Best Rubber Garden Hose 2018 | 5 Brands That Are Worth The Hype!

Rubber hoses are favored over the other types of garden hose. Discover why and check out our top 5 best rubber garden hose brands that are worth the hype!

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Plants can never thrive in the garden without water. Water, in return, can never be dredged to plants without container, lawn sprinkler, or garden hose. In most cases, garden hoses are favored over the other means for they are more flexible and easier to operate. However, some garden hoses are unsafe for plants, even more to kids who play and sip water from it. Thus, utmost precaution has to be taken when buying one.

Garden hoses are efficient in watering plants that are far from water sources

Garden hoses are efficient in watering plants that are far from water sources

Some quality garden hoses are actually safe for drinking. Some do not even break apart when stepped upon several times, just like a rubber hose. To further the advantage, some rubber hoses are classified as the best rubber garden hose. Which ones are they? Find out as we proceed.

Top 5 Best Rubber Garden Hose Reviews

50 Feet Flexible Garden Hose by Flexzilla

50 Feet Flexible Garden Hose by Flexzilla. Via:

Flexzillas’ rubber garden hose has a rib inner core design, allowing it to transform to a flat garden hose that easily reverts to normal. Its aluminum fittings and anti-abrasion cover make the hose durable and crush-resistant. The best thing is that it comes in many sizes that the customers can choose from, depending on the garden’s size.


  • The product has an abrasion-resistant and crush-resistant outer cover and aluminum fittings.
  • It is made of a hybrid polymer that prevents kinking.
  • It is claimed to be an all-weather hose that is usable in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The hose is lead-free and is safe for drinking.
  • It is light and flexible.


  • Though it is one of the most purchased rubber garden hose products, some customers have reported false advertisement for it.

 50 feet Rubber and Vinyl Commercial Hose by Gilmour

50 feet Rubber and Vinyl Commercial Hose by Gilmour.

Gilmour PRO commercial hose is one of the best heavy duty rubber garden hose that combines rubber and vinyl for extended durability. It has been tested for a burst strength of 400 PSI. The hose is also sealed with metal fittings for a tight seal. Do not forget that the product has a lifetime warranty, so you are safe to return it anytime.


  • The product is a double material hose (rubber and vinyl) that brings together flexibility and durability.
  • The hose is equipped with a crush-resistant brass connection for a tight durable seal.
  • Its burst strength is 400 psi that is sure to do the work.
  • It is kink-resistant and has an abrasion resistant cover.
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty and 4-size options (25ft, 50ft, 75ft, and 100ft).


  • Some customers reported pre-kinked products perhaps due to manufacturing or packaging flaw.
  • The metal fittings were also said to be thinner than they expected them to be.

25 Feet All Rubber Hot Water Garden Hose by Apex

25 Feet All Rubber Hot Water Garden Hose by Apex.

Looking for the best all rubber garden hose? You might have just found what you’re searching for. This product from Apex is made from an all-rubber material that can handle up to 180 degrees of hot water. It also comes with a solid, crush-resistant brass that keeps both ends intact even with its 500 PSI burst strength.


  • The product has an all-rubber construction, which makes it tough enough to handle hot water (up to 180 degrees) and cold water.
  • It has ‘no memory for kinks’ characteristic that puts it above plastic and vinyl hoses. This makes it one of the best rubber garden hoses.
  • The crush-resistant brass connections and black hard collar are able to hold through its 500 PSI burst strength.
  • This industrial quality hose can be bought in 25ft, 50ft, and 100ft sizes.


  • A few unsatisfied customers were recorded; complaints were mainly due to copper connectors being too tight.

50 Feet Heavy-Duty Rubber Garden Hose by Briggs and Stratton

50 Feet Heavy-Duty Rubber Garden Hose by Briggs and Stratton. Via:

This industrial-style rubber garden hose has a high burst strength and crush-proof heavy-duty couplings a best rubber garden hose. Added to it are the nickel plated brass coupling and flexible material that can withstand extremely hot and cold weather. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty against material defect and workmanship.


  • Heavy-duty Rubber Garden Hose is as its name suggest— kinking-resistant and heavy-duty hose that can withstand cold water and up to 200 degrees’ hot water.
  • It also has an anti-corrosion and anti-crush nickel male and female coupling.
  • The hose is designed for commercial, recreational, and residential use.
  • The hose comes with a limited lifetime warranty.


  • Some negative customer reviews noted the same things: (1) product kinks and (2) it leaves a black residue on hands when handling.

100 Feet Premium Rubber Garden Hose by Craftsman

100 Feet Premium Rubber Garden Hose by Craftsman.

This is the one product in this best rubber garden hose list that has the longest length of 100 feet total. Surprisingly, it does have really good reviews! The hose is said to perform like its name suggests- an all-rubber material hose that has a premium quality.


  • It is a premium-grade hose that has radial tire cord features.
  • The hose has a 500 PSI force strength that can carry heavy-duty tasks.
  • Customers who did a flexible hose review vouched for the hose’s anti-kinky feature that does not leave a permanent crease on the bent section.
  • It is a 100ft hose perfect for toting around the garden.


  • Despite mostly favorable reviews, a few customers complained about the product being kinky.

The Best Quality Hose: Rubber Vs. Vinyl Garden Hose

Just like purchasing any other garden materials, the budget is one of the top, if not the first, concerns. Still, nobody wants a hose that will just serve as a bargain. Your garden hose is an investment; thus, it should give good value to your money. Rubber and vinyl garden hoses are two of the most trusted materials for a garden hose. Both have their strengths and issues, but one is still generally considered better than the other.

