saws are pedal-operated saw utilized to cut complicated curves.

Key Features of Scroll Saw For The Money

What is a good scroll saw? In purchasing a scroll saw, you need to look at different aspects. Basically, the price isn’t just the only determining factor here. You also need to consider these key features:

  • Noise​​​​

Most scroll saws aren’t noisy, but you still need to pay attention to manufacturers who deliberately post decibels (the unit for noise). It gives you the guarantee that you’ll get a high-quality scroll saw that is properly engineered.

  • Adjustable Speed Control

It is crucial as well to keep an eye on the varying speed since you need to work with a tool which cuts materials. Apart from the fact that every material has its own required cutting speed to achieve a professional and smooth cut. It has been known that the best scroll saw on the market can produce a finishing cut, which needs a bit or no sanding at all since the cut is already shiny and splinter-free. Don’t worry, this tool allows you to adjust the optimal speed through getting visual cues right on the finished cut.

Although it is just like a band saw, scroll saws utilize a reciprocating blade instead of continuous loop

Although it is just like a band saw, scroll saws utilize a reciprocating blade instead of continuous loop.

  • Board Tilt

Most models feature tiltable table in order to generate angled cut more convenient. Oftentimes, they can be skewed to 45 degrees. However, you don’t need to select models which have a tiltable table. Due to the fact that you can tilt your materials easily to get the same outcome, it can be a wise decision to consider this option.

  • Vibration

With a low vibrating scroll saw, it improves both your accuracy and productivity.

  • Throat length

It simply refers to the distance between the front and blade of the scroll saw. The bigger their throat length is, the more it will let your work with bigger materials. If you need a scroll saw for general purpose cutting, it is best recommended to buy something with a throat length measuring 18 inches.

Frequently, scroll saws are employed to cut complicated joints and bents

Frequently, scroll saws are employed to cut complicated joints and bents.

  • Blade Change Mechanism

Just like other saws, you might also experience the moment you need to change your blade with a new one. Opt for a model which makes it easy to switch blades. Identify models that allow changing blades in a snap.

Through rotating its table, scroll saw can make curves with edges

Through rotating its table, scroll saw can make curves with edges.

  • Tool support

Manufactured out of heavy cast-iron, scroll saws are specifically designed to put limitations on vibration and give more support and stability. Don’t go with one that is created from lighter and cheaper support frame.

  • Universal Blade Fob

In working with varied projects, make sure you have different blades. Apart from having great blade changing mechanism, you have to ensure a scroll saw, which can easily cater a slew of blades.

Top 5 Best Scroll Saw For The Money 2018 Reviews

So, what is the best scroll saw? Find out here!

1.3 Amp DEWALT DW788 (20-Inch) Scroll Saw

1.3 Amp DEWALT DW788 (20-Inch) Scroll Saw.

Dubbed as one the best options when it comes to scroll saw, DEWALT DW788 features a 1.3 amp powered motor and 20-inch blade size. It is specifically tailored for those who badly who are working for a certain urgent project.


  • You can easily set up this tool because there is a hole in the table, and you don’t need to insert lots of things. Thus, preparing for your project won’t take too much time with this tool.
  • Moreover, the controls located at the front of the blade enable you to change its tension quickly.
  • The good thing about this scroll saw is that it has a built-in moveable arm that can be found at the top of the tool. This lets you adjust the material no matter what angle you’d like to so that you can get the best possible cut. The moveable arm will be the one to move your projects on and off the surface.
  • It also features a double parallel-link arm. This significantly reduces the amount of vibration due to the operation of the scroll saw. It decreases the noise and performs better through precise cuts.
  • The Blade clamps let you change-out the blade right away.
  • It has a pivoting arm that runs right from the back to the front. When you shortened it, this will enable you to utilize the saw at a more peaceful level while letting you work for smoother cuts.


  • Some units come with no thumb screws, so double check with your seller.

WEN 3920 Scroll Saw with LED Light

WEN 3920 Scroll Saw with LED Light. Via:

For those who are looking for an entry level scroll saw, this option is quite powerful. It can be your best bet for your smaller to mid-sized projects. Although it is quite more inexpensive than other scroll saws on the market right now, it has a size of 16 inches by 10 inches comprising of tables. These tables are made cast iron, which an on-board air pump as well as speed controls.


  • Its speed control’s placements are great.
  • Users can easily adjust the setting without freaking about the interference with the sight lines.
  • Its throat length is better than another type of saws. It features a 16-inch throat depth could handle, adjust, and manage your work smoothly.
  • In terms of blades, its blade holder is compatible with pinless and pinned blades. It has an additional blade as well. Although changing its blades is not a tool-free adjustment, it can still be done in few minutes.


  • It isn’t suitable for thick materials. It can only work efficiently with materials that are less than 1” thick.​​​​

Dremel MS20-0 Compact Scroll Saw

Dremel MS20-0 Compact Scroll Saw.

