Best Pesticide For Wolf Spiders | 5 Most Effective Pesticides Today!

best pesticide for wolf spiders

Wolf spiders are beneficial in a garden when they prey on pests. But when infestation is starting to manifest, it’s time to use the best pesticide for wolf spiders!

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For others, the presence of wolf spiders in the garden is of great benefit. However, when wolf spider infestation in yard suddenly emerges, you already need the best pesticide for wolf spiders. Unlike other insects, wolf spiders are not that easy to kill. So, what pesticide kills wolf spiders effectively? Check out our top pick below!

Need help scoring the best pesticide to kill wolf spiders for good? No need to scroll down the entire article. Get your hands on the best and most effective pesticide for wolf spiders right now!

There are various insecticide brands that can effectively get rid of wolf spiders, but our top pick is the Talstar P Professional by FMC. This pesticide can kill over 75 different pests with its active ingredient which is Bifenthrin. Furthermore, it is safe to use around pets and can be applied almost everywhere in your house including the yard, garden, inside parts of the house, and even in food handling areas like the kitchen or dining areas.

Comparison Table Of The Best Pesticide For Wolf Spider - Top 5 Brands

What Is A Wolf Spider?

A wolf spider is a type of spider that is characterized by lots of hair and is basically of larger size than common spiders. Some varieties of this insect also have black, gray, and even brown colors. Unlike common spiders, they do not trap and glue their prey with webs. Instead, they hunt them. Hence, they are called wolf spiders since they hunt like wolves.

Wolf spiders have eight eyes that help them in hunting their prey

Wolf spiders have eight eyes that help them in hunting their prey.

Aside from its hunting technique, wolf spiders also differ from other spiders with regards to its appearance. While some spiders have 4, 5, or 6 eyes, wolf spiders have 8 eyes. Furthermore, they have shorter legs as compared to other spiders.

Some people might ask, “Are wolf spiders poisonous?” Well, the answer to that is “NO”. Wolf spiders will normally bite if they think they are being attacked, especially when they are trapped next to human skin. However, wolf spider bites are not that harmful. Here’s an article with a video explaining how you can treat a wolf spider bite (see here).

In cases where there are lots of wolf spiders in the house and in the garden, this is the time that you should be worried. Even though spiders are beneficial in the garden since they eat smaller pests and insects, when they come in large numbers, they have the tendency to destroy plants.

So, how to get rid of spiders? Read on to find out.

Different Methods To Getting Rid Of Wolf Spiders

How to get rid of wolf spiders inside my house? There are various ways to do that. Check out the different methods below!

  • Cleaning The Garden Area

Wolf spiders like to dwell in dirty areas where piles of bricks or stones are present. To get rid of these spiders, destroy their homes by cleaning the piles of woods or stones and wolf spider nest in house or garden.

Another way of keeping wolf spiders away from your house is to cut their food supply. Basically, they prey on other smaller insects. Hence, it is better to immediately and constantly administer pest control management inside your house and in your garden.

  • Use Sodium Vapor Lights Instead Of Mercury Lights

What attracts wolf spiders in the house? Insects and pests like wolf spiders are easily attracted to mercury lights. That is why it is highly advised to use yellow or sodium vapor lights in your garden areas rather than mercury lights. Doing this will help avoid the presence of wolf spiders and other insects that may damage your plants.

  • Use Screens Around Your Garden

Can wolf spiders climb walls? Yes! Wolf spiders are smart animals. They would always try to find ways to invade your home and garden. Therefore, it is advised to use screens around your garden and greenhouse so that wolf spiders will not have a chance to enter and breed in your precious territory.

  • Use A Strong And Powerful Jet Of Water

Like some insects and pests, wolf spiders do hate water, especially when they come in a strong, powerful splash. This method is the easiest and the fastest way of getting rid of wolf spiders. However, this also has the tendency to destroy some of the plants in your garden. Moreover, this method doesn’t sit well with those who are trying to conserve water.

  • Use Pesticides

If the first four methods do not satisfy you, it is time to use pesticides. Wolf spiders are known to be robust and are hard to kill. Fortunately, pesticides specifically for wolf spiders are now available on the market. You may also use flea foggers if you have one in your house.

Non-toxic and organic pesticides are becoming popular these days. These types of pesticides don’t contain harmful chemicals and compounds and usually use plant-based ingredients to repel and kill spiders. They are also environmentally friendly and are safe to use around children and pets, as well as in your indoor garden.

It is better to use organic pesticide for wolf spiders to control wolf spider infestation inside your home.

3 Good Qualities Of The Best Pesticide For Wolf Spiders – A Buyer’s Guide

Wolf spiders are known to be stubborn, and they can easily tolerate common insecticides. Therefore, you should choose the best pesticide that is specifically formulated to kill wolf spiders. But owing to hundreds of pesticide brands on the market recently, it’s a bit difficult to choose the brand that is most effective in killing wolf spiders.

However, knowing the qualities to look for can help narrow down your list. Check out these 3 qualities that you should look for when buying the best pesticide for wolf spiders:

1. Non-Toxic Chemicals

Most pesticides normally contain strong and harmful ingredients. However, it is best to consider choosing a pesticide that is non-toxic since it is inevitable for humans and pets to enter the area that is newly sprayed with pesticides. Furthermore, chemicals may harm the respiratory system of human beings. So, use only pesticides that are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. Also, check the toxicity rating of the pesticide for assurance. Check out this guide to products toxicity ratings.

