Best Garden Secateurs In The Market: Value Choices And How To Choose One

A pair of high-quality garden pruners is essential to every gardener. Having a hard time choosing one? Read this best garden secateurs review to know more.

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Find Our What Our Recommended Top Choice Below!

Among all the best garden secateurs on the list we reviewed, our recommended top choice is the Felco F-2 Manual Garden Secateurs. This pair of garden prunes gives you a high-end quality while being affordable at the same time. The Falco F-2 Manual Garden Secateurs are the best secateurs for large hands. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable grip without straining your hands for long garden hauls. Plus, it is equipped with anvil blade with a sap groove!

If you are frequently asking yourself on what are the best secateurs to buy in the market today, we have compiled and curated a quick comparison table below. Save your time from browsing store to store and choose from the best garden secateurs below:

Pruning your plants and shrubs like grapevines is needed to control their direction of growth

Pruning your plants and shrubs like grapevines is needed to control their direction of growth.

Quick Comparison Table of the Best Garden Secateurs 2018

Key Features of Felco F-2 Manual Garden Secateurs

These key features have us choose Felco F-2 Manual Secateurs as our top choice and why we highly recommend this product. Aside from being a trusted brand for more than 50 years, the quality features below have surely wowed us.

  • Wire Cutting Notch

The tiny notch on the blades makes it easier for gardeners like you to cut off thin and small wire without damaging the actual blade. With this addition, you don’t have to use a separate wire cutter for small wires that the Felco F-2 Manual Secateurs can handle.

  • The Sap Groove

Cutting through some fresh plants or stems can sometimes be “sappy”. To avoid both your blades from sticking from each other, Felco has engineered a sap groove. This can reduce your chore time and reduce the hassle and mess.

  • Micrometric Adjustment System

Felco’s micrometric adjustment system ensures a clean and precise cut every single time. It optimally adjusts the head throughout the life of the tool, which makes maintenance easy and hassle-free.

  • Shock Absorption System

This feature is located just right below the hinges of the tool. The cushion and the shock absorber can help soften the impact every after cutting. This can reduce fatigue in the hands and offers a more comfortable usage of the tool despite long garden hauls.

Good quality secateurs can cut through both delicate parts of the plants and their branches

Good quality secateurs can cut through both delicate parts of the plants and their branches.

Best Garden Secateurs Reviews (5 Best Value Products)

Today, we have compiled the best garden secateurs and the best cordless secateurs you can buy in the market. This list will help you shorten your search time. Even if you live in the “Land of Down Under”, these are still the best garden secateurs in Australia that you can find.

Gonicc GPPS-1002 Bypass Garden Secateurs

Gonicc GPPS-1002 Bypass Garden Secateurs.

The first product on our list is the best cheap secateurs you can find. The Gonicc Bypass Garden Secateurs are the best secateurs for garden beginners or those who have a small garden to maintain. This specific line from the company has a specialized bypass blade system that makes handling scissor-like. This makes Gonicc the best bypass secateurs for beginners.

This Gonicc Bypass Garden Secateurs is lightweight, is ergonomically designed, and has non-slip handles which could be the best secateurs for arthritic hands. Also, the blades do not stick together when cutting stems, as well as plants that can be sticky or sappy.

In addition, depending on the tree species, it can cut with a diameter of 3/4 inches. The blades have a specialized Ultra-fine polishing technology and are Teflon coated. Tree pulp adhesion is also reduced since the product does not rust easily.


  • The blades are very sharp and cut best at a 45-degree angle.
  • Maintenance is easy, and the blades can be kept smooth with just even vegetable oil.
  • With proper storage, the product can last more than five years.
  • The scissor-like capability makes handling smooth and easy.
  • Great for both trimming and pruning trees and/or bushes.


  • The product’s lock can wear off easily.
  • Using the product for too long can induce pain in fingers.

Felco F-2 Manual Garden Secateurs

Felco F-2 Manual Garden Secateurs. Via:

Second on our list is the top choice, Felco F-2 Manual Garden Secateurs. Apart from the key features mentioned before, Felco has been a household name when it comes to the best anvil secateurs. Anvil blades help cut through thick branches with ease. In addition the comfortable, lightweight, and sturdy handles make the tool lifetime guaranteed.

The shock absorption system makes the Felco F-2 Manual Garden secateurs the best hand secateurs in the market. This product is essential for light to medium pruning and trimming in your garden. To ensure that the anvil blades are secured during use, the hardened bolt and nut are equipped which also help in the optimal adjustment for both blades.

This specific Felco model has high performance and is a classic. It can be one of the options for the best secateurs for roses.


  • The blades do not dull out despite being used in various weather conditions and seasons.
  • The wire notch can cut easily through aluminum and copper.
  • The blade is easily removable for sharpening and oiling.
  • The replacements parts are available if the tool needs repair after long-term use.
  • This can cut through any branches easily.


  • This is not recommended for denser and mushier branches or stems.
  • The size is hard to maneuver in tight and small spots.

Haus & Garten Titanium Classic PRO Secateurs

Haus & Garten Titanium Classic PRO Secateurs.

The Haus & Garten Titanium Secateurs are the best heavy-duty secateurs. The high-quality Japanese grade titanium blades are made to cut tree branches, hedges, bushes, and orchards. But despite being ideal for heavy using, it can still provide precision cutting for more delicate items in your garden like roses, bonsai, and other ornamental plants.