Looking for something that perfectly fits your small hands? Dremel MS20-0 might be what you’re seeking for. As a matter of fact, it is a 2-in-1 saw. Meaning to say, it works as both a scroll saw and a mobile coping saw. You may easily click a button to change from one type of saw to another. The word Dremel is a similar term for rotary tools.


  • Featuring more than 70W power, this scroll saw measure less than 20 inches.
  • It can be utilized as a portable saw, making it a good purchase for individuals who need an agile saw for their woodwork projects.
  • Its speed control setting let you change the scrolls every minute.
  • It has an adjustable parallel guide. You may place this on the extension rails of the device, which can be rotated.
  • It has a quick clamp base. It gives the users the freedom to mount the tool on benches or tables.


  • It is only recommended for soft and small arts.
  • A few buyers reported that the blades kept breaking.

Shop Fox W1713 Scroll Saw

Shop Fox W1713 Scroll Saw. Via:

For novice to intermediate woodworkers and crafters, this scroll saw manage lighter and smaller wood easily. However, users may find changing the blade annoying. It can cut through hardwoods effortlessly as it runs smoothly when bolted properly. It can produce sharp and precise cuts along with good control.


  • It has a 1/8HP motor that is equivalent 110 Volts, 1-amp or 60Hz.
  • It provides you the highest cutting width of about 16 inches.
  • It has a work light called a gooseneck.
  • It comes with a dust port and a dust blower that will prevent you working place free of debris.
  • More importantly, it is built to last.
  • Its parts are mainly built from cast iron, aluminum, and steel. Hence, rest assured it will keep on working for years to come.


  • However, there are instances that the pinless adapter is bulky to use.
  • Its air blower may pop off once the cover is already lifted.

Delta Power Tools 40-694 Scroll Saw

Delta Power Tools 40-694 Scroll Saw. Via:

When purchasing a scroll saw, DELTA Power 40-694 is another good choice. Users love its decent performance, especially for those who have small workshops. Wood artisans and hobbyist also boast its cutting speed of about 400- 1,750 strokes every minute.


  • This device employs a unique dual parallel-link arm, decreasing the vibration of the system.
  • Its design significantly helps to the quiet and smooth operation.
  • On the other hand, the upper arm of the scroll saw can lock and lift once you are adjusting the blades. These features are crucial for performing fretworks.
  • Also, it has a variable speed control, providing you the ability to modify the blade’s speed (depending on what you are actually cutting).


  • Some Delta tools are from Taiwan, issues about quality and customer service are common. Thus, we suggest you research and inquire to ensure this is the right product for you.

Tips When Buying Scroll Saw

So, you’re planning to buy scroll saw but not sure how to do it properly? Here are some tips for you!

Scroll saw significantly helps lessen the required start-up cost for woodworkers

Scroll saw significantly helps lessen the required start-up cost for woodworkers.

  • Shop at the exact time of the year

You might not know how aggressive the tools are discounted during holidays or special occasions. You can see forty to sixty percent off in holiday sales from October ahead and even in the pro lines. Usually, specialty tools go on special offer in February and March. Thus, wait for the right time to pick the ripe and plan ahead, especially if you don’t need the tool yet.

  • Identify your project requirements

Before buying a scroll saw, you should consider first the woodwork and project that you will be working. This will help you determine what specific features are needed for your project.

  • Consider the versatility, functions, and features of the product

Many scroll saws have different functions and features, which have unique complexities and kinds of woodwork. Make sure to choose scroll saw that has speed control setting. Examine the maximum size of the tool along with the thickness that it can cut.

For woodworkers, scroll sawing is a famous hobby

For woodworkers, scroll sawing is a famous hobby.

Advice When Buying Scroll Saw For The Money

When was the last time you purchased a tool? Can you really say that you are happy with the decision you made? Since tools are sometimes relatively expensive, you need to find out what you really want and ensure to buy the right tool.

The key is to compare items before making a purchase. Whether you compare 2, 3, or more items (it’s up to you), make sure to best create the final decision since not all tools are equally made. Also, ask yourself if you really need the item. This is because some people only buy tools they think are needed but don’t know when exactly are they going to use them.

Never fall for “sweet” advertisements until such proven. Buying tools online is a convenient way, but always remind yourself of the possible undesirable effects that can hinder you to get the right product.

Typically, scroll saws are categorized according to the throat’s size

Typically, scroll saws are categorized according to the throat’s size.


Beautifully crafted woodworks can enhance living and working spaces. They are nice to look at and touch. They may even seem to be very easily made, but woodworking is basically a very difficult job and requires patience and artistry at its best. Good thing that tools like scroll saw are designed to make the lives of these hardworking woodworkers easy. In fact, they can be used by amateurs in their pursuit of making their own fine woodworks.

More often than not, scroll saw blades measure five inches long

More often than not, scroll saw blades measure five inches long.

With scroll saws out on the market, woodworkers’ jobs are made a lot easier and more effective, even in cutting tricky curves on the hardest wood or metal materials

Just to ensure that you will get the best cut of any shape from your wood, it is best to keep your band saw fixed on a working table. It is also imperative that the wood you are working on is positioned flat to ensure a precise cut.

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