Best Lawn Sprinklers For Low Water Pressure Watering System

Discover the best lawn sprinkler for low water pressure today! This buyer guide can help you select which sprinkler to purchase and how to choose the right one.

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Want To Know The Best Sprinkler For Low Pressure? Here’s Our Top Choice!

Personally, we would recommend the ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler from Gardena. Its turbo gear and hose connector are extraordinary. It has 16 flexible rubber nozzles which significantly aid in uniform water distribution. It’s no surprise that it is dubbed as the best lawn sprinkler for low water pressure.

Comparison Table: 5 Best Lawn Sprinklers For Low Water Pressure

No one likes to keep a messy lawn; hence, most homeowners always mow and water their yard. In fact, many would prefer to install a watering system on their lawn to guarantee that their lush green grass is well taken care of. However, installing a watering system without proper water management can cause your utility bills to increase. Thus, looking for the best lawn sprinkler for low water pressure watering system is the way to go. But how?

The right lawn sprinkler can help reduce your water bill

The right lawn sprinkler can help reduce your water bill.

To choose the best sprinkler for low water pressure, we will review several lawn sprinklers to weigh their pros and cons. Not only that, you’ll learn more about low water pressure sprinklers as well. These things will greatly help you make an informed, water-efficient, and cost-effective decision. Read on.

Different Types Of Lawn Sprinkler

Knowing the different types of best lawn sprinkler for low water pressure can make a huge difference. It will significantly help you narrow down the option.

Conventional sprinklers are commonly utilized for yards while drip lines are ideal for garden beds

Conventional sprinklers are commonly utilized for yards while drip lines are ideal for garden beds.

  • Traveling sprinklers

This yard sprinkler typically rolls with gear-driven wheels that are operated by water pressure and guided by a garden hose placement. Covering a huge lawn area, traveling sprinklers won’t need your tight supervision right after setting it up.

Aside from that, this sprinklers water evenly and deeply. However, it must have enough water pressure to perform properly. More often than not, it is ideal for large lawns. Your ground should be hard and level to allow it to travel continuously. As much as possible, don’t utilize it to newly seeded lawns or lawns with soft soil.

  • Rotary Sprinklers

Another type of yard sprinklers is rotary sprinklers. Most homeowners use this sprinkler. It has many arms along with the head attached to the end. With the help of water pressure, it can change the gears to rotate its arm and dispense the water into a full circle. Additionally, if you are seeking for an inexpensive choice that perfectly suits open areas and large garden, don’t go any farther; the rotary sprinkler is a good catch.

Prior to deciding on the yard sprinkler to install, know first what you need to water

Prior to deciding on the yard sprinkler to install, know first what you need to water.

  • Stationary Sprinklers

Are you looking for simple and affordable low flow sprinkler? Then, stationary sprinklers are your best bet. Distributing water all through the holes situated on the sprinkler head, this equipment is so easy to use. It is available in different shapes, size, and designs, providing you more freedom to select which pattern will work effectively for your yard.

  • Impact Sprinklers

On the other hand, impact sprinklers employ a potent stream of water pressure in order to move its sprinkler arms within a circle as well as spray in a large area. It is adjustable based on your preferred distance of sprays and the amount of a circular pattern it covers, which is typically 15-360 degrees.

Don’t try to use this on flowerbeds as the streams of water could destroy delicate landscape plants and herbs.

  • Oscillating Sprinklers

Utilizing a long plastic or aluminum tube which keeps moving, oscillating lawn sprinklers can distribute an extensive wide spray. With it, you can quickly water huge areas of the lawn by not exceeding to 20 feet by 30 feet. With its rectangular spray pattern, you can easily adjust into tight spots and smaller areas. It works best in open area without any low-hanging trees. In addition to that, its high spray is known to be gentle to water your landscaping flowers and plants. But the thing here is, it also means that the water could quickly evaporate during windy or warm days. It is recommended to use only during calm and cold days.

Review of the Best Lawn Sprinkler for Low Pressure

XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler from Melnor

XT Metal Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler from Melnor.

