Best Organic Wheatgrass Powder Reviews: Top Brands to Buy in 2018

Learn the six essential tips when buying the best organic wheatgrass powder and get to know the top choice brands to buy in the market.

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Healthy body is always something that all people want to achieve. With a healthy physique, we are able to do the things that we want, eat the foods that we like, and go to places that we dream of visiting. However, due to the modernization of things, people have also found a way to make the food preparation as quick as 1-2-3. While this is an advantage to some people, this could also affect the quality of food that we eat. For this reason, we need a superfood to help us maintain our health. Drinking the best organic wheatgrass powder can help us maintain our health and serves as a supplementary food for those nutrients that are lacking from our diet.

Fresh wheatgrass juice powder is the best.

Fresh wheatgrass juice powder is the best.

Wheatgrass powder is one of the most recommended green superfoods. This is because wheatgrass is packed with high-level of nutrients, not to mention around 92 nutrients that our body needs. This includes amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Luckily for you, we’ve done our part to research the best organic wheatgrass powder to buy to help you avoid getting tricked into buying the wrong products.

Wheatgrass powder can be mixed in your smoothies or flavored juice.

Wheatgrass powder can be mixed in your smoothies or flavored juice.

Top 5 Best Organic Wheatgrass Powder Brands To Buy

Amazing Grass- Organic Wheatgrass Powder in 60 Servings

Amazing Grass- Organic Wheatgrass Powder in 60 Servings. Via:

If there is one brand that tops the list, it would be Amazing Grass. Amazing Grass is a popular manufacturer of organic green superfoods which started in 2002. One scoop of this powder is equivalent to 10 shots of wheatgrass (tray grown). Thus, you can guarantee that you will get enough nutrients for your body. Moreover, the wheatgrass used in this brand is grown and harvested organically fresh from the farmers’ field.


  • This wheatgrass powder brand is certified by USDA as 100% organic, GMO-free, and Gluten-free. This means that even people with gluten sensitivity or with celiac disease can safely consume the product.
  • It has zero sugar added, giving you no artificial sweetness. In fact, it is certified Kosher foods, which means it is fit and safe for consumption.
  • Not only does it give you the health nutrients that your body needs, but it also gives you the energy to perform your task with ease.
  • It is proven to help improve certain allergies like seasonal allergies when taken regularly.
  • It contains 21 mcg of folic acid, which is great for people suffering from anemia.
  • You can easily mix it with juice or water.


  • Some people don’t like the taste as it could be too strong; hence, mixing it with other liquids is suggested.

Dr. Berg’s Nutritionals- Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder

Dr. Berg’s Nutritionals- Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder. Via:

Second on the list is this best organic wheatgrass powder from Dr. Berg’s Nutritionals. Dr. Berg is the driving force behind this brand, and he is a well-known health educator, who specializes in weight loss using a natural method. This amazing product from Dr. Berg’s Nutritionals won’t surely disappoint you regarding the amount of nutrients that the product contains. This juice powder can be taken daily, and one teaspoon equals to 6-10 shots of organic wheatgrass juice.


  • It is 100% organic, which means the powder is pure wheatgrass.
  • It is a wheatgrass juice powder. Unlike ordinary wheatgrass powder, Dr. Berg’s formulation is specifically intended to be consumed as juice. This means that mixing it with juice or other flavored beverage is not necessary.
  • Since it is a juice powder, it doesn’t have the usual cut grass taste, instead it has a smooth, rich flavor that your taste buds will certainly love.
  • It is also gluten-free and GMO-free; thus, very safe for people who are very particular with their health.
  • Since it is juice powder, it has a higher concentration of chlorophyll. It has 6 to 8 times more chlorophyll than other brands.
  • It increases your stamina and boosts your energy for the whole day.


  • This is expensive. It is, more or less, priced twice as the other brands.

Sari Foods Company- Pure Wheatgrass Powder

Sari Foods Company- Pure Wheatgrass Powder. Via:

Sari Foods Company is a firm believer that nutrients should come from pure sources in order for the body to thrive naturally. With that being said, you can guarantee that this wheatgrass powder from Sari Foods Company is the best in the market. What makes this product the best organic wheatgrass powder is the fact that only the premium wheatgrass is used in the powder. Moreover, the wheatgrass is organically grown in the US and milled the same day as the harvest. It is also certified by USDA, which means it is safe for human consumption.


  • It nourishes your body and gives you energy at the same time.
  • Sari’s organic wheatgrass powder has an excellent detoxifying ability, giving you 100% wellness all throughout the day.
  • The wheatgrass used in the product is organically grown in the US and milled in the same day as the harvest to make sure all the nutrients are well-preserved.
  • It is very rich in protein and amino acids. It also contains a great concentration of chlorophyll.
  • It can also be used as a mouth rinse. Buyers who have tried claim that the result is better than oil pulling. Just gargle for about 5 minutes like mouthwash.
  • It has a very rich flavor and can be added when baking cookies, giving you green-colored and nutrient-filled snacks for the day.


  • The product doesn’t come in a bottle. It is sold in a package with a snap sealed, but it cannot be sealed fully. Thus, you may have to transfer it to another container.

Garden of Life- Vegan Green Wheatgrass Supplement Powder

Garden of Life- Vegan Green Wheatgrass Supplement Powder. Via:

Garden of life is yet another trusted brand that sells the purest and highest-quality food ingredients there is. This brand believes that empowering extraordinary health is what all products should be. This best organic wheatgrass powder brand is sold in a perfect formula with 100% organic wheatgrass. It is power-packed with a lot of nutrients, including chlorophyll and other supplementary nutrients.