Vinyl hoses generally cost less than the rubber hoses. They are also more flexible and lightweight and are easier to tote around the garden. Additionally, a vinyl hose does not easily succumb to cold temperatures, making it a good choice for those who live in mild Mediterranean climate. Retractable vinyl hoses have also been available. They are a little costlier than the usual but also last longer due to their reinforcements (e.g. mesh or foam) that may prevent tangling and kinking.

A poor quality hose is prone to kinks

A poor quality hose is prone to kinks. Source:

The most expensive of the vinyl hoses are still the least costly among rubber ones. With this said, one of rubber hose’s (possible) drawbacks is its price. Another obvious one is its weight. Rubber considerably weighs more than vinyl, making it tougher to haul around the garden and coil up when done the watering. Despite these, rubber garden hoses are more durable. They can stand up against the toughest watering jobs and can be used for both cold and hot water, not to mention that it’s a kink free garden hose.

If you are someone who is in love with gardening and plans to make it part of your everyday life, then a rubber hose is for you. Though its cost more, it definitely serves its purpose better than its vinyl counterpart. It does not easily curl up or crack, allowing it to last a couple of years when handled with care. It may be less flexible, but you can easily wind them up when stuck. The best rubber garden hose should be able to provide an enjoyable garden watering experience.

Are Rubber Garden Hoses Safe To Drink From?

A recent garden hose study from the ecology center (2016) examined the safety level of 32 water hoses sold in Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Lowe’s, Meijer, and Amazon. The result was rather appalling as traces of chlorine, lead, tin, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, bromine, and antimony were found in most products. These chemicals and metals were also linked to serious illnesses and impairments such as cancer, obesity, diabetes, toxic liver, infertility, and birth defects.

Some gardeners prefer to use PVC garden hose since it has a rubber-like flexibility

Some gardeners prefer to use PVC garden hose since it has a rubber-like flexibility

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is what most of the hoses were made from. It is a plastic which often contains phthalates, organotin, and Bisphenol A (BPA). Prolonged exposure to these chemicals often results in serious illnesses. The metal fixtures on hoses are not an exemption. Examined hoses with heavy metals are just as toxic.

Another experiment done to these hoses was prolonged sun exposure. They were filled with water and were left to sit under the heat of the sun for two days. The result was even more hilarious! Higher levels of lead, BPA, and phthalates were found and these were significantly higher than the drinking water limits set by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The study revealed that there are already loads of toxic hoses out on the market. Fortunately, there are safer alternatives like rubber garden hoses. These hoses are flexible without needing phthalates or BPA. Many rubber garden hoses are also labeled ‘drinking water safe’. When they are such, it means they do not contain high levels of lead, BPA or phthalate, and are therefore safe to drink.

Remember though that whatever the material, overexposure to sunlight could still break chemicals down into the water. Thus, it is necessary to store hoses in a cool, dark place. This can extend its life too. To be more certain, run water in it to flush any chemical before using them for drinking or gardening.

Considerations When Buying a Rubber Garden Hose: Why Are They Important?

By now, you should already have a good idea what is the best rubber garden hose. However, here is a more simplified list of the hose qualities your garden necessitates, along with their significance.

You can use the rubber garden hose even during a tough season like winter

You can use the rubber garden hose even during a tough season like winter

1. Durability

Your garden hose performs its job whether in hot or cold weather. Consequently, it has to be sturdy. Oftentimes, the more expensive the products are, the better the quality. But do not be fooled! Several false ads on rubber hoses are becoming rampant. Aside from the product description, you can always check the reviews or ask purchasers in person.

2. Ergonomics

The best rubber garden hoses do not easily kink. It should not give you the hassle of unkinking the hose while watering your garden. This can be extremely irritating and time-consuming. Although some quality rubber hoses may get bent, they do not leave a crease on the bent part and should be easy to tweak back to normal.

3. Overall Worth

Perhaps you’re thinking about the price. Well, that’s one main thing for sure, but quality rubber hoses aren’t necessarily the most expensive. However, if they are, they should have the value, performance, and durability wise. The better ones come with an added lifetime warranty that should give garden hose users the assurance they need.

4. Material Safety

Toxic hoses can harm not only people or animals who may drink water from it but your garden too. They can contaminate the water intended for your flowers and plants. Though no clear connection has been found yet, it is highly likely that the toxic chemicals can be drenched into the plants.

Note that the best rubber garden hose is not a bacteria or chemical-laden hose. Nonetheless, if you are still unsure of the safety of your hose, you may opt for a rain barrel for a while and go look for a rubber garden hose that’s labeled ‘drinking water safe’.

Rain barrels can be used to store rainwater

Rain barrels can be used to store rainwater


Rubber garden hoses are designed to aid you in some tedious garden work. It is the best hose material by far and is praised for its durability and functionality. However, like many other products, some rubber garden hoses are simply not compliant with the international standards. Some still contain low-class components or, even worst, lethal materials which harm living organisms.

In this article, we tried to list down some best rubber hoses out on the market. The best one being the 100 Feet Premium Rubber Garden Hose by Craftsman. Not only is it the best rated among all hoses on the list but is also impressively faithful to its name. Though there is no intensive description of the product, customers seemed to take the responsibility themselves and vouched for its credibility.

Thank you for reading and may you finally find the best rubber hose for your garden. If this was helpful to you, share it with your garden-lover friends too!

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