2. With Active Ingredients Like Bifenthrin, Deltamethrin, And Lambda-Cyhalothrin

It is recommended to choose pesticides containing these ingredients since these are most effective compounds that eliminate spiders. When spiders absorb an ample dose of these chemicals, they would likely perish before they destroy some of your plants. Furthermore, spiders are known to withstand chemicals that are present in common bug pesticides; therefore, it is highly recommended to choose chemicals that are specific for killing spiders.

3. With Organic Ingredients

Some chemicals have the tendency to poison plants. For this reason, some gardeners prefer to have organic-based pesticide. Also, pesticides with organic ingredients are safe when applied in areas where children and pets usually stay. Organic-based pesticides do not have harmful fumes that may irritate the respiratory system of humans and pets. Check if your chosen pesticide contains one of these ingredients: citronella, cedar extract, peppermint, and geraniol. These essential oils and extracts are known to repel insects which include spiders.

Honest Reviews On The 5 Best Pesticides For Wolf Spiders

Check out the reviews of the other product choices for the best wolf spider pesticide below!

Talstar P Professional by FMC

Talstar P Professional by FMC. Via:

This pest control contains an active ingredient that is effective in killing different pests for a long period of time. Even its residual can still get rid of pests for up to 6-7 weeks. It is specially formulated to kill annoying insects, especially fire ants, spiders, and aquatic insects. It can immediately target pests but keeps your pets safe.


  • This pest control is guaranteed to be safe for pets.
  • It contains 7.9% of Bifenthrin, which is an active ingredient in this pesticide and is known to be an effective exterminator of different kinds of pests and insects.
  • This product is capable of controlling 75 different pests, including spiders, cockroaches, fleas, and millipedes.
  • It can be applied both inside and outside the house.
  • This can also be applied in food handling areas and in the garden.


  • Its packaging is not that good which makes the product susceptible to leaking.
  • Since this pesticide is strong, constantly using it may prolong its toxicity in the sprayed area.

Ultra SC Multi-Use Pest Control Pesticide by Tempo

Ultra SC Multi-Use Pest Control Pesticide by Tempo. Via:

This pest control for wolf spiders is mostly preferred by households who are sensitive to the smell of chemicals. This is an odorless insecticide that is also ideal for areas where kids usually stay. In addition, its formula is non-staining and can also kill pests even a few days after it is applied.


  • This product is specially formulated to be non-staining, which is ideal for the application inside the house.
  • It can kill pests and other insects immediately.
  • This is odorless.
  • One bottle contains 30 gallons. Thus, spraying on bigger areas is not a problem.
  • This contains cyfluthrin and cyano, which are also effective in killing pests and insects like wolf spiders.
  • You can store this insecticide for up to 3 years.


  • It has a burning sensation when the liquid is accidentally sprayed on skin.

Demand CS Professional Pest Control Product by Syngenta

Demand CS Professional Pest Control Product by Syngenta. Via:

This pesticide is guaranteed to kill pests for up to 90 days from the day it is applied. It is very effective since it is specifically designed to be microencapsulated. It is equipped with an iCAP technology that ensures to kill pests and insects effectively.


  • One bottle of this product can make up to 100 gallons of solution.
  • It can kill different types of pests and insects ranging from ants, termites, bed bugs, and even wolf spiders and other types of spiders.
  • It is formulated with an iCAP technology with a rate of 10, 000 encapsulated microcaps per square inch of the surface where it is applied.
  • It can do the job almost instantly.
  • Its residue can last up to 90 days since day 1 of its application.


  • This is not safe to use around pets and children.

#4 Eco Defense Organic Home Pest Control Spray

Eco Defense Organic Home Pest Control Spray Via:

This product is an organic pesticide for wolf spiders and other types of pests. It is capable of eliminating and repelling insects that may invade your house. This is specially formulated to be safe around children and pets with its all natural, organic, and non-toxic ingredients.


  • It is specially formulated to eliminate a wide variety of pests and insects, including house roaches, bugs, and wolf spiders.
  • This is made from 100% organic, natural, and non-toxic ingredients.
  • This is safe for children and pets.
  • This pesticide is fast-acting and has a long-lasting effect. It can also terminate pests almost instantly.
  • This does not contain harmful fumes.
  • This is backed by a “Money-Back Guarantee” service.


  • The spray of this product has the tendency to malfunction while spraying.

0.15EC Spider & Mite Control by Avid

0.15EC Spider & Mite Control by Avid. Via:

This pesticide is designed to be versatile that it can be used to target both house pests and garden pests. It can terminate and repel mites, ants, aphids, leafminers, whiteflies, and thrips. Moreover, this can be applied on foliage and flowers. This can also target other notorious insects just by adjusting the tank mixture.


  • This product is manufactured by a leading insecticide manufacturer which is Avid.
  • This is specially formulated for easy application.
  • It is specially designed to be highly versatile with a broad spectrum, making it perfect for household and garden use.
  • This includes a fast-acting ingredient that works for a longer period of time.
  • Its formula has the ability to move rapidly on the surface where it is applied and also on leaves. This also provides a longer protection for the plants.


  • The product has an irritating effect upon skin contact.

Wolf spiders do not use webs to trap their prey.


Whether you go for the chemical-based pesticides or the organic-based ones, always consider the safety of the organisms and plants around the area where you intend to apply it.

The most recommended pesticide with regards to eliminating spiders is the Talstar P Professional by FMC. This pesticide can kill over 75 different pests with its active ingredient, which is Bifenthrin. Bifenthrin is one of the most effective chemicals that can effectively kill spiders and other pests. Furthermore, it is safe to use around pets and can be applied almost everywhere in your house including the yard, garden, and even in the kitchen.

Have enough of wolf spider infestation in your home and garden? Try Talstar P Professional by FMC, the best pesticide for wolf spiders that is worth your money!

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