The ergonomically contoured handles make it the best ladies secateurs or the best secateurs for large hands. It is also designed to be ideal for carpal tunnel sufferers and those with weak hands. If are currently a senior gardener, this can be your best pick for best secateurs for arthritic hands.

It can cut through tree branches with a diameter of ¾ inches to 1½ inches thick. However, this can still depend on the type or the tree species you are currently working on.


  • It can cut through small to medium spots with ease.
  • The handles can accommodate people with small hands and weak grips.
  • It reduces wrist strains brought about repetitive cutting motions for a long time.
  • This is a great starting pruner for mild gardeners.
  • The tool is very lightweight.


  • The spring may need frequent oiling.
  • May crush the stems when cutting instead of clean cuts.

Felco F-6 Small Secateurs

Felco F-6 Small Secateurs. Via:

If you have smaller hands and constantly asking yourself, Which Felco secateurs should I buy? then, this is your best pick. The Felco F-6 Small Secateurs are the same high quality and high-performance Felco everyone trusts but for smaller hands. This model makes it the best Felco secateurs for smaller hands.

Simply use with ease as you choose to prune or trim away grape vines, rose bushes, and other plants. Also, with its size and comfort, you can easily get to any tight and small paces in your shrubs that need to be cut.

This can be your choice for the best bypass secateurs in the market today. Like its larger counterparts, it is still equipped with the sap groove to help lessen mess and avoid the blades from sticking to each other.


  • This is the best choice for amateur gardeners or indoor gardens.
  • It is also designed to suit women with weaker grips, making it best ladies secateurs.
  • This can cut easily and does not blister hands.
  • With proper care, the product lasts a lifetime like advertised.
  • The blades are removable for sharpening or replacement.


  • It may not cut through thick tree branches.
  • Some saps can stain the blade.

Felco Classic F-8 Garden Secateurs

Felco Classic F-8 Garden Secateurs. Via:

Another Felco product is on the list, and it is part of their classic series. Like the top choice, it features a wire cutting notch, a sap groove, and the ultimate high quality and performance. It may differ with the handle since this does are not grooved handles. However, the same ergonomically designed handles and shock absorption is still present.

The Swiss precision offers a clean and precise cut every single use of the Felco Classic Garden Secateurs. This model does not disappoint since Felco has been a household name that echoes as the best hand secateurs.

It weighs approximately 10.2 pounds, making it adequate for both heavy-duty and small trimmings around the garden.


  • The blades cut right through branches with ease.
  • The handles are very comfortable even after long usage.
  • The tool can last for years without severely dulling out.
  • You do not need to apply too much pressure when cutting.
  • The blades are removable for sharpening and replacement.


  • This is not suitable for bigger branches.
  • It may stick easily as compared to other models.
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What Are Secateurs Used for?

If you are new to gardening or have just started your own garden, you are probably hesitant whether you should purchase secateurs or not. Secateurs are also commonly called as garden pruners. These tools are simply described as scissors for plants. They help in trimming bushes or small plants to keep them in shape, thus making your garden more coherent and neat.

Also, these tools can be used for pruning to achieve a certain direction your plant may grow or to improve your plant’s current health.

Pruning bonsai is important to control its growth and shape it accordingly to your preference

Pruning bonsai is important to control its growth and shape it accordingly to your preference.

It is an essential tool and choosing the best is important too. By choosing the best garden secateurs in the market, it can actually contribute to lesser time in the garden and more precise and accurate cuts.

How to Choose the Best Garden Secateurs

Apart from our curated list and in-depth review of the best garden secateurs you can purchase, it is best to know the kinds and how important some factors are when choosing one. To help you what kind to get, here is a quick and easy buy guide for you:

To shape various plants for a garden theme, various tools asides from secateurs are needed

To shape various plants for a garden theme, various tools asides from secateurs are needed.

  • Style of Pruners

There are three types of pruners you can choose from. Each varies to its specific use. By buying the right type, you can use this to your advantage and shorten garden chores. The three types are as follows:

  • Bypass Secateurs

This type has two curved blades that act just like a pair of scissors. One blade is sharper than the other on its outside edge and it passes by a thicker unsharpened edge.

  • Anvil Secateurs

Anvil secateurs only have one sharp edge and closes in with a flat edge or an anvil. This works well in removing dead wood or branches. This type is bulkier than the bypass, which makes cutting through tight spaces a bit difficult.

  • Ratchet secateurs

This type is similar to anvil but differs by having a mechanism that performs cutting in stages. This is great for those having a longer pruning session since it can cut off a great deal of strain.

  • Ergonomics

This is important in every pruner since trimming around your garden can be a tedious and hard work. In special cases, there are tools that are designed for specific disability like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. If so, look for garden secateurs that are designed for this to have a more advantageous and easy gardening.

  • Cost of the Tool

Various companies can impose a different range of prices, but buying very expensive products does not equate to high performance all the time. In our review, most products prove that secateurs in the low and middle price point can actually perform just as good as high-end professional choices.

Pruning is important in keeping your plant’s current health or to improve its health further

Pruning is important in keeping your plant’s current health or to improve its health further.


With our best garden secateurs review, we hope that we have helped you with your pruning problems. Our top choice, Felco F-2 Manual Garden Secateurs, can always be your go-to since it has an impressive curved blade that can cut small to medium-sized branches.

If you find this review helpful, share this with your garden club, friends, and family. These items are great gift ideas as well.

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