The Best ATV Salt Spreader For the Money: A Complete Review

Having a hard time with your walk behind spreader? You need the best atv salt spreader to help you distribute the salt without breaking your back.

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If you’re a farmer or a gardener, then you probably already know how important it is to find the best ATV salt spreader for the cultivation of your garden. Most experienced gardeners spread Epsom salt in their garden because Epsom salt carries a lot of magnesium.

A garden needs a lot of delicate care for it to grow well

A garden needs a lot of delicate care for it to grow well.

Why Spread Salt In Your Garden?

Epsom salt, also known as magnesium sulfate, helps support plant’s blooming stage and enhances the plant’s green color. It is known to have a lot of magnesium, which helps chlorophyll to function well for photosynthesis. Plants who are lacking in magnesium are actually shown to have mineral imbalances or acidic soil which is why you need to spread Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate on your plants regularly.

Now, you can either manually spread salt using a handheld or walk behind salt drop spreader or use the best atv salt spreader to help you do the task faster. Manually spreading salt in your garden is a very tiring job. That’s why a lot of gardeners prefer to use an ATV tow behind salt spreader instead since this is less tedious and ideal for bigger gardens.

The Best Salt Spreader For ATV - Get To Know Our Top Choice Below!

We have 5 best ATV salt spreaders on our list with the Agri-Fab 130 lb. Tow Behind Spreader as our top pick. It’s known for its overall stability, durability, and functionality. It has big wheels for stability, aluminum gears for long shelf life, and an easy-to-use mechanism to securely lock the spreader to the tractor.

Also, this tow behind salt spreader is well-loved for its professional design, which allows you to achieve a precise application. Lastly, this can be used throughout all four seasons. With a reasonable price and a 3-year warranty service, it's no wonder why Agri-Fab 130 lb. Tow Behind Spreader is a top favorite.

Comparison Table: The 5 Best ATV Salt Spreaders

The Best Salt Spreader For ATV: Reviews Of The 5 Hottest Brands Right Now!

Agri-Fab 130 lb. Tow Behind Spreader

Agri-Fab 130 lb. Tow Behind Spreader. Via:

When it comes to durability, functionality, and overall quality, the Agri-fab tow behind spreader is the one to choose. Known for its large diameter tires, it offers customers an overall stability even if you attach it to a performance ATV. Thus, this spreader is also known as one of the best patv mounted spreaders. While the other brands on the list are more for heavy-duty and commercial purposes, this Agri-Fab Tow behind spreader is actually the most suitable for gardens as a whole.


  • It has a 130-pound capacity, so you can spread more salt without refilling the hopper.
  • It has easy to set controls for customizable settings.
  • Its gears are made from the durable aluminum material.
  • It has a rustproof hopper and spreader plate.
  • It has very wide and big wheels for total stability.
  • It has a very durable enclosed gearbox for more quality spreading.
  • It is easy for any DIY gardener to assemble.
  • It comes with a sturdy hopper cover.


  • The big wheels make it a bit heavier. So, if you’re looking for a lightweight spreader, this might not be for you.

Brinly Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader (BS36BH)

Brinly Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader (BS36BH). Via:

The Brinly BS36BH Tow Behind spreader is known for its big hopper size and its impressive weight capacity of up to 175 pounds and 3.5 cubic feet. This is the ideal brand to buy for 1-acre gardens and small commercial parks. This is also very versatile and can take spreading almost any material— from salt to granules and lawn chemicals.


  • It has an extremely big hopper with a capacity of 175 pounds.
  • It has a spread pattern control for a wider spread of materials.
  • Its aluminum gearbox is able to spread various materials on your garden.
  • This broadcast spreader is very sturdy and robust.


  • The bottom is too flat, leaving residual materials in it even after spreading.
  • It is quite tricky to assemble, especially if you’re a newbie.

Saltdogg TGSUV1B Tailgate Salt Spreader

Saltdogg TGSUV1B Tailgate Salt Spreader. Via:

The Saltdogg TGSUV1B spreader is more of a tailgate spreader that is used in commercial and heavy-duty applications. This can be easily attached to any pickup truck or SUV and can be used in the bigger fields such as parks, big campuses, and even farms. It has a very big poly hopper that is corrosion proof and can take a total of 331 pounds of rock salt, thus eliminating the need for a constant refill.


  • It can easily be attached to an SUV or 1-ton truck.
  • It has a hopper that is rust proof and corrosion proof.
  • It has a weight capacity of 331 pounds and a total capacity of 4.4 cubic feet.
  • It makes use of a gravity feed with a 9-inch spinner for easier flow of material when spreading.
  • The spinner also allows it to spread up to 14 feet.
  • It has an auxiliary plug with a manual control switch to control how it operates.


  • It doesn’t do that good of a job when breaking up the chunks of salt.
  • It easily gets clogged if used for a long period of time.
  • It is quite heavy to carry.

Swisher Commercial 19920 Pro ATV Spreader

Swisher Commercial 19920 Pro ATV Spreader. Via:

Just like the previously mentioned spreader, this one is also used heavily for commercial purposes. The only difference is that this one is designed to be attached to an ATV and not to a ton-sized truck. The great thing about the Swisher commercial pro spreader is that it is lightweight and easy to use. It also has a mechanism that allows you to control the flow rate and spreading range (from 4 inches to 16 inches wide). Overall, this brand is all about ease of use. It’s the ideal to buy if you want something for commercial purposes but also want something that is simple to use.


