Best Electric Log Splitter For The Money – Home Use 2018 Reviews

With an electric log splitter, you can split logs all day without a sweat. Check out the 5 best electric log splitters for the money with reviews and learn 6 tips to take care of your tool.

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An electric log splitter in a mechanical version of an axe, which greatly helps make the task of splitting wood easier and quicker. Why spend the whole day manually hacking if you can have the convenience of an electric log splitter?

A shed filled with firewood, all thanks to electric log splitters

A shed filled with firewood, all thanks to electric log splitters

The electric log splitter is an automated axe that splits the logs for you. With just a tug of the wire, you can have pieces of wood for your heater or fireplace. You don’t even have to think about where you’ll keep your hazardous equipment because it’s not as accident-prone as an axe. There are a lot of types of electric log splitters that cater to the different needs of different people. To further guide you on what to choose, here are two types of best electric log splitter that you should know:

Making sure he grips both handles to ensure safety

Making sure he grips both handles to ensure safety

Top 5 Best Electric Log Splitters For The Money

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton. Via

It is a hydraulic log splitter with a powerful 2 HP (Horsepower) motor, 7 tons worth of splitting force, can be operated with one hand, and an automatic ram return. It is a mid-range log splitter that promises not only speed but convenience and efficiency. It’s known to be quite sturdy and, in general, able to handle hard wood such as oak and mahogany for up to 20 inches long and 14-16 inches (in diameter). It is heavy-duty and made out of high-grade materials. A lot of users consider this as the best log splitter.


  • Since it’s made of sturdy materials, you can bet it’ll be worth every penny since it’ll last long.
  • It’s fast due to it being powered by a higher motor.
  • It has wheels, so you can just drag it wherever you need it.
  • It’s not as expensive as its counterparts.
  • It can cut through longer and thicker logs.


  • It’s too heavy to lift. It weighs about 106 lbs., so lifting it up would be a hard task
  • It doesn’t have a vertical feature to it.
  • It runs on electricity, so if you have to use it far from a wall socket, you’ll have to buy an extension cord
Champion Power Equipment 100251 25 Ton Full Beam Towable Log Splitter

Champion Power Equipment 100251 25 Ton Full Beam Towable Log Splitter

Champion Power Equipment is a very versatile and still the best log splitter with a vertical and horizontal feature. It is heavy-duty with a built-in log catching system guaranteed to hold the split logs in place. It runs on gas and can go up to 300 cycles in an hour. It’s on the higher part of the price range, but it promises to deliver faster and more efficient splitting power. It has built-in wheels, which makes it easier to move around and store.


  • It is heavy-duty.
  • It’s fast and efficient.
  • It has both vertical and horizontal feature that makes for an easier splitting.
  • It can handle hard wood with a longer length than its counterparts.


  • It’s heavy. It weighs more than 100 lbs.
  • It is rather too expensive.
WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

WEN 56206 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter

It uses a copper-wound motor that runs up to 2 HP (Horsepower), it’s on the low-end of the price range. It has a safety feature that allows it to be used indoors whenever the need arises. It has two comfort grip handles and 6-inch wheels, which helps you move it about quicker and easier without having to lift it up. With a weight of 100 lbs., expect to sweat a little when lifting it. It has a built-in log cradle or guide that helps keep the logs into place and handle up to 10 inches in diameter and 20.5 inches in length. It is good for hard types of wood like oak, pine, and mahogany.


  • It is the best log splitter because it is much more affordable as compared to other brands.
  • It is safe to use indoors.
  • It is fast and reliable.
  • It doesn’t give off smoke, making it safe to use.


  • It is heavy.
Powerhouse Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter, 7-Ton (XM-380)

Powerhouse Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter, 7-Ton (XM-380)

This PowerHouse electric log splitter is a hydraulic powered log splitter with a 3 HP (Horsepower) motor and a 7-ton capacity. It has a safety feature that requires both hands to operate, lessening the chances of work-related injuries. It is a mid-range equipment with a log capacity up to 20.5 inches in length and 12 inches in diameter. It is portable and made of sturdy materials, making it heavy-duty. Although, it is not advised on harder types of wood. It has a built-in log cradle that guides the log to the blade.


  • Its safety features lessen accidents.
  • The price is just enough for a homeowner, yet the performance is certainly commendable.


  • You can’t split bigger wood.
  • It can’t split hard types of wood either.
Goplus New 1500W 6 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter Wood Portable Cutter Powerful

Goplus New 1500W 6 Ton Electric Hydraulic Log Splitter Wood Portable Cutter Powerful

It is a Hydraulic Log Splitter with a maximum splitting capability of 6 tons and insulation class of, it is known to be quite safe equipment to use. It is also waterproof and fits any home that has a wood-burning stove and fireplace. With a log capacity of only 1.9-9.8 inches in diameter and 14.5 inches in length, it’s not that great for larger and heavier types of wood such as oak and mahogany. It is in the low-range area and is made of softer materials; it is clearly not that sturdy. It has a safety feature that has to be operated with both hands, making it less accident prone. Some have tried to use it for mid type of wood, but it is advised to use it carefully to avoid having the wood split more than the normal and splinter across. It is only good for those soft types of wood that can be used on a heater or fireplace.