When it comes to adaptability, nothing beats this Melnor sprinkler. Dubbed as one of the best lawn sprinklers for low water pressure, this provides you the capability of regulating the spray pattern and then, set it to anything you like to maintain the cleanliness and freshness in your garden. Featuring its clog-resistant design, Menor XT Metal does have an adjustable and patented one-touch width.


  • It has a longer life due to turbo motor.
  • You can quickly adjust it with just one touch.
  • Its rubber nozzles guarantee precision.
  • It boasts manufacturer’s long-time warranty.
  • It comes with several precision nozzles manufactured out of rubber.
  • It also has built-in flow control feature, which greatly dispenses the water evenly.


  • You might get some trouble while setting this up.
  • It is not good for wider areas.

ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler from Gardena

ZoomMaxx Oscillating Sprinkler from Gardena.

Getting annoyed because your current lawn sprinkler is difficult to control? Why not try Gardena Oscillating Sprinkler, one of the best lawn sprinklers for low water pressure today. While this is ideal for small areas, its hose connector is so simple and easy to utilize. It has great and adjustable controlling menu.


  • It is so easy to manipulate.
  • Its sled base promises stability.
  • It has a turbo gear.
  • It is a great option for small lawns.
  • It ensures even water distribution along with rubber nozzle.

Apart from that, it also boasts its huge sled base and turbo gear technology.


  • At times, water leaks through its nozzle.
  • Some users complain about its weak plastic body.

Oscillating Garden Lawn Sprinkler from UNIFUN

Oscillating Garden Lawn Sprinkler from UNIFUN.

The UNIFUN lawn sprinkler can be used to water an entire lawn or garden. It is a 3-arm sprinkler that is made from premium quality materials. It also has a great coverage and is quite sturdy. Apart from that, it has a timer as well.


  • The size, density, and scope of the water can be adjusted, allowing one to reduce their expenses from the use of water.
  • It rotates 360°.
  • It is easy to use. Connecting the water joint, the connector and the tap is the only thing you need to do.
  • It can sprinkle water up to a distance of 26-32.8ft.
  • It sprays water steadily.
  • It offers 2 spray directions – direct spray and 45° spray.
  • It is lightweight and compact.


  • There is nothing that can regulate the water coming from it. Hence, as long as the water is turned on, it would continuously spray water.
  • It is made up of plastic and that makes it look somewhat cheap.

Heavy-Duty Circular Sprinkler from Gilmour

Heavy-Duty Circular Sprinkler from Gilmour. Via:

This sprinkler is specially designed for heavy-duty use with its head made of zinc and brass. It can cover an area up to 5,800 sq. ft. in a circular motion. It also has diffuser pin or screw that you can adjust with only the use of your fingertips to choose whether you want it to release a heavy stream or a fine mist. It is ideal to be used in established shrubs and mature lawns.


  • It can sprinkle water even at a distance of 43 ft.
  • It is made up of metal.
  • Its collar is adjustable. So, you can choose whether you want it to have a full circle or just partial circle coverage.
  • It has a wide base that makes it more durable and stable in watering the lawn.
  • You can customize its coverage area by adjusting its rotation and distance.
  • Other sprinklers can be attached to it.
  • It has an impulse arm that eliminates side and back splash.


  • Some buyers reported that it didn’t rotate after watering the lawn a few times.

Three-Arm 58257N Sprinkler from Orbit

Three-Arm 58257N Sprinkler from Orbit. Via:

The orbit 58257N is a metal sprinkler with 3 arms, providing a good coverage. Unlike other sprinklers on the market, this one has a full circle twirling action, ensuring that the entire lawn area would be sprinkled with water evenly.


  • The distance can be adjusted for up to 24ft. diameter.
  • It offers a full 360° circle pattern.
  • As all of its parts are made of heavy-duty metal, one can use it for years.
  • It has a heavy-duty wheel base, making it portable. Thus, you can easily move it around the lawn to whatever area you wanted it to cover without the need for you to pick it up from the ground.
  • It makes watering the lawn easy and stress-free.
  • It stays in place whenever it is in use.
  • You can easily set it up.
  • It disseminates water evenly.