  • It has an adjustable spread width of 4 inches to 16 inches in diameter.
  • It has an adjustable feed gate for flow control.
  • It has a 15-gallon tank with a 150-pound capacity.
  • It has a spinner disc with vented cap for even spreading.
  • It has zinc-plated control plates to prevent corrosion.
  • It has a sealed lid to protect the salt from moisture.


  • It sprays material more on one side than the other.
  • It has a hard time handling dry materials like dry fertilizer and chunky salt.

Fimco 5301845 Industrial Spreader

Fimco 5301845 Industrial Spreader. Via:

This spreader is a great tailgate spreader that can be used not only for spreading salt in a garden (if you have an atv) but also for spreading salt on roads and walkways during winter. What makes this an amazing machine is its spraying power. It has a variable motor speed of 12 volts, allowing it to have a spread of 5 to 45 feet. Aside from that, it also has an adjustable slide gate that allows you to control the flow rate. The slide gate is an open-close mechanism, so it’s not hard for you to use.


  • The spreader is able to take all kinds of hard materials such as salt, seeds, and granules.
  • It has a strong motor speed for faster and further spreading.
  • It has an open-close slide gate for material control.
  • It has a stainless steel 6 blade fan.


  • It is one of the more expensive types of spreaders.
  • The slide gate has no lock to set the gate in position.
  • It overheats if you use it too long.

4 Key Features Of Agri-Fab 130 Lb. Tow Behind Spreader

To give you a rundown why Agri-Fab 130 lb. Tow Behind Spreader is our top pick, we’ve listed and explained four of its best features below!

  • Large Pneumatic Wheels

One of the first things that you’d notice about this brand is its large wheels, which are actually larger than the wheels of most other brands of spreaders on the market. The size of the wheels allows you to have more control over the maneuvering of the spreader. It’s also good for rougher terrain because the wheels allow the spreader to maintain its stability, especially if it’s being pulled by a tractor.

  • Durable Enclosed Gearbox

In between the two wheels lie an enclosed gearbox that has tapered gears. This allows the spreader to evenly spread the salt around the garden. Plus, the gearbox is proudly made in the USA with some imported high-quality materials, thus you can guarantee its durability and long shelf life.

  • Wide 130-Pound Capacity Hopper

This brand has a very wide hopper that has a total capacity of 130 pounds. Its overall size and great weight capacity allow it to cover up to ½ acres of your garden or 25,000 square feet. Basically, the hopper enables the spreader to have great coverage without having to refill the hopper too many times. This saves you a lot of time and effort.

  • On/Off Lock Rod Mechanism

If you want to attach the spreader to your tractor, then you have absolutely no problem doing that with the on/off rod mechanism. With this handy little mechanism, you can easily lock your spreader in place to your tractor. This also ensures that your spreader won’t be detached from the tractor even if you’re moving at a high speed.

Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate is important to the overall health of plants and soil

Epsom salt or magnesium sulfate is important to the overall health of plants and soil. To apply the salt evenly, it is best to use an ATV pull behind salt spreader.

5 Types Of Salt Spreaders- Buyers’ Guide

There are generally 5 types of salt spreaders, and each of them has its own specific purpose and use. Let’s go over these five kinds:

  • Walk Behind Spreader

This is the type of spreader that most people use when they tend to their gardens. This is ideal for small to medium-sized gardens. These spreaders are quite cheap to buy, but they can do an amazing job spreading your supply of Epsom salt or homemade fertilizer easily over your garden.

A walk behind spreader is the most ideal for a small garden as it is cheap and the easiest to use

A walk behind spreader is the most ideal for a small garden as it is cheap and the easiest to use

  • Tailgate Spreader

The tailgate spreader is much like the walk behind spreader but only bigger. This one is usually attached to cars or big tractors and is used for much bigger jobs like for big-sized gardens and some small farms. It is also used for spreading salt on parking lots and driveways when they have to be plowed.

  • Under Tailgate Spreader

An under tailgate spreader is used for spreading salt over roads and sidewalks. This is often attached to trucks and other motorized municipal vehicles for large-scale town development purposes.

  • Dump Box Spreader

A dump box spreader is one of those big spreaders that are attached to flat bed trucks and have a very big storage space. If you need to spread a lot of salt in a big area, then this is the type of spreader you should have. Snowex dump boxes are often used for big commercial jobs by professional contractors and others in the field.

  • Tow Behind

Lastly, there is the tow behind spreader, which is a really big version of the walk behind spreader. These spreaders are used for the bigger-sized gardens. They can be attached to an ATV rock or a small tractor for faster spreading. The bigger ones may also be attached to the bigger vehicles if the land mass is too great for the atv’s or tractors to cover.

A motorized ATV can drive around the spreader if the spreader has a special universal lock attachment

A motorized ATV can drive around the spreader if the spreader has a special universal lock attachment


Whether you’re a novice or an experienced gardener, it’s extremely important that you have all the right equipment and tractor supply with you. One of the most important pieces of equipment is a good salt spreader. In fact, it’s ideal that you buy the best atv salt spreader so that you can spread Epsom salt and other nutrients in your garden properly and with ease.

DIY gardening is a lot of work but worth it in the end. One key factor to consider is using the right tools

DIY gardening is a lot of work but worth it in the end. One key factor to consider is using the right tools

We suggest that you buy our top choice for the best atv salt spreader and get the best value for your money!

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