Best Bushcraft Saw Reviews For Ultimate Gardening & Wilderness Survival

Do you need an efficient bushcraft cutting tool? If so, check out our reviews of the best bushcraft saw products you can find on the market here!

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​​Laplander Folding Saw from Bahco​​​

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During a survival situation in the wilderness, you will need the right tools at your disposal. The same thing goes when trying your hands in a new hobby like gardening. One of the most essential tools that will make your life a lot easier is a good bushcraft saw. After all, you won’t always have access to any gas or electric powered chainsaw. It is for this reason why the best bushcraft saw is essential.

With a saw for bushcraft applications, the task of cutting wood and branches becomes a lot easier

With a saw for bushcraft applications, the task of cutting wood and branches becomes a lot easier


What Is Bushcraft?

Bushcraft refers to the art of survival with the ingenious use of resources that are readily available in the environment. With the right knowledge in using natural resources and some bushcraft tools such as the best bushcraft saw, you can make your gardening tasks easier.

The problem with bushcraft beginners is that they often underestimate saws intended for bushcraft applications and prefer an axe instead. After all, you can’t really blame those movies that depict people using axes rather than saws in the woods. However, saws are really efficient tools for cutting down trees and wood. In this article, we’re going to review the best bushcraft saw products, along with a short guide in choosing the right type of saw for a bushcraft application.

Bushcraft saw is a useful tool when pruning trees in Autumn

Bushcraft saw is a useful tool when pruning trees in Autumn

Best Bushcraft Saw Reviews 2018

There are some good quality bushcraft saws available on the market. However, not all of them can provide the same quality and efficiency that these products offer. They are as follows:

Laplander Folding Saw from Bahco

Laplander Folding Saw from Bahco. Via:

When it comes to the best saw, the Bahco Laplander folding saw definitely takes the top spot. It only measures 9 inches and weighs only 6 ounces. With the Laplander folding saw, you can cut tenons, joints, and any other fine cuttings with utmost ease. It also comes with a sleek design, which is created with an outdoorsman in mind.


  • The saw’s ergonomic design provides the user excellent grip.
  • There is a safety lock mechanism to make sure the saw won’t fold in on your hand while cutting.
  • It is very lightweight, making it ideal for bushcraft applications.
  • The product comes with heavy gauge stainless steel to ensure the tool is stable and corrosion-resistant.
  • The Bahco Laplander features XT toothing to provide quick and efficient cutting.


  • Due to its small size, it is only applicable for light cutting applications.

Sportsman 10-inch Folding Hand Saw

Sportsman 10-inch Folding Hand Saw. Via:

The 10-inch folding hand saw from Sportsman Industries is a durable and sturdy folding bushcraft hand saw that you can use for your bushcraft activities. The blade is crafted from high carbon to ensure strong and durable blades. A lot of bushcraft enthusiasts find this tool impressive since it allows them to cut things with ease.


  • For added safety while carrying, the saw is encased in a durable and tough nylon sheath.
  • It has an ergonomic grip thanks to its ABS + TRP (thermoplastic rubber) construction.
  • It has durable and sharp seven razor teeth per inch to allow quick and easy cutting.
  • The product’s 10-inch long curved blade can easily cut through trees and wood faster than a straight blade saw.
  • The manufacturers of this product are known for their excellent customer service.


  • If you’re not careful enough, you might cut your fingers due to the saw’s very sharp teeth.

SILKY Pocketboy 170 Folding Hand Saw

SILKY Pocketboy 170 Folding Hand Saw. Via:

The Silky Pocketboy 170 is a compact folding hand saw that is an efficient saw for bushcraft cutting applications. It can be easily folded in a plastic protective belt case, thereby providing you easy portability and safety while not in use. It has a 170mm blade length and weighs only 0.45 pounds.