  • It is not that ideal to be used in large lawn areas.
  • Only cold water can be used in this sprinkler.
Sprinklers can be the best solution for those who are tired of hand watering

Sprinklers can be the best solution for those who are tired of hand watering.

How Much Pressure is Enough?

As mentioned above, water pressure is being measured through PSI. In fact, an average water pressure measures about 30 to 50 PSI, which varies from one home to another. It is important to identify your specific pressure which suits your lawn. Bear in your mind that sprinkler system won’t work correctly when the pressure is too high or low. Majority of these systems perform at certain of an optimal pressure of about 30 to 50 PSI. There are certain ways to regulate the pressure to fit your watering needs. To start with, know your water pressure. Usually, you need water pressure of about 40-50 pounds per square inch to run a sprinkler system.

If it hasn’t rained, you may apply roughly 1 inch of water. It will provide a deep penetration, roughly 6 to 8 deep of the soil. An inch of water is known to be equivalent to 623 gallons every 1,000 square feet. Be aware that the water must be applied no quicker than the soil can absorb it. When the water starts to run off prior applying 1 inch, then stop watering until it is absorbed. Then resume.

To identify how much to apply, you need to do the math. Determine the GPM (gallons per minute) flow rate of your sprinkler utilized from manufacturer’s package. Then, multiply the entire square footage that needs to be watered by 62 gallons, which is equivalent to an inch of water every square foot.

Say for instance: 2000 square feet x .62 gallons = 1240 gallon. Now, this number indicates the number of water you have to apply to the lawn.

Lawn Sprinkler Buying Guide

With the myriad of rotor types and brands existing on the market today, looking for the best lawn sprinkler for low water pressure seems to be a daunting task to do. Surely, you don’t want to end up losing your money for a poor quality sprinkler, which renders incapable of providing you with low irrigation performance.

Once you install a lawn sprinkler, you can expect a green and vibrant lawn you’ve been dreaming of

Once you install a lawn sprinkler, you can expect a green and vibrant lawn you’ve been dreaming of.

Whether it is for your pot plants, your lawns, your vegetable garden, or your flowerbeds, best lawn sprinkler for low water pressure play a crucial role in watering. To ensure that you are investing in the right sprinkler, here are some buying guide tips:

  • Do your homework

Since there are endless choices of cars on the market, you should know the importance of doing your homework. Take a look at the reviews of the products you’re eyeing for. Determine whether there are complaints about it or not. Weigh its advantages and disadvantages.

  • Keep an eye on the material used

There are two common materials used in sprinklers, namely plastic and metal. The first one is plastic sprinklers, which have the tendency to be built inexpensively. Under repeated exposure to sunlight, plastic employed for sprinklers could become brittle, particularly with impact sprinklers. On the other hand, metal sprinklers tend to last longer than a plastic sprinkler. However, this depends on the type of metal utilized. Some types accumulate rust over time. Thus, it is best suggested to opt for metals which do not rush like zinc, brass, and aluminum.

More homeowners are discovering the wonders of using sprinklers

More homeowners are discovering the wonders of using sprinklers.

  • Opt for the sprinklers which have coverage pattern

As much as possible, choose the one with coverage pattern that matches the area that requires being watered. Examine the package details of it. This must include the size and shape of the area the sprinkle need to cover.

  • Evaluate its features

Always prioritize assessing the components and features of the best lawn sprinkler for low water pressure, especially if they are really working. Start with filters. Are you susceptible to getting mineral deposits within your pipes? If yes, a great filter will keep any particles or dirt from gathering within the sprinkler. Although it will not solve your woes, still it can make sure that your low water pressure lawn sprinklers do not plug up.

Another thing you need to examine is the number of spray jets. For rotary or oscillating yard sprinklers, you need to take account as well the number of jets. More spray jets simply means better coverage you’ll get.


These days, technology brought lots of useful inventions to make our life more convenient, and the best lawn sprinkler for low water pressure is not an exception. No need to manually water your yard every now and then.

Thank you so much for reading the entire article. Please help spread the word. Sharing is caring!

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