  • It is GMO-free and certified organic.
  • It has no preservatives, artificial sugar, or other sweeteners.
  • With a good amount of chlorophyll per serving, this wheatgrass powder gives you an instant energy boost upon daily intake.
  • This green superfood powder is 100% vegan. This means that those individuals who are in vegan diet will have no problem consuming the product.
  • Since it is a wheatgrass juice powder, it is very concentrated and packed with nutrients even in a single serving.
  • It is high-quality superfood powder sold at a very affordable price.


  • The container is not 100% full; hence, basing your purchase on the container size alone is not ideal. Always check the net weight in ounce or grams.

Nurtured by Nature Foods- Premium and 100% Organic Wheatgrass Powder

Nurtured by Nature Foods- Premium and 100% Organic Wheatgrass Powder.Via:

Last on the list is this wheatgrass powder from Nurtured by Nature Foods. This company aims to make “being healthy” as easy and fun as possible. The company is the bridge among farmers, producers, and retailers who share the same passion for promoting a healthy lifestyle through healthy foods. Moreover, the wheatgrass used as ingredients are the USA grown; hence, you can guarantee that it is fresh and follows the same “organics” standard in the country.


  • It is only a single ingredient, which means you will get 100% pure wheatgrass powder.
  • This best organic wheatgrass powder is loaded with chlorophyll, vitamins A & C, beta-carotene, and potassium. It also contains folic acid for anemic people.
  • It is allergen tested and contains no gluten, soy, or dairy ingredients.
  • The company promises to replace the product delivered in broken packaging without any fee at all.
  • It is doubled sealed for your convenience and also comes with its own scoop.
  • Upon purchasing the product, you will also get two free recipe ebooks. Indeed, being healthy is never this easy!


  • The fine ground of the powder causes a magnetic property every time you scoop some powder from the container. Thus, some buyers are worried it could have contaminants.
Wheatgrass is one of the most well-loved green superfoods.

Wheatgrass is one of the most well-loved green superfoods.

Six Tips When Buying Wheatgrass Powder

1. Check The Manufacturer

Sometimes, we base our purchase as to which product is the cheapest that we often overlook the credibility of its manufacturer. When buying green products, it is very important to check the manufacturer. Are they certified by governing bodies? Are their products organic or fit for consumption? Make sure they do not use synthetic fertilizers or rooting hormones in growing the wheatgrass. Especially for green superfood like wheatgrass powder, you need to check that the company or manufacturer are legit and credible.

2. Check The Ingredients

A lot of customers are very particular with the ingredients included in the wheatgrass powder. If you have certain allergies like gluten sensitivity, celiac disease, or lactose intolerance, you have to be cautious when buying products that contain chemicals that could trigger these allergies and diseases. For instance, avoid gluten-packed powder if you know you are sensitive to gluten. It is crucial to check and read other best organic wheatgrass powder reviews of the product to have an overview of other customer’s honest review.

Wheatgrass can help boost your stamina and energy.

Wheatgrass can help boost your stamina and energy.

3. Have A Sample First

Not all people react the same to a certain product. Thus, what works for your friend, doesn’t mean it could also work for you. This is why try a sample pack first before buying a whole huge container. Most often than not, a lot of people buy products in haste just because it is on sale.

This is a very common mistake of most buyers. The best thing to do is have a sample first; you can ask a friend who has tried the product to give you one scoop to test whether or not it is to your liking. You can also opt to buy the smallest packaging to check if the product suits your preference.​

4. Choose Pure, Single-Ingredient Wheatgrass Powder​

Although some brands offer wheatgrass with added flavoring like wheatgrass powder with honey, lemon, or milk, it always best to choose the pure and unflavored brand. This is because even though you get a good taste, the concentration of wheatgrass nutrients is already reduced to accommodate the added flavors. As a wheatgrass powder consumer, your goal is to get the best out of your purchase. Having high-level of nutrients in each scoop can guarantee that you’ve got what you paid for.

Wheatgrass can also act as a detoxifying food.

Wheatgrass can also act as a detoxifying food.

5. Check The Number Of Scoop Needed

Some wheatgrass powder brands require you to add only a single scoop while others need two or three scoops. This is another buying tip that most consumers overlook. Although the two product brands have similar net weight, always check the number of the scoops needed to prepare one serving. Always choose the one that needs the least number of scoop. This means that the wheatgrass powder is very concentrated and packed with a lot of nutrients even at a single scoop.

6. Check Where The Wheatgrass Are Grown

If the product says made in the US, but the wheatgrass is grown in another country, there is a possibility that the wheatgrass leaves used in the product are not freshly milled. This could affect the level of freshness and the amount of nutritional value of the wheatgrass powder. If the wheatgrass is harvested and milled in the same state, it could mean that the manufacturing process is immediate; thus, the freshness and nutritional value of the wheatgrass are well-preserved.

You can plant your own wheatgrass using a pot or container.

You can plant your own wheatgrass using a pot or container.


Not everyone can achieve the optimum health; hence, you need something that could supplement the missing nutrients. Drinking Wheatgrass powder daily maybe too much for some, but once you get the hang of it and get used to this routine, you will notice the difference it can give to your body. Out of all the five best organic wheatgrass powder included in the list, I must say that the best organic wheatgrass powder is Dr. Berg’s Nutritionals- Organic Wheat Grass Juice Powder. Although it is expensive, the amount of nutrients you can get are excellent. You can get 6 to 8 times more chlorophyll. It is also 100% organic, GMO-free, gluten-free, and can boost your stamina and energy. Overall, this wheatgrass powder brand has everything you would ever want in a wheatgrass powder.

Drink wheatgrass juice daily to improve your overall health.

Drink wheatgrass juice daily to improve your overall health.

I hope you find this article helpful. Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to leave a comment below. I love to hear your thoughts!

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