  • The Silky saw for bushcraft features non-slip rubberized handle to provide secure and comfortable grip during bushcraft activities.
  • It uses the Silky MIRA-ME Smooth Cutting Technology to provide quick, clean, and smooth cuts.
  • It’s very lightweight and can be encased in a clear plastic flip-lock case for safe and easy storage.
  • The blade is chrome-plated to prevent corrosion.
  • It can be adjusted in different cutting angles with the help of the blade’s locks.


  • Some buyers complained about the Silky bushcraft saw blades losing their sharpness shortly after a few applications.

Tabor Tools 8-inch Pruning Saw

Tabor Tools 8-inch Pruning Saw. Via:

This 8-inch pruning saw from Tabor Tools is known for its ease of use, portability, durability, and safety. It works well for cutting larger trees without exerting too much effort. It only weighs less than 1 pound and comes with a safety sheath so that you can carry it safely and effortlessly.


  • The product comes with a non-slip, pistol-grip design for a secure, and comfortable grip when using.
  • Its safety sheath is an excellent feature that will keep you protected as you carry the saw.
  • The saw is an ideal bushcraft tool for trail maintenance or constructing a camping shelter.
  • It works perfectly well for pruning activities.
  • Its 8-inch long sharp blade can easily cut up to 4-inch diameter branches in seconds.


  • There are some complaints about the blade being kind of flimsy.

8-Inch Folding Hand Saw by The Friendly Swede

8-Inch Folding Hand Saw by The Friendly Swede. Via:

This 8-inch folding hand saw by The Friendly Swede is ideal for camping, gardening, as well as bushcraft activities. Taking this saw with you during a bushcraft activity will help you perform various tasks such as trail maintenance and shelter construction. Its ergonomic handle is designed to allow easy and secure grip when cutting.


  • The saw features an ergonomic TPR (thermoplastic rubber) handle to offer secure and comfortable grip.
  • The blade measures 8 inches long, allowing you to cut through branches with ease, especially if you are into grafting.
  • It comes with a safety lock to make sure the blade locks in place when using.
  • It has two pieces of 550 type Paracord measuring 27.5 inches each. In case you’re wondering, Paracord is really useful in any outdoor situation due to its extreme durability.
  • The blade is made from 65mn steel, which can be compared to 1064 carbon steel.


  • There are reports that the blade is a little bit flimsy and way too flexible.

Why Choose Bushcraft Saw vs Axe?

A saw is a specialized tool mainly used for cutting applications. While an ax can also effectively cut woods and split them in half, a saw offers more practicality. It is especially useful when working on any bushcraft project that needs cutting down lots of woods.

An ax can help you fell trees and wood with ease

An ax can help you fell trees and wood with ease

A bushcraft saw is a lot more effortless to use and very lightweight as compared to an ax. It’s also safer to use and is best suited for confined places. Typically, bushcraft saws are used in the following applications:

1. Constructing a Shelter.

Bushcraft saws are quite useful for constructing a shelter when you’re out in the woods. They can help you create the foundation you need for your makeshift house.

2. Cutting Firewood.

Without a bushcraft saw, cutting firewood will be difficult. If you ever need a campfire, a bushcraft saw is absolutely essential to help you cut wood. There’s no longer a need to use a large saw just to do so.

3. Clearing And Maintaining a Trail.

When hiking, you can easily use a bushcraft saw for trail clearance and/or maintenance. Since it is easily portable, you can bring it effortlessly when hiking. In fact, you can simply place it in your pocket.

4. DIY Projects.

Using a bushcraft saw, you can cut small wood pieces for use in any DIY projects. This simply means you no longer need any help from a local cutting shop.

5. Gardening Projects.

Bushcraft saws aren’t just for outdoorsmen. They can also be used on household work such as gardening. You can quickly cut down grass, weeds, and any overgrown branches with ease.