  • Its size makes it perfect inside a home.
  • It’s cheap; it is the cheapest one we can recommend.
  • It’s relatively fast due to its motor.
  • It has safety features, which makes it safe for teenagers to use the machine.


  • It can’t split hardwood.
  • It has a small capacity.
  • You can only split small and soft types of wood.

Two Types Of Log Splitters

1. Hydraulic Log Splitters

It uses a hydraulic pump which is driven by a piston; it can either run on gas or electricity. It works by driving the piece of wood into a stationary blade, thus, cutting it neatly in half. You can, of course, opt to buy one that has double blades that can cut it two ways. It is a good tool when you need something cut into smaller pieces. It is mostly used indoors since it is known not to give off harmful fumes and smoke.

An example of how a gas- driven log splitter looks

An example of how a gas- driven log splitter looks

2. Kinetic Log Splitters

This Log Splitter uses either gas or electricity to power the motor that drives a flywheel. It exerts kinetic energy into the arm, with an action so fast it’ll split the log in half. It is commonly used for its faster splitting capability. It is ideal when you need to have firewood for your fireplace. The gas kinetic log splitter is more favored since it’s much more convenient when the electricity is out, no problem, you can still use it. All you have to do is keep a spare gas in hand. Kinetic log splitters are known to be better when splitting harder types of wood, making it a favorite by most certified logging professionals.

In need of instant firewood-Use electric log splitter to split the wood into pieces

In need of instant firewood-Use electric log splitter to split the wood into pieces

Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Electric Log Splitter

Electric log splitters come in different types, weight, and size. You might find yourself unable to choose between all of them, here are a few things you should consider before buying one;


Is it too heavy to move around? Convenience is still key before purchasing, no matter how effective it is if you can’t move it around, then it’s a bit useless.


Does it have safety features? Sometimes, children misbehave and can get hurt. Child-proof system is always a plus when buying big and powerful equipment.


How long will the warranty last? It’s normally up to a year. If you want to be sure, ask the seller how long the warranty is going to be, what’s within the warranty, and if you could extend the warranty. It’s one of the safety nets you have when it comes to buying equipment from the market.

A log splitter cuts branches and trunks that are difficult to split using an axe

A log splitter cuts branches and trunks that are difficult to split using an axe

6 Tips To Take Care Of Your Electric Log Splitter

We all want to make our equipment last long to get our money’s worth. We all want them to perform just as much as the ads promised us it would. Taking proper care of them can surely make them last a lot longer and more efficient. Of course, without the proper maintenance and storage, even the sturdiest equipment can break.

Here are a few quick and easy steps to make sure your best log splitter is as efficient as the day you unboxed it.

1. Check The Oil

The machine has moving parts, and it helps if you oil out those moving parts for better movement. Low level of oil may cause friction and start a small fire in your work area. Check if the oil is leaking out from the container, or if it needs to be refilled, some equipment need it to function better.

2. Clean The Cradle

Cleaning the area where you split your logs would help minimize the chances of any debris landing on the motor that would overheat it in time. You can use a vacuum cleaner to reach those hard corners, make sure the equipment isn’t plugged in to minimize any untoward accidents.

3. Check The Motor

Check the motor for any sign of overheating, if the engine feels hotter than normal, give it a bit of a break. It may be electronic, but it needs rest from time to time. Check if the motors are in perfect order as well. Do you need to change some parts? The motor is comprised of little metals and screws that may have to be replaced over time. Make sure you don’t overuse it.

4. Make Sure The Cutter Is Sharp

Sharpen the cutting edge from time to time. Make sure you take some time to sharpen it. Not only will it help make the splitting faster, but it’ll lighten the load on the motor.

5. Clean The Motor

Over time, dust can settle inside the motor, make sure you check it to make sure it’s not clogged up. Again, you can use a vacuum cleaner to reach those back areas. Do not even attempt to clean the machine with garden sprinklers as this might damage the electrical parts.

6. Store It In A Locked And Cool Place

Sure, you did all that are listed above, but if you put your splitter in a messy and wet place, it might still break easier. Make sure you keep it where the mice can’t chew on the bearings inside or the wires. Having a shed would greatly help on keeping your garden equipment, such as pole saw, and folding saw safe and clean.

Electric log splitters can split logs even with a huge a diameter

Electric log splitters can split logs even with a huge a diameter


It all boils down to what suits you, and what you want out of the product, the durability, the efficiency, the weight, the size, the type of wood it can split, and of course, the price range. We all want to have a mixture of quality and availability. In the end, you’ll buy one, so they all help you make your task of making firewood easier and faster. All of these brands have its own advantages and disadvantages.

However, I highly recommend the Boss Industrial Electric Log Splitter, 7-Ton (ES7T20). Its capacity makes for a better use when you’re in a hurry. Also, it is good for almost all types of wood, so you’ll have no problem thinking if it’s going to break on you or not. And always remember, think about it carefully when choosing the right equipment that suits your needs. At the end of the day, the best electric log splitter for the money you should be the one that meets all your demands and still keep the price at a reasonable range. No matter how good the equipment may be, you still shouldn’t cash out that much money.

Log splitters are easy to use. Both adults and young teens can handle the machine quite well

Log splitters are easy to use. Both adults and young teens can handle the machine quite well

Let us know if you found this article useful and insightful. Don’t forget to share our best log splitter list by hitting that button below. We hope for you to have a wonderful day, and thank you for reading.

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