Best Grain Mill For Flour 2018: Homeowner’s Guide

Discover the best grain mill for flour right now in the marketplace and how to choose wisely from the wide selection. Learn how to purchase a grain mill without wasting your time.

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Are you looking for the best approach to become more self-sufficient? Are you interested in creating your own peanut butter or grinding your own wheat at home? If so, then buying best grain mill will do the trick for you. Although grain mill can’t be typically found in a modern kitchen, these machines can offer lots of benefits.

Just like indoor kitchen compost bin, grain mill has been one of the must-have sustainable items inside the kitchen. Dive in and continue reading to know why.

Going back to ancient times, flour milling still unchanged from what the Ancient Egyptians as well as American colonials utilized in their era. Usually, two rough stones grind against each other. This is to pulverize the material such as wheat and produce a powder.

Grain mill can grind wheat into a homemade flour

Grain mill can grind wheat into a homemade flour

Top 5 Best Grain Mill For Flour Reviews

Before we proceed discussing the benefits and guides in buying a grain mill, let’s first know the best grain mill for flour available in the market this 2018:

WonderMill Electric Grain Grinder

WonderMill Electric Grain Grinder. Via:

If you are searching for the quietest and quickest flour mill, then look no further because WonderMill Electric Grain Grinder is the best grain mill for flour. You’ll surely enjoy creating super coarse or fine flour at an accurate condition which preserves nutrients, perfect for gluten free diet. By that, it ensures that you’ll always have the best flour every day.


  • It is so easy to clean and use.
  • It can quickly grind beans and grains.
  • It is created from stainless steel.
  • This grain mill can perform big jobs. In just one hour, you can grind more than 100 pounds of flour continuously.
  • Not only that, but it also has large 1250 watt LG electronics motor. So, you don’t need to bother about overloading.


  • Some users complain about the burning smell upon using this product.

NutriMill Classic- High-Speed Grain Mill

NutriMill Classic- High-Speed Grain Mill. Via:

Which is better: coarser or super fine flour? It’s up to you! With NutriMill- High-Speed Grain Mill, you’ll be amazed as it grinds not less than 5 cups of grains per minute. Moreover, this grain mill can protect the nutrients through maintaining temperatures approximately 118 degrees. This is to prevent burning of the wheat or grain.


  • It has 10 amp and 1-3/4 horsepower motor.
  • It includes grain hopper extension that can increase capacity.
  • This also comes with air filtration.
  • It also comes with separator cup.
  • Boasting its stainless impact design, this model has 400% adjustment right from fine to coarse.
  • Aside from that, it also features state-of-the-art technology, which includes stronger milling heads, improved texture control, distinct sound control that can reduce 50% noise, and lastly, enhanced motor cooling.


  • It has limited warranty only.

Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill VKP1024

Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill VKP1024. Via:

The latest model from Victorio has become more advanced and updated along with options that are good for both electric and hand operation. Through the help of an electric motor, you could utilize this grain in case you’re hurt, or you’re in an emergency.


  • Its electric motor option is good for emergencies or daily use.
  • It can be adjusted from coarse to fine flour.
  • It has a big capacity hopper.
  • It can be easily clamped to most tables.
  • It can grind a roughly ¼ cup of flour every minute.
  • It is specifically tailored to be durable and energy efficient.
  • Its motor can be removed or installed in no time.
  • You can mill quinoa, wheat, barley, small grains, amaranth, oats, and even rice anytime here. It also features easy to adjust the front dial, making the entire process easier and smoother.


  • It clogs easily.

WonderMill Junior Deluxe Flour Mill

WonderMill Junior Deluxe Flour Mill. Via:

Meanwhile, this is one of the best grain mill for brewing comes with switchable milling heads - one pair is steel, and then another pair is stone. It lets a range of milling choices and flour results which cannot be matched by some grinders out there that only have one set of milling heads. The steel is great for specific dry materials and tackles oily or wet materials. On the other hand, stone burrs offer fine grind specifically for rice flour, dry beans, grains, as well as for corn. If you’re utilizing either set, you’ll notice that it can quickly grind and can easily be adjusted from extremely coarse to unbelievably fine.


  • Its parts are all made from metal.
  • It has big easy fill the hopper.
  • This grain mill is designed with a thick and strong one-piece body to make sure no hoppers will attach during milling.
  • Its wide and heavy patented dual clamp ensures that this grain mill won’t come loose or move around during the process.
  • It has a unique auger.
  • It is so easy to maintain and clean.


  • It is covered by a limited warranty.

Hand Operated Grain Mill by VICTORIO VKP1012

Hand Operated Grain Mill by VICTORIO VKP1012.

This 3 lb hand-operated grain mill is a durable option from Victorio, which is supported by its two-year warranty. The majority of its users are happy with its quiet process of grinding grains. More than that, it also features its large capacity hopper than can hold up to not more than four and a half cups of grain. It has a sleek design too. You can easily store it whenever and wherever you’ll need it. Apart from that, you can also use this to grind seeds, nuts, and other smaller dry items.


  • It has a durable aluminum construction.
  • It features its precision stainless milling cone specifically tailored for bread flour.
  • This grain mill includes an adjustable milling cone.
  • It has a wooden handle too for easy handling.
  • Compared to a coffee grinder (for brewing) out there, this machine utilizes a hand crank.
  • Once you crank its handle forward, the gears within this device will generate friction.
  • This turns the dry herbs to super fine powdery flour which can be used for a number of kitchen products like baking.