Benefits Of Using a Bushcraft Folding Saw

One advantage of bushcraft saws is that they are portable and can be folded to fit in your pocket

One advantage of bushcraft saws is that they are portable and can be folded to fit in your pocket

During bushcraft situations, you will need the best bushcraft saw to help you cut and saw through wood and any other hard materials. Apart from the fact that they’re less expensive and are more reliable as compared to other cutting tools available, such as a bushcraft knife, they are also durable and extremely lightweight. In case you’re wondering, here are the benefits you can get when using a bushcraft saw:


One of the main features of a bushcraft saw is portability. Due to its light and compact nature, it can be compared to a pocket knife since it can be placed in your pocket.

Safe storage

A bushcraft saw normally comes with a sturdy casing for safe storage. This makes sure that you can avoid the risks of cuts and injuries from the blade’s sharp edges.


Aside from safe storage, a bushcraft saw also comes with a safety lock to hold the blade in place as you cut through any material. Moreover, it is a lot safer to use as compared to an ax.


Bushcraft folding saws have a lot of uses and applications than other saws and cutting tools. For example, it can be used for clearing trails, cutting wood for a shelter, and even maintaining your garden.

Easy maintenance

Since you can easily sharpen the blades of a bushcraft saw, you can ensure that it will last for long periods of time.

A Guide To Buying the Best Bushcraft Saw

Bushcraft saws are generally used for cutting limbs that are around 1 to 4 inches in diameter. Moreover, they can be used in tighter spots without any problem. In order to help you find the best bushcraft saw on the market, here are some factors you need to consider:

#1: The Quality Of The Handle

When choosing a bushcraft saw, you need to consider the grip and comfort its handle can offer you

When choosing a bushcraft saw, you need to consider the grip and comfort its handle can offer you. Source:

You wouldn’t want to perform bushcraft activities with an uncomfortable and hard-to-grip handle. When looking for the best bushcraft saw, you need to ensure you can get a firm grip even in longer instances. The best advice is to look for a saw that has a comfortable and ergonomic handle design.

#2: Blade Type And Material

Yet another factor to consider when looking for bushcraft saws is the type of the saw blade and material used. Bushcraft folding saws are available in either a curved or straight blade design. Curved blades are ideal for cutting small branches and achieving easy and smooth cuts. Meanwhile, straight blades are ideal for cutting down larger branches.

When it comes to the material used, blades made from alloy are your best choice. Steel and carbon alloy is one good example. Furthermore, alloy blades are sharper and have exceptional tensile strength. Make sure you consider this factor since some materials used have poor quality and don’t last long.

#3: Left Or Right-Handedness

Most tools in the market are designed for right-handed individuals. This poses a problem to those who are left-handed. Bushcraft saws, in particular, come with an operable lock, which makes them inconvenient to use for lefties.

Most bushcraft saws are designed for right-handed individuals

Most bushcraft saws are designed for right-handed individuals

If you’re a lefty, make sure you check if the product you prefer is comfortable to use. If you find that a product is uncomfortable, you will need to consider a saw without an operable lock instead.

#4: The Number Of Teeth Per Inch

You should also check out the number of teeth per inch in a bushcraft saw. In a saw, the number of teeth per inch (TPI) will determine its performance. Basically, choosing a saw with a high number of teeth per inch will provide you with smoother cuts. Larger teeth, on the other hand, can help you cut faster.

If you want to cut wood and other materials faster, choosing a blade with larger teeth is ideal

If you want to cut wood and other materials faster, choosing a blade with larger teeth is ideal

#5: Price

It’s definitely tempting to go for the cheapest saw. However, you have to keep in mind that cheaper tools are often made from cheap quality materials. Also, bushcraft saws that are offered at very cheap prices tend to have flimsy blades. If you want to use this tool for survival, you need to look for a very durable and reliable product out there, even if it means paying extra.

The Verdict

With this selection of the best saws for bushcraft application on the market, choosing which one to buy is indeed difficult. However, I would recommend the Bahco Laplander folding saw for your bushcraft activities. Its comfortable design, secure grip, and XT toothing technology make it the rightful owner of the best bushcraft saw title.

Have you tried using a bushcraft saw before? What are your experiences? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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