  • Despite the good design, some users don’t like it because they need to exert too much effort and time.
Way back then, grinding is done manually by hands

Way back then, grinding is done manually by hands

Why Is It Better To Own A Grain Mill?

Now that you’re aware of the best grain mill for flour, get ready to reap the benefits from owning a grain mill. The benefits are as follows:

  • Get the necessary nutrients your body

Once you’ve decided to mill your own flour, it also denotes that you can get more nutritious wheat flour. The flour itself will preserve its endosperm, which denotes that the bran and germ were not removed from the flour.

  • You are aware what you’ll get

Grinding your own flour would let you take over what you place in it. You don’t need to worry anymore about the health of your family because you know what’s in it.

Grinding at home lets you use the flour immediately, preserving all vitamins and nutrients in the baked goods

Grinding at home lets you use the flour immediately, preserving all vitamins and nutrients in the baked goods

Grinding at home lets you use the flour immediately, preserving all vitamins and nutrients in the baked goods.

  • Freedom to control the coarseness of the flour

Due to the fact that you own a grain mill, it will allow you to control what kind of wheat you can use. Additionally, you can also choose the level of coarseness or fineness of the wheat or flour.

No parts of the grain will be detached when you grind it at home

No parts of the grain will be detached when you grind it at home

How To Buy The Best Grain Mill?

After discussing the benefits, now is the right time to tackle tips on how to buy the best grain mill for flour that is suited to your home needs without removing the leaves and sometimes, stems from the grains. Cut the drama and follow these buying tips:

You can still grind your own flour even without electricity

You can still grind your own flour even without electricity

  • Decide how much you want to spend

There are hundreds of gas grills on the market, and you are having trouble in searching what to buy. Having an idea of how much you can afford to spend will help narrow your search.

  • Durability

Take a closer look at the different parts of the grain grinder. Do all parts look like they’ll last? The quality of parts, materials, and the thickness of the metal play a major role on how long a mill will last. Hence, the most important part of the life span of the mill is how well it is taken care of.

Manual grain mills let you grind oily nuts, grains, and seeds

Manual grain mills let you grind oily nuts, grains, and seeds

  • Make sure that the manufacturer has a good warranty

It is an important tip to consider to keep you from spending money on the parts that shouldn’t have failed in the first place. You should check on the kind of the warranty it offers.

  • Choose if you’ll go for manual or opt for electric instead? 

Oftentimes, manual mills take too much time and effort. You badly need to consume your endurance prior to operating this machine. It’s great for coarse flour and can grind almost everything. Meanwhile, electric grain mills need electricity. They are good for fine flour.

  • Keep an eye on the features 

When you are planning to buy the best grain mill for flour, don’t forget to include these features on the things you need to consider:

  • Heat: If grains are crushed right between the metal pins or burrs, then heat is produced. When the milling time or speed goes up, the heat also increases that can add the risk of damage to the nutrients and gluten. It is truly important to maintain heat not more than 155 degrees Fahrenheit to prevent damage.
Usually, good grain mills grind up with little dust

Usually, good grain mills grind up with little dust

  • Speed: You can turn more grain into fine flour when the speed of the mill is excellent. But the thing here is, more heat will be generated. It is better to use the one with medium speed.
  • Grinding plates: Be sure to buy a mill, which utilizes high-quality of grinding plates. These plates will perform all the work.
  • Noise: If you’d like to buy an electric mill, then ensure that you’ll look and evaluate its noise level. Most of the time, the sound is too annoying.
  • Horsepower: Although this is not a significant concern, you still need to evaluate how long does a grinding machine do its job.
  • Go for known brands

Even though some grinders from the unknown company might also be effective, it is still safer to choose a grinder from a well-reviewed brand because it serves as proof that many people have already used it, and many people can testify its effectiveness when it comes to grinding flour.

Grinding your very own bread flour will ensure you that you’re making the most nutritious food possible

Grinding your very own bread flour will ensure you that you’re making the most nutritious food possible

  • Consider the price

Although this is the last thing on the list, most people tend to look for this one first, and then followed by the other ones on the list. You could choose your grinder based on your preference and budget. Some are expensive while some are budget-friendly.

These are just some of the tips aiming to help you choose your herb grinder. It still depends on whether you would follow it or not.

How To Determine If You’re Buying

To determine if the grain mill that you want to purchase is a good option, it would be helpful if you can read product reviews or feedback from the customer who previously purchased the product. Product reviews are an excellent opportunity to gather genuine feedback from previous buyers.

Once you find the best grain mill for flour, it will surely give you the edge to have the right grinder you can use inside the kitchen regularly.


With the help of countertop grain mills, it is now quicker and easier for everyone to grind flavorful bread and pastries. But although there are dozens of mills out there to choose from, nothing is better than WonderMill Electric as it is truly innovative and built to last for long term. As my personal best grain mill for flour, I really love the advantages WonderMill Electric adopted from the old stone mill. So far, I didn’t experience glazing, jamming, or gumming when I used it. It’s indeed a good investment!

Thank you for reading! Do you find this article helpful? Don’t forget to share the good news!

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